What a cool story.  Becky was in utter misery and unable to use her shoulder prior to being referred in by a couple of  co-workers whose shoulders we had fixed. Her shoulder was about as bad as they can get without requiring surgery. Incredible video testimonial. Thanks Becky!


Mary was about 6 or 7 years old when she opened a door and fell into a basement that had no stairway.  She suffered an upper back and shoulder injury that had plagued her for over 55 years before I saw her.  I adjusted her several times before doing any Tissue Remodeling on her.  although adjustments were about the only thing that would bring her relief, the relief was very short-lived.  One of the consequences of her injury was that her right shoulder sat about 2-3 inches lower than her left shoulder.  This was a function of FASCIAL SCARRING in various areas.  After her first treatment, her shoulders leveled out and her pain decreased more than it had in decades.  This was about three years ago, and her shoulders are still level.  Once the scar tissue was removed, she was able to hold adjustments.  Thanks Mary.  Incredible story!


Ben hurt his shoulder while serving in the military overseas.  After struggling with this problem for over six years, he finally decided to listen to his better half.  Listen to this powerful testimonial Ben’s wife Chasity.


The Hawkins brothers are some of the most hardworking and pleasant people you would ever hope to be around.  So when Danny came to me with a shoulder problem, I just knew I had to fix him.    Glad you’re better Danny.  Now you can keep up with your brothers when it comes to the woodcutting and haying!


When I first met Brian several years ago, he was a broken man.  He had been struggling with chronic neck and shoulder problems for about 7 years, and the pain was severe enough that he was forced to quit a good job.  He had been to so many doctors and specialists (lots of tests) that he did not know where to turn next.   All of that is behind him now.  He know immediately after his first treatment in our office that he was in the right place.  Thanks for the testimonial Brian!


Chris is a super great guy who hurt his shoulder and went through a year and a half of MRI’s, X-rays, therapy, and who knows what else before coming to see us.  He was getting progressively worse with his treatment, and upon hearing about the work we do here with shoulders, decided to see if we could help him.  He was 80% better immediately following his first treatment!


_Six years ago, my husband and I stayed with the Schierling family while on a church build with Builders for Christ.   After telling him about my chronic shoulder problem, Dr. Russ did a treatment on my shoulder that I had
injured some 10 years before.  I had not had relief from that pain
except through occasional medications which were only temporary.  After
Dr. Russ’s treatment, it was 3 years before the pain started coming
back.  Last month, I made a trip to see him (from Cartersville, Georgia
— Atlanta area) and he and his wife met us in Springfield and treated the shoulder again. I must say that
while I am again impressed with the results, I am more impressed with
his sincere interest in our well-being.  Thank you for helping us out –
am so much better off today than I was two months ago and sincerely
better than 7 years ago. You rock, Doc!


Years ago, Ronnie was climbing off a loader and slipped in the mud.  The problem was that he still had hold of the handle used to pull yourself up into seat.  He felt his shoulder “wretch” and knew he had done something very bad.  It had gotten so bad that he literally could not use the arm in any meaningful fashion.  He could not reach his wallet!  After the better part of two years, an MRI, lots of tests, doctors, and useless treatments, he came over to see me.  He had severe Fascial Adhesions that got better each time I worked on him.  Before long, Ronnie was as good as new again.


_Last year I began having shoulder pain on a regular basis. This limited
my mobility, and in some positions, caused a great deal of pain as if
something was pinched. Only after continual discussions with my wife
(whom Dr. Schierling had successfully treated for chronic neck pain)
about my discomfort did I agree to have Dr. Schierling take a look at my
shoulder and get his opinion. I was hesitant, but thought it was worth
a shot. He proceeded to evaluate my lack of mobility and treat me.
The procedure proved to work and after some extensive stretching I have
regained 100% mobility with no pain whatsoever. I am a firm believer in
the procedure and would recommend it to anyone before they have
extensive (and expensive) tests done. This procedure saved time, money,
and a LOT of pain!


_My right arm was almost useless because of the pain I experienced in it.
For over a year I made many “failed” visits to orthopedic specialists
that ordered MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, nerve blocks and numerous physical
therapy visits. I was introduced to Dr. Schierling by a family member. I drove down from Columbia Missouri, and what a blessing!  After one treatment I could raise my arm above my
head and chop vegetables again – and all without that excruciating pain.
I had one more treatment and have additional mobility. The
orthopedic doctors were going to operate on my neck without really
knowing if it would fix my problem!!! I can not thank Dr. Schierling
enough for what he has done for me.
  Sue Van Horn, Columbia, MO






After Cliff Blunkall died, Jennifer became my barber.  She used to complain a lot about shoulder pain and the fact that she had received numerous CORTICOSTEROID INJECTIONS in each shoulder.  They never helped with her pain for very long, and one of the orthopedists that she had consulted for this problem had actually told her that she would have to have surgery.  She tried chiropractic, and after a handful of adjustments, I had to tell her that simply getting more adjustments was not going to solve this problem.  Some time later, after fixing Clifford Rainbolt’s long-standing shoulder problem, I began looking for a few patients to “experiment” on (Should I call you Mrs. Guinea or Mrs. Pig?).  Jeniffer, was more than ready to try anything that might help her with the pain, help keep her working, and keep her from spending big bucks at the doctor’s office.  After her very first treatment we saw a huge change.  I ended up taking care of both of her shoulders that are good to this day.





Five years ago, I had a pacemaker put in.  I immediately started having problems with my arm from the shoulder to the elbow.  I simply could not use the arm.  I could not shampoo or brush my hair, or even scratch my head.  Lifting anything was out of the question!  I could not get a good night’s sleep because of the pain.  I had tests, went through therapy, tried different medications, and even had some cortisone shots.  I continued to get worse and did not want the surgery that they said was inevitable.  Dr. Schierling had successfully treated my husband for chronic neck pain, so I decided to try it myself.    By, did I ever bruise!  Dr. Schierling told me not to worry about it and to do my stretches.  After just a few treatments I am totally pain free and in the process of painting my ceilings.  PHYLLIS RUPSA, RETIRED, MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO


_I was having shoulder pain daily and nothing seemed to help it until Dr.
Schierling used this procedure on my shoulder and after the first
treatment it was amazing I have had two more treatments on my shoulder
and I am now pain free: but more than that I have 100% mobility in my
shoulder now.  I am a firm believer in the procedure and would recommend it to anyone
before they have extensive (and expensive) tests done. This procedure
saved time, money, and a LOT of pain!


_I worked in factories for over 30 years. Continuous repetitive motion tore my the muscles in my arms and shoulders to pieces. Dr. Schierling had been adjusting me for sciatica. He had made it possible for me to work with little or no pain. He suggested this new treatment for the scar tissue in my shoulders and arms. I had one treatment and within a week I could tell I was healing. It was almost 2 years before I needed another treatment. Dr. Schierling doesn’t lie to you. He isn’t in it just for the money.  He really cares about his patients and wants the best for them. JEAN STONE, WEST PLAINS, MO

In 2008, I went to Dr Russ, after experiencing weeks of pain in my left arm and shoulder.  I had spent $1500.00 out of pocket on Physical Therapy and was told I would have to have surgery on my Rotator Cuff.  Needless to say, I was not wanting to have surgery.  After one treatment from Dr Russ, I was relieved of pain and slowly was able to move my arm around normally without pain.  I did return for one additional treatment a few weeks later.  I had also seen a chiropractor for many years for Chronic Neck Pain.  After Dr Russ broke the scar tissue loose in my neck, I had no pain there and have remained pain free ever since.  I was told bruising would occur but my bruises were gone in a week.  I did the stretching as instructed but never had to take any pain medication.  I would strongly recommend anyone with chronic pain to call Dr Russ for an appointment.  I drove 2 hours each way and it was well worth the trip.  BETTY VOLNER of SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI
Over a ten year period, my shoulder pain had gotten so severe that I could not take my shirt off or throw a ball anymore.  I could not play ball with my boys and the chronic pain in my shoulder affected my ability to coach.  I heard about Dr. Schierling’s treatment for shoulders and decided to try it.  That was two years ago.  I am now throwing 150 pitches a day while coaching Little League Baseball.  DeWAYNE “Draino” JOHNSON, HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR, WILLOW SPRINGS, MO.
I fell on the ice on the first day of 2004, and knew immediately that I had done something to my shoulder.  I went to the doctor for X-rays and an MRI, and was told that I had a torn Rotator Cuff.  The doctor started by giving me a cortisone shot and putting me on Physical Therapy.  The problem was, after weeks and weeks of therapy, I was not getting better —– I was getting worse.  I was in constant pain that was ruining my life and ability to work.    One of the UPS drivers that I work with told me about Dr. Schierling.  He said that he did not know if he could help me or not, but would try.  I literally could not raise my shoulder more than a few inches from my side without terrible pain.  Dr. Schierling broke up the scar tissue and within a few minutes, I could raise my shoulder to the ceiling without pain.  Today my shoulder is as good as it ever was.  TAMMY MAYBERRY, UPS, WILLOW SPRINGS, MO
I was desperate.    I hadn’t slept more than a couple hours at a time in almost two years.  The doctor’s told me I had a torn Rotator Cuff that would require surgery.  I did not want that and was ready to try anything.    I was skeptical of Dr. Schierling’s suggestion, but today my shoulder is as good as ever and I am not limited in what I do.  CLIFFORD RAINBOLT, BACKHOE OPERATOR / RUBY’S RESTAURANT, EMINENCE, MO.
I was getting out of my road grader on a wet and nasty day, and slipped in mud that was on the step.  I grabbed hold of the handle but my feet flew out from under me leaving me holding on and hanging by the handle.  I knew immediately that I had done something very bad to my shoulder.  I saw Work Comp doctors who ran tests and MRI’s and told me that since nothing was torn, I would be fine with therapy.  I went through over 100 therapy visits, during several sessions, over the course of 4 years and at the end of it all, I was worse than when I had started.  A friend told me about Dr. Schierling and after 5 or 6 treatments, my “bad” shoulder is better than my “good” shoulder. NAME WITHHELD BY REQUEST (Work Comp Situation)
For the better part of a year I have struggled with severe shoulder pain. After X-rays, many doctor’s visits, and an MRI, I was diagnosed with a Rotator Cuff tear. I went through a great deal of treatment unsuccessfully and was told that Rotator Cuff surgery was the next step. My mom and sister come to Dr. Schierling (he fixed my sister’s Rotator Cuff) and suggested that I come see what he could do for me. After just one treatment I was 75% better and have seen him when I come see my family. My shoulder is fine now.  DONNA WEAVER SIMON, DALLAS, TX
My story is one of the aging athlete who’s mind thinks the body can do things that Father-Time no longer permits. Consequently I’ve pulled, strained and torn things all over my body!!! Dr. Schierling has been instrumental (pun intended which you’ll understand if you’ve had treatment) in dealing with and healing my numerous injuries. If you’re dealing with injury or pain I encourage you to give Dr. Schierling a visit!  RANDY GILMAN, SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, ARNOLD MO
I injured my shoulder in high school sports, and had not been able to use it for almost 17 years.  I could not throw.  I could not hit a volley ball.  I could not even swim (unless I did the breast stroke).    I had been told that I needed Rotator Cuff surgery, but I personally knew people who had terrible results and were worse off than before.  I heard about the treatment that Dr. Schierling was doing, and decided to see if he could help me.  I was much better after just one treatment, and within a short time I was doing all the things that I had not been able to do for the better part of two decades.  My shoulder is 100%!   MICHELLE McDANIEL, DOT EXAMINER,  WILLOW SPRINGS, MO



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