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Cassie’s story (above), while amazing, is not unique in our clinic. For those who would rather read about her almost instantaneous departure from ten years of debilitating chronic pain, HERE IT IS.

Chronic Pain testimonial
Chronic Pain Testimonial

I will say that the ratio of pain relief per dollar spent makes my time spent coming to your clinic one of the best values in pain management I have ever experienced…. Thanks.  Stephen Fischer, owner of MORTON BUILDINGS, Morton, Illinois

I just wanted to reach out to Dr. Schierling to say how much I appreciate his candor and blogs.  As another person who desires to share information to those in pain and struggling, my goal is to share self-care messages that simply state to “go slow – explore before you try to change things” and of course, don’t settle on the status quo for your information. In any event, thanks for the hard work.  I really just love the writing he is putting out there.  Love reading the posts. Wonderful and clear information constantly found through the site.  It’s amazing how well he puts stuff together! Well done and a very happy holiday season to your team.  Best, Sue Hitzmann, New York City, originator of the fascia self-help MELT METHOD

My experience with Dr Schierling was outstanding. I’m a professional triathlete and 2x world champion, and I’ve traveled the world to find a cure for my piriformis syndrome butt pain issues. Dr Schierling is not only an amazing and attentive person who knows his stuff, his methods work. Trust me. I flew from California to see him and have been delighted by the almost 100 percent resolution of my issues. World Champion Triathlete (Xterra), LESLEY PATERSON of San Diego, CA by way of Stirling, Scotland

I really liked the article you wrote about the FasciaBlaster and I agree with you 100% on all points. It is my life’s purpose to help bring all of the “fascia people’s” work into mass adaptation. Ashley Black, Los Angeles, California (Ashley Black Guru invented the FasciaBlaster that I wrote about HERE)

Five days before my Hotter n’ Hell 100 mile bike ride in August in Wichita Falls, TX, I went to see Dr, Schierling as a patient for the first time because my upper back and neck were painful and tight.  I expected to receive some massage / manipulation and feel better for a few days. Instead he worked on old injuries in my neck, upper back, shoulders and rib cage.  My body appeared to have been mauled; the bruising slowly receded over a period of 10 days.  My skin looked far worse than the enclosed pictures demonstrate.  The bike ride was uneventful. Only in this last week did I reflect upon the fact that my freedom of motion and pain relief has extended to the present time.  Since you seek to provide pain relief to patients by all practical methods, it seems reasonable to share this story with you. James DeBoard, MD
Anesthesiology Department at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in Saint Louis, MO (This is part of an unsolicited carbon copy of a letter sent to one of Dr. DeBoard’s colleagues).

Hey Doctor Schierling. If I may be honest, your articles always kick ass.  Great stuff. To the point.  Thanks for a great site. Keep ’em coming. Robbin Hayman, Denmark

Just a quick note to let you know how appreciated you are. Prolific, wonderful, intelligent, entertaining!  Some things need to be said. Glad I found your amazing site. Stay great my friend.  Steve Zen Einhorn

I am in Alternative medicine as a Nurse Practitioner. I like your blog. It’s so easy for people to understand!  I refer to your site regularly☺️ Cece Winkler of INNOVATIVE MEDICINE in Lafayette, Indiana

I have had three visits to Dr. Schierling’s office for tissue remodeling and I am improving tremendously with each visit! I’m grateful to have benefited from his wisdom and research that I have not only read from his website, but have also seen the direct results as his patient.  My life has changed in a positive way because of his insight to KNOW how to treat me and the injuries I have had. He listens, he cares, he teaches and he does not push you.  Dr. Schierling is by far the most skilled professional that I have ever met in my life. I am blessed that my chronic pain has lessened so much already. I have traveled to see him and will continue. Extraordinary!! Much respect!! Read his articles and you will learn like a student in school. If you are able to travel to see him, don’t hesitate. Please learn all you can about inflammation and diet as that is also so vital. I was hit by a drunk driver, but had chronic pain before that. The quality of life I now have continues to change in a positive direction. My daily activities have increased so much in comparison to my life before tissue remodeling. Literal tears after I left his office the first time because I knew… I knew this was the answer I had been praying for. Anyone who has suffered with chronic pain can relate.  I would give you 100 stars if I could. Melissa C. from KC via Facebook (to see all our FACEBOOK REVIEWS, click the link).

Awesome doctor! Well worth the drive wherever you’re from! His treatments are like nothing you have ever experienced in a chiropractor’s office! He is all about getting to the root of the problem……. And solving it…. Then and there…. No return visits week after week! Duane & Mary Wiltberger, Black, Missouri

Hi! Russ, I am an Osteopathic Clinician in New Zealand. I was very interested in your article on Tendonitis / Tendinosis / Tendinopathy.  A colleague and I were recently discussing this very subject.  Do you have any further information on dealing with the chronic exposure to antibiotics and the possibility of musculoskeletal symptoms, ie treatments?   Many thanks for taking the time to contact me. Also, thank you for such a great website on this subject.All the best. Dr. Robin Watkins, WIAKATO OSTEOPATHIC CENTRE, New Zealand

Wow!  Thank you from me (and from “Jane”). That’s astounding. And so rapid.  And thorough.  I’m a doctor. And I agree that, “evidence-based medicine” is a misnomer. We know a fraction of what we could, and are closed to being corrected / updated / educated.  “Evidence-based medicine” (dare I even say it) could …even ….be described as a contradiction in terms. Oh dear, how utterly contentious. But true, nonetheless.  Educated, not ever re-educated.  The arrogance, the dogma, the inflexible thinking…. I could go on. I know many an esteemed physician/surgeon for whom I have respect and admiration. However, the utter (and I hesitate to be so brutally honest) contempt (yes contempt) which they possess (across all fields of medicine & surgery) for allied healthcare professions/non-medical healing modalities / interventions / sensibilities  … makes my blood curdle. It makes me so very angry. The very best physicians and surgeons don’t have to profess their greatness: it just is. Those who are excellent may or may not profess aloud.  But the exceptional amongst them have – without exception – a quiet, modest, unassuming nature.  Thank you for the God bless.  You are a brilliant mind, and I am lucky to have found you.   Be good, “Dr. Jane”  ???????????? DR. JANE” (name withheld by request) from the East Coast of the Land Down Under

Dear Team, I’m pleasantly surprised at your investigations and work. I’m an MD practicing different holistic methods in Bulgaria. Thank you and all the best! Dr. Eliya Kostova, NEITROPIA CLINIC, Varna, Bulgaria

Your work is so important in many ways, not least to help people like me wake up to the truth about “health care” in the USA. And your fascia theories make perfect sense to me, based on how I experience my own body. I can tell there is a lot more going on with proprioception than meets the eye, and our flesh is even more alive, more “intelligent” than we realize. Kind of reminds me of Newtonian mechanics v. Quantum mechanics and classical energy conservation v. m=E/c^2. Yes, the simple old models work fine up to a point, but once you can measure more precisely (and introduce a whole new level and types of stressors that didn’t really exist before significantly, and have longer lifespans), a more nuanced understanding/model emerges.  Many many thanks for all you do. Bradbury Franklin, Kansas City, Missouri

Thanks for the valuable blogs & your knowledge… Thank you so much…. Dr. Akhilesh Sahu, Orthopedic Physiotherapist, Shankar Nagar, Raipur, India

Thank you for the information and the most amazing, intensive, complete, website ever.   For free.  It could make me cry.  So generous of you.  Thank you. Tracy Doolittle, South Portland, Maine


Dr. Schierling is amazingly knowledgeable, professional, and kind. After living with chronic neck pain for a year and trying all kinds of treatments, from chiropractic, to massage, dry needling, and spending a fortune on these treatments as they are not covered by any insurance, I started to research more about the effect of the fascia in our overall health.  My mom and I were both treated by Dr. Schierling for different conditions and we could not be happier with the results. I have gotten at least 50% better after seeing him only once and I keep improving. My mom, got treatment for her carpal tunnel problem, and now she can use her hand without any pain.  Pharmacist turned PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, Karina Heneghan of Denver, Colorado from a Facebook review

That’s very flattering thank you!! VERY interesting article as well!  All the best! A Facebook message from Swedish AOR band ‘Work of Art‘ in response to THIS POST.

I am fascinated at the many persons who have similar complaints and the way you take the time to explain. It makes a whole lot of sense.  I am glad I found your health site. Please keep me up with the newest developments.  Keep up the good work. Lorna Watt, Assistant Dean of Women of Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica, West Indies

Dear Dr. Schierling, I have recently found your website and have read it carefully.  I send out a holistic newsletter, usually about once a month. I do careful research on each topic. The last one I sent out was specifically about fascia. I am so sorry I didn’t know about you and your work at the time.  Your website gives SO much more info than my newsletter. I would like to use some of your material for a follow-up newsletter.Thank you for your consideration.  DR. JANE GOLDBERG, psychoanalyst, author of nine books, and owner of two holistic centers, La Casa Spa & Wellness Center in NYC, and La Casa de Vida, in the Puerto Rican rain forest

Hi, I have been a PT for 25 years and have been a tendinosis sufferer for about 20 years. Recently I have begun deep tissue and transverse friction massage to my subscapularis tendon with promising results. I have seen so many “Anti-inflammatory” treatments fail it is silly anyone would still try them. I really found your website informative and believe everything you state. Keep up the good work! Wayne Bauer, Hackettstown, New Jersey

Russ, your website is the bomb. You continue to amaze me. Biomechanist and Pedorthist, Shawn Eno of XTREME FOOTWERKS in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Dr. Schierling and Shawn,  I hope you are doing well.   Since our sessions in December 2015, my back/glute pain has been noticeably improved.  I used to have to switch legs every 15-20 minutes while standing because my glutes would ache so much, eventually causing lower back acute sharp pain if not iced quickly.  I lived on my various balls/rollers to try to relieve the piriformis pain all the time.  What you did made life much more bearable.  Then I visited Shawn Eno for the first time this past December and he determined that my right leg was slight shorter and I needed a lift to go with my orthotics.  That has ultimately taken away my morning pain and has allowed me to live mostly pain free.   The moral of the story is THANK YOU.  I spend a lot of my life pain free right now and it has been a long time since that was the case.  You two make a great team and I really appreciate you working together to help me with my case.  15 years of every possible type of therapy, modality, etc. didn’t have much success.  I just wanted you both to know how grateful I am. Sean Mclauglin, Fiji Islands.

Just a quick thank you for sharing so much info! Stumbled across your website on pinterest while looking for an easy way to explain piriformis syndrome to one of my massage clients and this was perfect! I will definitely be recommending this site for future clients to understand their different fascial related syndromes.  Much respect, Michelle Dufner, LMT, New Jersey

Hey Dr. Schierling, I am a 3rd year Chiropractic student at Life West Chiropractic College in California. I stumbled upon your website by accident and absolutely love the articles!  Keep up the good work it’s much appreciated! James Hook, Bay Area, California

What an incredible website!!!!!  I am so impressed!!!!  I was googling fascial adhesions and came upon itAnita Goldstein, D.C. Brentwood, California

Dear Dr. Schierling, I want to thank you for your having placed this website at everyone’s disposal. I googled it today under “scaring fascial tissue”.  So again, thank you for confirming what I suspected was possible. Your prescribing stretching every half hour for three days following tissue remodeling sounds especially interesting and reading about your personal experience and recovery was inspiring!  Gratefully yours, Alan Marks, Costa Rica

Hello Doc!   Greetings all the way here from Houston, Texas. With also being a chiropractor myself I just want to say thank you for insightful information you post on your blogs. Unknowingly I stumbled upon your page while doing my random Google searches, and have not turned back since.   I religiously check here for resourceful tips to use not only for myself but for my patients as well. I wish the whole world could acknowledge and be informed of what’s really going on out there!  You are truly a blessing to my practice and the community!   Keep up the good work Doc and Thank You!   God bless!!  Dr. Stephen Jung of INTEGRATIVE SPINE & SPORTS, Houston, Texas

I think that you make a lot of sense in your work. Thanks for all the information you have put on the Internet.  You will help and relieve pain for  many people.  Best wishes to you.  Regards, Merryl Cuthbertson-Blay, from Australia

Dr Russ, Thank you so much for the information!  Knowing that diet can affect inflammation is empowering. Barb Galvez from email

I am a male, 70 years old, that is prediabetic and learning to cook for myself and trying to develop a lifestyle to help eliminate inflammation in my body.  I am doing as much as I can to not become diabetic and healthier all around.  Thanks for your help and resources. Charlie Kurkjian, Garland, Texas\

I’ve been reading through your blog -excellent work and thanks for making all this info available.Best wishes, Ben Siddall, London, England

Hi Dr. Schierling,  Wow!  Great article. After reading it, I too am convinced this is what has been driving me batty for about 26 years. I remember when it started….    It would be wonderful to have some relief. Thank you for your research and sharing your knowledge with us. Regards, Kelly Kirkpatrick, Everett, Washington

I am awed by how comprehensive, helpful and understandable your website is. You obviously have a gift for assisting laypeople in having greater clarity about their condition and how to navigate it.  If I weren’t out of state, I would have already called to schedule an appointment.   It is consoling and emotionally healing that there is hope that my injury does not have to be debilitating indefinitely. It’s been very tough to integrate how significantly this injury has altered my everyday life (I’m also a dancer) and I imagine spending more time on your site could prove extremely helpful. Thank you for all you are doing!  Warml Valerie M, Maryland

Hi Doc, Just a note to say that I have always enjoyed your writing and blogs, Even though I am not in the area any longer I still l look at your stuff for information and great links to further my health knowledge.  I have found a great chiropractor in my area that helps keep things in the proper order. Many thanks for your hard work and passion on the subject of good health!  Take care. Bill Eddy, Kingston, Massachusetts

I am so impressed with all the various information you have posted on the Internet. Thanks, for providing so much information on health for so many people looking for answers to many different health issues. Michele Dixon, Safety Harbor, Florida

I can’t stay off your website! I have learned so much. Dayna Spohn, Waco, Texas

Dr Schierling, I am a Canadian Osteopath that realizes the crucial important of fascia and damage caused by scars and adhesions. Thanks for the wonderful website filled with precious and useful information. Sincerely, Annick Vachon DO, Quebec, Canada

Hi Dr Schierling. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to visit you as I live in England…..   Wanted to let you know that yours is the first source I’ve found which provides such information on fascia.  I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided.   Kind regards, Danny O’Neill, England

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for all the information you present on your website. I found it while researching tendinosis of the supraspinatus, and your site was the clearest and most thorough. I really appreciate it.  Blessings. Jeri-Li, Canada

I just read your article about fascia and it puts all of the chronic pain that I’ve been suffering for years together.  Where have you been all my life?  Thanks for publishing it! Donna A. from Austin, TX

I am finding myself increasingly addicted (in a good way) to your website. I am enjoying reading article after article. Keep up the great work it’s been an invaluable website for knowledge and understanding of the human body.  I respect and enjoy EVERYTHING you write about Dr Schierling. You have a new fan in New England! Brian Campbell, Beverly, Massachusetts

Dude Russ,  Your website is so cool.  As a nutritionist & athletic trainer I was stumbling around the internet to find more information on Bicep Tendonitis. That’s when I landed on your page.  Just great!   A bunch of awesome information!   Keep it up buddy.  Justin Oderkirk, California

I enjoy reading every post you put out. Very informative. The more educated we are about our pain the better we can manage or seek out different options rather than medicine or surgery. Michelle Calabrese Morgan (Massachusetts) from Facebook

Sometimes I swear you read my mind! Not the first time I’ve been researching a subject and you post info on the same thing. Great article. Kim Fleenor-Eades, Bowling Green, Kentucky

I just wanted to thank you again for guiding me in the right path. It really does work. My hips are good! I can sprint now!   Before I couldn’t even jog without pain. The pain is like 75% gone. The content of this website is as real as it gets. It works. Dr. Russ’s website is great, and I recommend him to others out there with chronic pain. Thank you Dr. Russell! Name Withheld by Request, Vancouver, British Columbia

I just want to thank you Dr Schierling for putting so much info on your website.  The ‘news’ I’ve seen in your site isn’t really good for me with regard to my autoimmunity, but at least it’s the truth and gives me a starting point from which to prevent it’s growth.  What you’ve said about autoimmunity and the diet is what I have suspected for a while. It’s unfortunate that it appears I was right. I wish I wasn’t.  On behalf of my family who will hopefully enjoy me being healthy so long as I can get this under control, I thank you. SH, London England


Thank you so much for putting this information out there. On a daily basis I’m explaining to my clients, what and how this tendon thickening process occurs. I will be forwarding your site to them. Your explanation of tendonosis and the lack of inflammation really makes sense. Thanks againCarol Jenkin, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Dear Dr. Schierling, I am a DO and went to school in Kirksville (graduated from KCOM in 2008). I even did an ER rotation in West Plains.  It is unfortunate that I did not hear about you when I was in the area.  I was excited to hear someone besides me talk about fascia.  I have difficulty overcoming the medical inertia as well. I find patients tend to want what they have already had…. Dr. David L Day, Fitzgerald, Georgia

I wanted to say thank you so much for the knowledge about fascia on your website.  I have been researching about chronic facial pain from fascia for a while now and you are so right it has been very difficult to find certain info and pics about it. So I just wanted to extend a thank you for having a site with so much knowledge and info. It was very very helpful. 🙂    Hope you all have a great day & happy holidays. Jassa Carrasquillo, President of Just Clean Air, Inc in Coconut Creek, Florida

Thank you.  You have helped identify my pain. Cheers.  Esko, Australia

The JANE he has written about is me. Last Thursday Dr. Schierling treated the piriformis syndrome that I had suffered with most of my twenties. For the first time since my accident, I feel like I have my life back again. Thank you God for directing me to his office, and thank you Dr. Schierling for using your God given talents to help those who suffer with chronic pain! Elizabeth from Idaho

Thank you for your time Dr. Russ. You are a star among the medical community. Keep on sharing your depth of knowledge. Hopefully the common sense of your articles will start to sink in to traditional medicine in the years to come.  TS, Akron, Ohio

I wanted to say how impressed I am with the amount and quality of information that is provided on your website. It’s obvious that you have a genuine interest in helping people get out of pain and live happier and healthier lives. Thank you.   Jet Jackson, Florida

I read several articles on your Doctor Schierling / Destroy Chronic Pain Blog and I have nothing to say but thank you.   Actually, maybe a little bit more 🙂   After four years of searching for answers and going to several different doctors I finally understand my underlying problem. I haven’t had anything too serious but I’ve suffered from Piriformis Syndrome.  If I didn’t live in Sweden I would of course like to come in for a visit but I that’s a bit hard considering the situation.  Thank you again! You’ve certainly put me on the road to recovery. Erik Gustafsson, Sweden

I have this similar problem and have been surfing online for more than two hours today and noticed your interesting article. It is good to know exactly what is my problem before going to a doctor. In my opinion,we do need blogs and articles like this. I am from India but work in Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Prabhu, India

The treatment worked wonders for the pain I had in my hand. For 7 years I had thought that it was arthritis in my thumb, but it wasn’t, it was a scar tissue problem called DeQuervain’s Syndrome. Dr. Schierling treated my hand and it took away the pain. Thanks for all you do. Terry Turner, Rancher, Summersville, MO

Fantastic Website!  Carol Bird, Leicestershire, England

Thank you for keeping up with this type of information. I have been diagnosed with this Chronic Tendonitis and tried the anti-inflammatory pills for two days and developed severe allergies. So will be looking into others treatments to help with the pain. Thank you again, great job!!   Marcela Landau, Texas.

Your web site is very informative. Wish you practiced here!Molly Foreman, Boca Raton, Florida

I am an Australian, living in Australia, incapacitated by pain.  I have learned more about myself by reading this site, than I have learned from any other medical practitioner or specialist.  I now see a ray of light.  Thank you for taking the time, energy & compassion to put this site together. People in our situation NEED youLeonie O’Grady, Australia

I agree with you 200%.  Keep up the good work Doc.  Michael Joseph DC NMD, CMO at Regeneration.com, Panama

The orthopedic doctors were going to operate on my neck without really knowing if it would fix my problem!!!   I can not thank Dr. Schierling enough for what he has done for me. Sue VanHorn, Columbia, MO

This is a great website, and I hope a lot of people visit, read, and find help. Dr. Schierling treated scar tissue in my back, neck, and shoulders about 10 years ago to relieve chronic pain from an old injury (I had surgery for it) that several years of constant chiropractic adjustments could not help for more than a few days. And it worked!!  I have had no more problems in the treated areas since. Thanks!!!  Cindy Russell, Emporia, KS

I found your blog and was really amazed by the content…  Thank you so much!! Amy Peloquin, New York City

I have had 3 treatments and am 95% percent healed. I have not had a headache since my first treatment which was early this year. I felt the relief within minutes. I am now able to do the things I love in life and PAIN FREE!! PRAISE THE LORD. Thanks Doc and Tracy for all you do!! Stacey Redman, Winona, MO  (You can watch Stacey’s VIDEO TESTIMONIAL HERE).

Fantastic information! Janet Galer, Melbourne, Australia (Author of ‘Inspiring You With Ways to Move Forward‘)

Thank you so much for the information contained in this article!
I was scheduled for surgery this week for abdominal hernias (x3), when they disappeared and nothing could be seen wrong with my abdominals.  No hernias were sighted under ultrasound. I did not go ahead with the surgery, and the ultrasound confirmed a weakness in my fascia about 5cm above my umbilicus. This is brilliant information for me to understand this important aspect of our bodies and research further to possible healing of this area. I have 2 children (6 & 4) and have never seen any symptoms up until 2 weeks ago. The ‘hernias’ were obvious but disappeared within 10 days!  Thank you.
Belinda Mansweto of LEARN, LIVE, BREATHE, Stanwell Park (Sydney), New South Wales, Australia (the article she is referencing is THIS ONE).

This is a great website! I had long-term pain. I had scar tissue in my lower back, and am a new person after only a few treatments. It works. Thank you!! Wendy Altermatt, Willow Springs, MO

As a Zumba Instructor I depend on my body to perform. When shin splints and plantar fasciitis started interfering with my ability to instruct my classes, I visited with Dr. Schierling. He did the scar tissue treatment once for the shin splints and once for the plantar fasciitis. WOW!! Immediate relief! A few days of healing & stretching was all it took for me to be back doing what I love!!! He also recognized the fact that I was wearing the wrong shoes for my foot type. Thanks Russ!! Mary Zitter, Mountain View, MO

What an amazing website! By far the most informative I have come across. What a treat! Thank-you. Andrea

Wonderful website! I am a [Princeton educated] LMT and within 1/2 hour have learned more valuable info than in some three day seminars. Keep up the most important work! Thank you. Jodi Kenyon, Licensed Massage Therapist, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area

Hello Russ. I am amazed how much better my neck feels since my last visit to you. I want to get it done again but how long do I need to wait? I have not had this small amount of pain in my neck for a long time. Thanks brother, God bless and keep you. See you again soon. Dale Stevenson, Radiological Technician & Past Mayor of Mountain View, MO

Hello Russ, This is Brian Ingalls. I just wanted to say thank you for the help you have given my daughter Shelby. The gluten-free diet has made a big difference for her! Brian Ingalls, Pastor of the Christian Church, Mountain View, MO (HERE is the complete story)

My daughter is 11 years old and a competitive gymnast. She had Osgood-Schlatter disease so we sought local chiropractors, sought physical therapy, and took supplements, however, none of those treatments helped her knee pain. Then I found Dr.Schierling’s website and contact him. He gave me a very simple answer. He said he can fix my daughters knee with one treatment, and it was true! We were so lucky to find him. If not, I am sure she would still have the knee pain. We visited his office 2 years ago and my daughter never had knee issues after the treatment.  He saved my daughter’s gymnastics life. He is definitely the best chiropractor in my life! Kana Gaither, Kansas City area

Once again “You’re the man!” We need to talk! Garnie Ross of Block Therapy and Big Apple Images

I suffered what I thought was a minor, innocent, hamstring injury in fall of 2007 that just would not get better….  I am now back to 100% capacity with my leg strength and flexibility. Thank You! Brian Denton, Hospital Administrator, St. John’s Mercy, Mountain View, MO

Hi Doc, Came across your website. Great stuff in your blog. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading some of the info on your site. Best, Lee Zohn, DC, Winchester Hospital Chiropractic Center, Woburn, Massachusetts

The procedure proved to work, and after some extensive stretching I have regained 100% mobility with no pain whatsoever. I am a firm believer in the procedure and would recommend it to anyone before they have extensive (and expensive) tests done. It saved time, money, and a LOT of pain! Arron Sydow, School Principal (Fairview), West Plains, MO

Hello Dr. Schierling, I’ve been reading your website for the last two hours and have concluded that I need to definitely stop and meet you the next trip I make to Missouri to see my family.  I wanted to thank you for all the information you provided on your website.  It’s inspired me to get busy building my own website for my patients…if only to link everyone to your website. Dr. Fawn Ray, NRH Centre, North Richland Hills, Texas

I am so thankful our family has Dr. Schierling in our lives!Alan & Lynett Peters, RIVER’S EDGE, Eminence, Missouri

Been looking for someone who knows jack about Fascia and nobody listens…  Wow Thanks! Gale Wilcox, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

I can not tell you how happy I am to have found your website.  Finally someone who can tell me whats wrong with my ankles and why it hurts so much! Thank you againCynthia Newhart, Montrose, Pennsylvania

I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa…  I am so frustrated and tired of being in pain daily. Could you please refer me to someone if perhaps you know of someone here in South Africa?  Many thanks. Nicole Gerber, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thank you for this very interesting information. Mr. Michael Jefferies, United Kingdom

Dr Schierling, Hello warm greetings and a deep bow to you sir. I have read through your destroy chronic pain website and would like to congratulate you and thank you for your sterling research. It was a refreshing read, scholarly and very informative. It has also filled me with new hope, thank you once again for your excellent work and research.  The arguments you have laid out in the COLLAGEN SUPER PAGE are very strong, I agree with them entirely….   Thank you once gain…  My warmest regards. Niel Sansom (Keeb), Author / Speaker; London, England

Dr. Schierling, As I was researching information for a client about the connection of low stomach acid and H. Pylori, I came across your article about H. PYLORI and the DRUGS USED TO TREAT IT.   Awesome and thorough information!  Your spot-on, in-depth coverage led me to further review your bio and practice, and I am very excited to have found you.  As a patient under Dr. Laney Nelson (you may have heard of him), I was given back my life after an MVA.  Now, pursuing my career as a health coach, I look forward to connecting with other professionals of like mind / interest. Perhaps we shall meet one day. Either way, I just wanted to connect and say “Thank You” for such a complete coverage of the H. Pylori issue. I look forward to reading more of your postsBest Wishes. Mary Meagher, RN, Health Coach at BETTER BALANCE, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

This website is a veritable goldmine of extremely well-written articles with research links on a variety of health subjects. Laurie Willberg, Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)

Hello Dr Schierling,  I would just like to thank you on behalf of all healthy minded and health conscious people, for sharing you knowledge with us. Your site is a great resource for me and compliments all the other reading that I do.Duncan Sayarer, London, UK

Hello. I am a massage therapist, in private practice for over 20 years. I read your articles religiously.  Your articles have changed my life and the lives of those around me.  Thank you!!Arden Donahue, Norwalk, Connecticut

I find your articles fascinating and have helped give verbiage to my own direction in my training practices.Thank you    Sean Waldie, Toronto

Hi Dr. Schierling, Kudos for your highly interesting and encouraging website.  Thank you. Raffael Zissu, Newark, NJ

Hi Dr. Schierling, I’m reaching out from half way around the world – Tel-Aviv, Israel to thank you for the amazing content in this website.  Thank you very much, Shai Alon, Tel-Aviv, Ireael

Hello Dr. Schierling, Thank you for your blog, which is an incredible resource. Anjani Thomas, Croatia

Dear Dr Schierling, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I find it tremendously informative.  Thank you! Luciana Meyer, Bristol, UK

I’m glad I have the opportunity to thank you personally for the wonderful info in your site. Have a great day! Megan Lampton, New York, New York

Thank you Dr. Scheirling, I can’t get enough of your articles! You’re a brilliant man, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Jonna Pahlisch, Bend, Oregon

Hi Love,  This is the website I mentioned.  You can look up a ton of information on all of your ailments!  ???????? Muwaaaa ????????  Wendy Anderson from a mass email that was sent to me as well.

As a health coach and constant researcher of all things preventative and anti-aging, I LOVE your articles and website!  I just wanted to write to express how thankful I am for your articles.  Keep up the excellent work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  Cher Clark, Health Coach, Atlanta, Georgia

Your blogs are wonderful!!   Thank you and please the keep the blogs  coming.  Knowledge is Power!Jess Funcheon, Carmel, Indiana (CARMEL RESTORATIVE)


Thank you for all of the insights and information on your blogs. Helena Haris, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so very much for all the information on your website. Author, Heather Munn of Princeton, Illinois

Hello Dr Schierling, Thank you for your very informative blog. I
sincerely appreciate both it and all you are doing to make the world a healthier place.  Please keep it up. Warm regards, Gabe Brown of North Dakota (WORLD’S FOREMOST EXPERT ON REGENERATIONAL RANCHING)

Hi Dr. Schierling, Thank you so much for your quick reply!   First off, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on your website. I’ve read too many of your posts to count.  I so appreciate what you’re doing and hope to meet you very soon!  Many thanks, Sarah Hippert (MOVEMENT SPECIALIST), Washington DC

Dear Dr. Schierling, I can’t praise your website enough; it truly provided something useful, or at least hopeful to read. Thank you. There’s no shortage of quick soundbites out there, so I really appreciate the effort you made to communicate your personal experiences, and professional know-how.  Healthcare in this area will be at your level in approximately 30 years.  Thank you again for taking the time to respond.  Warren Stewart, Stevensville, MI

My name is Eric Serrano and I am a medical doctor that went to Kansas State University a long time ago [my alma mater]. Great work, well written, and great amount of information.  Your website is amazing!  Thank you and GOD bless you. DR. ERIC SERRANO, Columbus, Ohio (for the record, Dr. Eric is one of the single most amazing functional doctors on the planet, solving problems no one else has a clue about)

Dr Schierling; just a quick note. My name is Michael Boyle, I’m a strength coach based in Boston.  One of my coaches forwarded me your blog link and I loved the analogy of fascia and hair (combed vs. uncombed) and I want to tell you that I will eventually use it in a blog or article. I will make sure you get credit. Thanks for a great analogy. Michael Boyle, owner of one of America’s top gyms as voted on by Men’s Health (BODY BY BOYLE), as well as being the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston University Men’s Hockey Team — the 2009 National Champions.

The cost was surprisingly affordable.  It was actually more affordable for me to come here and be treated from Columbus, Ohio, including travel and hotel stay and air fare, than it has been to be treated at my chiropractor’s office for the past several months.  It’s definitely been worth it, and I would recommend it to anyone. Gym owner (Five Point Fitness) and bodybuilder, ANGELA NIXON, Columbus, Ohio

Well…I do sincerely thank you so much for your time in answering my question.  If there’s any charitable contribution I can make in honor of you, I certainly would like to do so because I feel you are a truly dedicated doctor.  Kind Regards, Maria Annunziata, Executive Assistant to Robert C. Baker § Chairman, CEO National Realty & Development Corporation and owner of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor    The donation was made to Fresh & Green Academy of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (where two of OUR DAUGHTERS are from).

Thank you! With our world’s experience of opioid addiction right now and the levels of pain people find themselves in, I believe its important that people that care come up with some new understanding to help people. Thank you for your work in this! Amanda Soulvay Plevell N.D. (DR. FOODIE) of the Natural Source Center for Integrated Wellness, St. Cloud, MN

Dr. Schierling, Thank you so much for response.  I also wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your blog articles, especially the ones on fascia and the extracellular matrix.  The illustrations that you’ve included are extremely helpful.  Thank you so much for doing what you do.  Thanks again, Col Deanna Won (ret.) USAF, cancer survivor, Virgina (DEANNA WON)

Thanks a million, Dr. Schierling! I feel 80% better in the knee and 50% better in my back and shoulder. My knee was bothering me the most so I am super grateful. Irina feels perfect in her neck and we both want to return again for more work. We both see and feel the tremendous value in what you do. I only wish you could have gone over me in more areas!!   Best wishes from your Dallas fans. Take care and stay healthy. Dr. Lewis Cone, DALLAS NUTRITIONAL HEALING CENTER, Dallas & Arlington, TX.  Dr. Cone came to see me because one of his patients had come to see me (HERE).

Found your site today — didn’t have time to read all, but couldn’t stop even so!!!!!   Want to share this with everyone!!!! Sharon Mason, Charleston, West Virginia

Looking on the net for information on my apparent rib pain I came across your site. While giving me a reasonable indication of what my pain is and is not it, it became obvious your site will be almost all I need to help get my life together. What a vast reservoir of quality, researched info you have on here! This link is going on my homepage and will be referred to constantly. Just a huge thanks for the time and effort you put in trying to help people. Justin Wilson of McPhee Brothers Painting, Carrs Creek, Australia

Thank you and bless you and the work you do —-if only we had more doctors like you???? Patty Ehlers, Hampden, Mass

“Hi Dr. Russ, this is Dr. Mike O’Donnell’s wife, Kathleen. First of all I can’t thank you enough for your servant’s heart. The gift of this information on your site is so very generous and helped me tremendously!!!  Thank you again.” Kathleen O’Donnell, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Dear Doctor Schierling: Being a person with lumbar and cervical problems, your site is not only very informative but very fun to read.  It shows what’s behind it is a very smart and great human being.  God bless you. Greeting and Best Regards. Jaime Drezner, Bogota, Columbia

Hi, Thank you for the wealth of knowledge on this website!  Kind Regards, Jane Michell, Australia

Thank you for putting your stretches online. I’m healing from Lyme Disease and work related injuries. My body was turning to stone. I got radical with movement, painful as it was, and your stretches are now in my arsenal as well. You are a blessing! Mary Boutte, Hayward, California

Thanks for writing the website. This is the best site I can find in the internet for chronic pain! Joey Au, Asia

It is amazing, I wish I had found your site years ago!  You are truly a voice in the darkness!  Eternal thanks for sharing your knowledge! Liz Inglis, NYC/NJ region

Thank you for all the valuable information you share with us, the world would be so beautiful if we had more professionals like you. Armando Vega, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for this informative article.  I am a boxer and received a wicked liver blow that sent a force so powerful from the of the torso out through the front of the abdomen. I thought it was a cracked rib at first.  Then I thought it was a torn muscle.  After 21 days it was still agonizing. It was a very studious massage therapist instructor who determined the damage to the fascia and began some therapy. No one else could tell me what was wrong. I hope I recover soon so I can have my pro boxing match this November.  My boxing coach is among the best in the world with three decades in the sport and never had had or seen this injury before. Robert Vega Jr. (Bass-Baritone-Vocalist-Lyricist-Fighter-Trainer-Model-Actor-Motivational Speaker-Warrior of the Light), El Paso, Texas (HERE)


Reading the information on your site was very eye opening.  Thank you for compiling so much information on your website — it has been an invaluable resource.  Much Appreciation. Ammad Bajwa, Los Angeles, California

Good site. Dr. Khaled Mohi (Physiatrist), Saudi Arabia

I appreciate you directing me to  the information on your site pertaining to me. Your website is fascinating and I can hardly believe the time you put into it.  I told my husband I’ve fallen in love with you for your effort to help and educate people.  Thank you for giving me hope and direction. God bless you.Sincerely, Marlene Luczko, Eagle, Colorado (HERE)

Hi just wanted to let you know your website is fantastic, so so so much great information! I’ve been reading it for hours 🙂   Sarah Medlow, Adelaide, Australia

Thank you for getting this information out there publicly. As a physical therapist specializing in the treatment of the connective tissue system, it’s a joy to see the science reaching the ears and bodies of people who have been struggling with pain and and nerve issues and still looking for a solution. Sometimes the fascia is the missing link to cross the line into resolution! Joni Edmunds, DPT, Newnan, Georgia

Through your tissue work it’s changed my overall ability to move and do my job.   It’s been awesome for me.  Thanks Doc! Michael “Super” Cooper, elite professional cutting horse trainer, Wetherford, Texas (HERE)

“Have been reading your posts (and sharing them on our FB page).  Read your article FASCIA & CANCER and am fascinated by the role of fascia in maintaining health or progressing disease.” Dr. Chandler Marrs, powerlifter and expert in mitochondrial dysfunction (PhD in Experimental Psychology/ Neuroendocrinology from UNLV).  Author of the acclaimedThiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition, as well as contributor to HORMONES MATTER and CEO of LEUCINE HEALTH SCIENCES

Thanks for all you do! And–you write in a way that is amazingly easy to understand. Kelly Regan, Florida and Massachusetts

Hi Dr. Schierling, I follow your blog and think of you as the king of fascia... Liberty Chapman, Utah

Thank you for the information you provide. Marie Brooks, Baldwin, New York

THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for replying to my question!  I will be sharing THIS ARTICLE. I found your website searching for answers shortly after my accident and have read many of your articles.  You have given me more information than the three neurologists I have seen combined.  Thank you and keep keeping us informed. Brenda Toby, Hobart, Indiana

Your work on Fascial Adhesions is very interesting. Karen Casino, Berkeley, California

So I want to thank you again Dr. Schierling.  I enjoy reading your pages as you are not selling anything. Other pages I have visited with similar postings all seem to be selling their own supplements or services.  I reached out and you were honest about my daughter not being a good candidate for your form of treatment.  I’m not gonna lie, I wish you were closer to my area anyway.  Lori from THIS POST (Her last name is excluded since this pertains to her 13 year old daughter)

Finding a good health partner is nigh on to impossible!  Wonderful article on thyroid / adrenals / hormones — best I have seen!  Thank you!   Diana Butler, Hanover, Pennsylvania

As someone who was a physiotherapist but is now a nutritional therapist struggling with chronic back pain, this is indeed an awesome site. Thank you for all your help – probably saving me from going down the road to surgery! Christine Lauritsen (Europe) from Facebook

Thanks for sharing all your info Dr. Russ! I’m an American living in UK at the moment.  I plan to do the stretches and see how I get on.  You are an earth angel.  If my problem persists, I will make a journey out to you.  Happy Spring and thank you again!!!!!!!!!Light blessings, Eileen Mullard, MSc, BSN, RN, RGN, PGCLTHE, recently retired from the field or oncology, but still working as a natural healer

Hi Dr. Schierling, Your website is a goldmine of information. I love how you present your research and understanding–direct and thorough but modest and pragmatic. Jacob Tempchin, San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the info doc. As we know, the scar tissue like I had really can do a number on one’s life. So many folks have no idea what it entails and how painful it can be. Keep the info flowing to the masses Dr. You do a good service.   Linda Jack, Birch Tree, MOThank you for sharing your work.Alice Funk, Lake Charles, Louisiana

I’m an elite level competitive strongman / powerlifter and injuries, especially back injuries, happen. Russell does an excellent job of getting me back on the platform and winning again! I owe him ALOT! JARED DAVIS of West Plains, Missouri

Dr.Russ, Since I visited you in October and had the Fascia Remodeling, I have had only one headache! I was having them everyday before seeing you! Thank you so much for helping me! Sandy Phipps, Roanoke, TX

Your blogs are like a gift straight from God. Thank you for ALL of the time you put into writing all of this. It is no small thing you’ve done here. I see hope and it could save my life and my belief in healing. Thank you so, so much for your workJen Rundle, Norfolk, Virgina

Thanks Dr. R!  Amazing blogs. I learned a ton. Thanks for all of your content.  Your passion for knowledge, science, and healing is nothing short of inspirational. Eddy Malik, Redmond, Washington

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.  Your website is very informative and appreciated. Thank you  Dr. R.B. from Brisbane, Australia

Hey!  Your site is pretty awesome. Thanks for publishing all this stuff, very helpful to me and in turn, helpful to many of my clients as well.  Joy Carey, recently voted one of the TOP MASSAGE THERAPISTS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

At last…..a diagnosis!!!   I cannot begin to tell you how much peace of mind I feel having read your ‘Pain in the Butt’ website. Since 2008 I have attended different clinics within our local hospital to no avail. I have spinal stenosis, apparently my lumbar facet joints are ‘rubbish’, & all forms of treatment thus far have failed, i.e. spinal & root nerve injections, medications etc.. Despite all my hip area pain, no osteo arthritis manifests itself. Now I know why!!  I feel I can cope now I know what is causing the pain.  THANK YOU SO MUCH DR RUSS!   Pauline Atkin, Chester England

Hi Dr, Schierling, I’ve visited hundreds of sites and found pretty much all the info I needed on your site.  Thank you. Susan Zori, Canada

Thank you Dr. Schierling, Absolutely one of the most comprehensive lists linking our types of food consumption to chronic pain I’ve ever seen put together! Phenomenal! I’ll be sure to share this with my own clients and colleagues. As a chronic pain specialist who works on restoring posture, I’m constantly educating my clients on the connection between their diet as a major contributing factor to pain. Thank you so much for this detailed collection of information! It is powerful! Deb Preachuk from PAIN FREE POSTURE MINNESOTA talking about our “ENDOGUT” page.

I wanted to write to say THANK YOU for replying to me and giving me information to follow up on.  I have been reading up on a number of other things including inflammation and trying to eat/live a Paleo diet/lifestyle and my knee pain has subsided tremendously….   Thank you for caring about our pain. Lorrel S. medical student St. John United States Virgin Islands

Hello Dr Russ!  That’s really good news – I’m feeling more confident already.  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read my letter and for getting back to me so quickly.  What luck to find such an excellent website. It has a chatty, friendly style, which helps put people in a positive frame of mind and gives them hope.  Thank you. Rick Moule, Sonthofen Germany

Dear Dr. Schierling,  I was very happy to find your blog post “Obese America: Causes & Solutions” and I am strongly convinced that this information will change people’s lives. I would like to create a website regarding this problem and I’m asking your permission to translate this post into the Russian language and to post it on my website, mentioning your authorship of course and giving a link to your website.  Thank you for your work!  Kind regards, Olga Novikova, Latvia

Thank you for your time doctor and thank you for the good reading on your website, have a great day ahead. Nicolas Foubert, Paris, France

WOW finally a professional who thoroughly understands the body’s relationship to food and disease processes and can explain it and give qualified advice.  I am very grateful of your site and as you said “now at desperation” I am ready to commit to change with some good support, thank you. Kristen L of Queensland, Australia

At last my symptoms exactly [Piriformis Syndrome]. Sadly I live in France, anyone or anywhere who shares your views in this country? Rosina Jones, France

Dear Sir, I have studied your site and have to say I found it very interesting and informative. D. Wright, Aubergine, United Kingdom

Your website is awesome! You are an educational star!  Respectfully, Judith A. Winters, La Crescenta California

You seem to be on to a great breakthrough in medical science. The fact that you have linked all of these pervasive diseases, bad diets and poor medical care in our country is really terrific. I can also see your tireless research in your blog.  It was great to find your site. Thank you for all your hard work and diligence! Jane Hahnel, Maine

Just wanted to say WOW, your website is great. I came across it today while searching for information about inversion tables and chronic lower back pain. I’ve been trying to read EVERYTHING on the site. Now I just wish I lived nearby!  Thanks so much for having this site out here and available. Best Regards, Marie Green, Port Orange, FL


After days of excruciating pain in my left buttock and posterior thigh I finally found the strength and presence of mind to search the internet for insight and relief. You sir, are a saint amongst men. Providing information in such an accessible and easy to understand way. I laud you and your efforts to bring comfort to all those suffering similar distress. Stephen Lee Lawson, From the Internet

Dear Doctor, I have been reading all of your articles and I would like to thank you for all the information that you have shared. It is very helpful to understand my problem. Thank you. Xavier Catchot, Barcelona, Spain

Your website is amazingly informative! May God bless you abundantly for your assistance to suffering humanity !!!   Anne Sullivan, southern Palm Beach County, FL

Hi Doc, I’m a DC and practice in Lancaster County PA.  Came across your website while looking for answers for a Major Hyperthyroid problem I’m having………your site is Amazing!!!!!   It’s given me much direction in my battle.   THANK YOU!!!!!  IN CHRIST ALONE, Carl Messano D.C.

Great information, and well written, thanks so much for sharing! As a personal trainer & wellness coach, I teach many types of myofascial release techniques and have lately had an increasing appreciation for fascia and it’s role in the movement, strength, mobility, and functionality of the body. I’m amazed by the prevalence and degree of pathology that I see in the average person and find in my own body, so naturally I love learning about the respective treatments. Thanks again for taking the time to share such valuable information–I believe it’s articles like these and small steps that are happening around the country right now that will eventually lead to a paradigm shift in “healthcare,” and I believe we are on the verge of seeing the fruit drop very soon. Evan Sylvester, Personal Trainer, San Luis Obispo, California

I’m amazed by the amount of time you have spent giving out great information on your webpage.  If I lived anywhere in the vicinity I would not hesitate to come to your clinic for treatment. But since I live half-way around the world that is not possible.  Have a nice day!Arren Brandt, SwedenMy biggest thanks go out to you and your team for providing such a rich content base.  I spend the first part of my day reading articles on your web page. I can not express my thanks enough for your work and pushing  forward this new way of thinking.  Tamay Jentjens of MOBILITY & BIOMECHANIK, Berlin, Germany

Good morning Russell, I am blown away by your website! I stumbled upon it this morning and I can’t stop reading your articles on fascia. I have been studying it for years. Have a great day! Peace, Rob Laird of Mind / Body / Living in Canada

What an informative site! Dr. Russell S. Schierling goes to great lengths to research chronic pain and has been helpful in assisting me find some relief in my hometown of San Jose, CA.  Thank you!!  Reina, San Jose, CA

It really makes sense. Have had rib pain for months on right side. I’m cancelling the tests the doctor ordered and finding a chiropractor who understands the fascia connection. Margie Ayers via email

YES! it’s such a great discovery,  to see that I am not the only one to look at chronic pain that way, except you articulate it so much better than I do. I come from 25 years of yoga ( mind body) teaching that evolved into treating chronic pain. With a scientific mind I always ask why???  Why ?? / and why again…?  Thank you. Sylviane G. James, Remedial Massage Muscular Skeletal Treatment & Rehabilitation Specialist, Sydney, Australia

Hi there Dr. Schierling,  I have tried almost everything for almost 3 years for some doctors to diagnose me about my butt pain.  Finally, someone here knows my symptoms. God bless you.  I live in Malaysia and I will try to find someone here that does Tissue Remodeling Treatment. Thanks so much for your great website.  God bless you all! Adrian, Malaysia

Thank you for your informative site. It’s given me answers in terms I am comfortable with as versus the terms my doctors are prone to using. S. Patillo, Virginia

Hi Dr. Schierling, A patient of mine told me about you as she was told through a couple of her LA clients that you have cured people with chronic pain……   I told her I would inquire with you about your scar tissue remodeling, to see if there is anything more I can do for her.  Thank you in advance for your knowledge and professional opinion. Sincerely, Dr. Jacquelyn Perron, Calgary, AB, Canada

Love what you are doing and teaching. I am aligned with all that you say. I am a movement therapist and guest lecturer and my work is rich with fascia research and application. That is where it is at!!!  Thank you. Anne Lloyd Willett, Connected Pilates In Sync, Chattanooga, Tennessee

I very rarely comment, as I tend to go over health topics quickly, and speed read the real detective science a little every day– but I have to shoot this text out to let you know that I know how entertaining and insightful you are my friend. I wanted you to know you are appreciated. ????  Steve Einhorn, New York

Thanks, Russell.  Love your content by the way. THE ELITE TRAINER, John Paul Catanzaro, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

I have personally seen the benefits of Dr. Schierling’s Soft Tissue Treatment for both myself and my wife (chronic shoulder and back pain). It has reduced our amount of chronic pain and has allowed further detoxification in the body providing long-term benefits.   I highly recommend it to others. Doug & Terri Base, Coffeyville, Kansas

Thank you so much for your website! It really explains the Connective Tissue “Fascia”/Scar Tissue reasons for pain problems so often not known by most practitioners. After years of Doctor Visits, X-Rays, MRI’s (which showed nothing) and Failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery for “Repetitive Strain” pain problems in my Hands & Arms, your website is finally leading me in the right direction. God Bless you from Pittsburgh, PA. Mark W., Pittsburgh, PA

I went to Dr. Schierling for an adjustment after my low back “went out”. Since it was my first visit with him, we talked about my various areas of pain that I had been dealing with over the past 20 years. He told me his diagnosis, Piriformis Syndrome, and started educating me on what it was and the symptoms. He did the Tissue Remodeling Treatment and I saw an 85-90% improvement — immediately! I went back to be treated in other different areas to deal the the various aches and pains that I have had. My numbness and tingling in my arms that I had every time I grabbed the steering wheel is gone, my shoulder pain (that I received a steroid injection to the year before, with no relief of pain) is gone also. Thank you, Dr. Schierling,for showing me that I am not doomed to a life of aches and pains because of my age or my family genetics! You are amazing and I tell everyone about how you have helped me! Sheila Falwell, West Plains, MO

Thank you for this incredibly informative information that explains models of practicing medicine in layman’s terms. That alone is helpful to understand and gives insight into the formation of the stigma that many people who live with chronic pain sense.Debra, Adelaide, Australia

Hi Dr. Schierling,  I wanted to say thank you for your response earlier this morning. I was very surprised how quickly you got back to me and appreciate the time put in to the email. I really enjoyed reading so much information on your website and learned so much. I hope others who are having similar issues will find you and consider fascial adhesions as a possible cause. I wish other physicians that I had seen would have mentioned this as a possibility.  Happy Holidays to you and your family.  Warmest Regards. Natalie L, San Francisco, California (RN / Nurse Practitioner)

So glad that I found you. Leaky gut, gut imbalance, getting rid of
old viruses, eating a Paleo diet, all of what you talk about is what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months.  It ALL works. Your website has every topic that I want to read about. It took me 3 years of going to many different docs to finally find someone who understood it all…the parasites, candida, and herpes. If I lived closer to you, I’d come over just to hug you.
Annie from a blog comment on my site


We just wanted to thank Dr. Schierling treating the young women at On Time Ministry to help them repair some of the physical damage they have suffered.  We appreciate his support and expert care he extends to the survivors. Steve & Teresa Dunlap of ON TIME MINISTRIES for survivors of human trafficking, Mountain Grove & Houston, Missouri

I had the opportunity to visit Doctor Schierling.  Twice.  It was an 11 hour drive, and worth it. His method helped me so much. I still need work and he showed me how I can continue the progress on my own. What I can say, despite the fact that I am not yet a hundred percent healed, is that his treatment push me to a great position of healing. On top of that you gave me an understanding of what was going on just by working on my problem and that gives me the optimism that I will come out of my injury. Many doctors might ignore him now, but like the great minds that shaped history, I’m sure that his work will outlive most doctors of the present age. Elite classical pianist and producer for RT America, Hector Rivas, of Alexandria, Virginia

Many Thanks, (from Italy)

Hi Dr Russell, Thank you for your prompt reply and the recommended information.  I have been glued to your website all day. I appreciate all the information you have in there, it is extremely helpful.  Kind Regards. Bernie Fitzpatrick (ND), Health Shelf, Gold Coast, Australia

Most interesting and believable conclusions and information. Enjoy the writing style as well. Looking forward to your emails. Thank you for your work. Diane Balsara, South Florida

It is refreshing to read articles from someone that understands chronic pain and knows what they are talking about. Congratulations for the breakthrough in knowledge and willingness to share. Hannah Sandt, California

Thank you so much for your wonderful articles and information! I really enjoy how educational you are and how you speak on terms everyone can understand. Thank you for your contribution to the health community and all that you do!!Sincerely, Danielle Sankey, Houston, Texas

Thank you for all of your generous posts. Always timely.
Kristie Gagliano of BALSAQ, St Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Amazing information on your website. I wish your office was located in Michigan! Angela Stutso, Clio, Michigan

I really liked reading your site.  Great information and I have gathered it in bits and bobs from reading many articles… and here it is, all on one site.  Its a great shame that you are so far away.  Your site have given me hope.  All the best (I like your style).  Richard Fowler, UK

Finally someone talking a out fascia and its importance!!!!  Melody Marshall-Sievers, Baytown, Texas

Just read your paper on tendinosis. I was intrigued by what you were saying so I had my doctor send me my MRI results for chronic pain in the right shoulder. You wouldn’t believe it, I have tendinosis of the subscapular tendon.  I have had this issue for 20 years and tried everything.  Thanks for great article. I am much wiser.  Have a great day! Tony James, Australia

Hi, I just came across your site when I googled “supplements for fluid fascia” I’ve googled it a couple times in the past year with not really any results that have been useful. Today I just came across you and well, “I think I love you!”  I’m so excited to read more, I’ve only just begun on your site but I was inspired to let you know my first thought which was “I think I love you” lol Anyway, looks like you have a wealth of information so…….. Thank You!! D’Ann Forbes, Liberty Lake, Washington

Hello Dr. Schierling,  Reading your blog is like finding long awaited answers, that make so much sense.  Best, Daniel Bahata, Seattle WA

Thank you so very much for your sharing the information, videos and blogs on your website. I’m compelled to write this note based on your Blog LEVATOR TRIGGER POINTS AND A CHRONIC PAIN CASE HISTORY that I found thru a Google Search. I’m grateful for the thorough and interrelated information as I’m attempting to further understand my body. In brief: I value a holistic approach and although I’ve read many things related to and about neck and muscle injuries, this article in particular provided a sense of peace to me for several reasons, one being that I feel understood and validated as I read your patients testimonies. Blessings to you and your staff. Chelsea Greene, Waukesha, Wisconsin

I look forward to reading your newsletters. Thank you to my friend who connected me to this blog. Deb Gille, Machesney Park, Illinois

Good morning Dr. Schierling and team… Wonderful site.  Best wishes. Trish Lockyer, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

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