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getting and staying motivated for health: by guest poster and author, rick burris of leaders fuel


Fitness 2017

Today’s post is by my close friend and mentor, Rick Burris of Leaders Fuel.  Prior to founding Leaders Fuel, Rick worked in experiential education, as well as being the Executive Director of three different YMCA Camps.

It’s February 1, 2017. You have now clicked off one-twelfth of your year.

How’s that working out for you?

The fact that you are on this site is a demonstration that there is something in your life you want to improve. On this site, you have unlimited and FREE access to an encyclopedia of health information, all of which is well-researched and documented and based in fact. For many years, Dr. Schierling has poured himself into the process of providing this information because his experience as a chiropractor in the past 26 years has proven to him that all health care is not created equal. Where you live, you may be able to take a 10-minute drive in any direction and arrive at the office of a chiropractor. But I can promise you this, you could visit every doctor in your area and even scour the internet, and you would not find another person more consistent and dedicated in the study and practice of optimal health. Healthy living is what Dr. Schierling lives and breathes. The results of his consistency have produced outcomes that most of his patients have spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars looking for.

It is no wonder that much of what Dr. Schierling puts forth flies in the face of traditional health care practices. The content on this blog is so valuable that many would pay a small fortune to obtain it. Dr. Schierling freely offers this information because of his genuine desire to see people living well. However, I will tell you another secret about the information on this site. It is not a secret in the sense of something that is hidden for conspiracy. Rather it is a revelation.


Why would I make that claim?
I do so because I know that it is not information that transforms us. What this information offers, is OPPORTUNITY.

I’m Rick Burris, Life Strategist and the owner of a company called Leaders Fuel. Think of Leaders Fuel as an online location where you can get tools that empower your personal and professional growth. The first of those tools is called the Life Leaders GPS.

Doctor Schierling has allowed me to place this message here because he and I are like-minded in our ideal that each person can and should be the steward of their own life. In addition to creating the Life Leaders GPS, I also write each weekday about something I call ultrapreneurial life strategies.

When I use the term “ultrapreneur”, I am speaking of someone with the spirit of an entrepreneur who wants to do more than follow the masses through life. My definition of an ultrapreneur is a person who recognizes that life is a one-shot deal, has the wisdom to learn from experience and apply the principles of success to all areas of life. If there are two key ingredients necessary to be an ultrapreneur – purpose and passion. Ultrapreneurs have come to the realization that their lives are destined for loving others and adding value to them.

Being an ultrapreneur requires the independence of an entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, we are not conditioned in life to think independently. We spend most of our formative years being taught what to think, not how to think. There wasn’t a class on entrepreneurial skills or how to live successfully.
There are a lot of myths surrounding what creates success.

Your current perceptions about success and what creates it will have a significant impact on your ability to grow beyond your existing level in life. As will your current perceptions about yourself, your potential, other people, your business, your faith, your finances, and the world at large.The Life Leaders GPS is an online self-paced course. In it, participants focus on broadening and shifting their perception of success to one of ultrapreneurial success.

The 30 lessons of the process empower a person to live life on the cause end rather than on the effect end. You can have free access to the first lesson – The 8 Pillars of Legacy; and free access to life leadership content each weekday. The 8 Pillars of Legacy is an 80 question, Likert-type assessment tool which gives you your Life Impact score. You can get it HERE.

In my daily messages, I use story to share timeless principles on life leadership. Here is an example from yesterday’s email.

My personal-growth words for the year are “test and measure”. As a person who started a company only three months ago, I know the sobering statistics. 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years. Even in the fifth year, there is still an 80% chance of going under. Measuring the effectiveness of the actions I take to promote and grow my business are crucial. Part of what led me to select “test and measure” was an understanding of the importance of monitoring what I am doing – especially in advertising. Here is what I know. My business will never outgrow who I am.

There was a period of my life that I answered to the name of “Chief Rick”. That is the title given to counselor/teachers in therapeutic wilderness camps. For eight years, I was called “Chief Rick” and my wife was called “Mom Kate”. In fact, there are some fellow “chiefs” reading this message. As chiefs, we were immersed in group work every waking hour, meaning that we spent our time with small groups of boys in a wilderness setting. Everything we did was done together as a group using a simple experiential learning cycle of:


We planned activities in advance and prior to starting an activity, we gathered the group together to discuss the way we intended to do the activity. After completing an activity, we got together again to evaluate how we did.  I said all of that to share a saying we had as chiefs.  “A group cannot grow beyond their chief.”

We were working with “troubled” boys. It is true the boys had experienced and caused plenty of trouble in their life. However, any chief who had the audacity to stick around, became very aware of the “trouble” in their own life. It was uncanny how the problem issues that emerged within the group mirrored the personal issues in the life of the chief. There were plenty of hard skills to master as a chief, like designing and building a shelter, or planning and leading extended-wilderness trips. But it was the development of “soft” skills that mattered most, such as, managing stress and keeping anger in check or letting go of past hurts. The extent to which a chief was willing to grow in both hard skills and soft skills had the most powerful influence on the success of the group.

Former Notre Dame president and priest, Theodore Hesburgh, said, “The very essence of leadership is that you have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”

No camper enjoyed following an insecure chief and they could smell a phony a mile off. The boys followed what was leading the strongest and the group got the corresponding result.  My business/life (and yours too) will not grow beyond us. It won’t outgrow my thinking. It won’t outgrow the level of my physical health. It won’t outgrow the execution of my developing hard skills or my soft skills.

Not long after I became an executive director for the first time, one of my board members, a gentleman named Bob Carroll, who had finished a successful career in insurance, said to me, “Rick, you’ve got to keep your nose in those numbers.”  His advice was salient enough for me to become my mantra. I typed it in large font and framed it on my office wall. It served me well and kept me from guessing I had it right or hoping things would improve.

Testing and measuring is more than keeping my nose in financial statements. For example, since January 1 I have been wearing a Fitbit. It tracks my health in several categories. With the year one-twelfth gone, I stepped on the scale today 10 pounds lighter than I was 30 days ago. It is good progress but the numbers tell me I am not moving enough to achieve my overall health goals. More importantly, measuring my health gives me a level of accountability to influence better habits that create better results in my life. What is not lost on me is that testing and measuring not only helps me personally, but also, as I grow, I am more available to positively influence your growth. The investment I make in myself I am making in others too.

Those who invest in their growth through the Life Leaders GPS, will have, among other lessons, the Productivity Jet Pack. This is a series of tools that help provide healthy accountability for a progressive and productive life. There are tools in there I use constantly, and some I have needed for a short-term basis to get me back on track.

If you have completed your 8 Pillars survey (some are letting it sit latently in their inbox), you have a powerful tool to help you evaluate your first one-twelfth of 2017.

Take some time today to reflect on your growth in January. Don’t forget. Testing and measuring is helpful only if you are flexible enough to try new things for new results. It is also to celebrate what is working.

Rick Burris

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