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can doctor schierling help me?

Is there another way to get from here to there that doesn’t take eight years?” 

I was asked this question by a prospective patient (a PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN) telling me about the thought process that helped him develop a unique method of teaching instrumental music that dramatically shortens the time it takes to become proficient with a violin, fiddle, cello, viola, etc.   The fact that I have essentially done something similar with the practice of chiropractic resonated with him. 

As you might imagine, he had been going through the very same things that THESE INDIVIDUALS had gone through — the promise that all it would take to fix his problem is lots of chiropractic adjustments (HERE) or therapy (HERE).

As of today, I am in my 25th year in practice.  One thing that I can tell you for sure is that when it comes to healthcare, change is the norm.   Despite the fact that governmental regulation and out-of-control bureaucracy have made certain aspects of practice more difficult and complicated (HERE, HERE, and HERE), the general principles of health remain the same. 

My goal is to help you tap into these principles to get out of pain and start the process of taking your life back.   For many of you, the process will be as simple as a visit or two to my office (HERE).  For others, it may require you to radically change your lifestyle (HERE).

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of Americans dealing with some sort of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE or CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, you’ll have to spend some time studying and pondering what it’s going to take to create a personalized EXIT STRATEGY (hint: your doctor has not been able to do this for you because he / she is not trying to ‘solve‘ your problem; just ‘MANAGE‘ it).

Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, the good news is that BECAUSE MOST DISEASE PROCESSES HAVE SIMILAR ORIGINS, one size fits most.  The bottom line is that if you are not doing something to deal with the INFLAMMATION that is driving your problem(s), sooner or later its effects will catch up with you — often in ugly and debilitating fashion.


First, let me tell you what a visit to Dr. Schierling does not look like —- a recommendation for visits to my clinic three times a week for six weeks, twice a week for three weeks, once a week for several months, and “CHIROPRACTIC MAINTENANCE” for the rest of your life. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is tremendous value in some degree of maintenance, whether we are talking about your car (mechanic), your teeth (dentist), your house (handy man), your soul (church), your body (the gym), or your spine (chiropractic). The problem is that most chiropractors have the definition of “maintenance” completely backwards.

Maintenance means that you are ‘maintaining‘ something —– i.e. taking care of it before it breaks — in the absence of visible symptoms / problems.   In my profession, “maintenance” is frequently not really maintenance at all because it’s the only thing that controls the pain.   Unfortunately —- JUST LIKE DRUGS — visit after visit after visit after visit of Chiropractic Adjustments are used to manage instead of solve.  Sometimes that’s all you can really do.   Sometimes, but not usually.

There are large numbers of people whose only real pain relief is through CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS (sorry; HYDROS, NSAIDS, and IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPRESSION don’t really count as ‘maintenance’).   Unfortunately, for a significant portion of this same group, the effects of said adjustments are short-lived.  For some of you, the adjustment might last a few weeks.  For many of you, it might only be a few days  — or even worse; a few hours (HERE).

What makes a trip to Doctor Schierling different?  And what does a visit to Schierling Chiropractic, LLC look like if you’ve never been here before? 

  • CONTACT THE OFFICE:  If you are considering becoming one of our OUT-OF-STATE OR INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS, you need to send me your history via our CONTACT PAGE.  This same page is where you can see what the clinic looks like and sort of kick the tires.  Otherwise just call Cheryl at (417) 934 6337 to make an appointment.  Walk-ins are always welcome and will be worked in as time allows. 
  • PAPERWORK:  Unfortunately, if you are coming in as a new patient, there will be some paperwork for you to fill out.  However, to make things easier, simply go HERE, print it out at home, and bring the completed forms with you. 
  • CONSULTATION & EXAM:  I will bring you back to my office, discuss YOUR PROBLEM(S), then examine you.  If I think I can help you, I will help you here and now.  If not, I will try and point you in the right direction (OFTEN LIKE THIS or maybe LIKE THIS).  If I am UNSURE, I will tell you that as well.
  • TREATMENT:  Whatever treatment(s) I do; in most cases my goal is to address the UNDERLYING CAUSE of your pain.  For most of you, that goal includes making an immediate here-and-now change (HERE are numerous examples of what I’m talking about).  Sometimes — particularly with acute problems — this is not possible (HERNIATED DISCS are possibly the best example of this). However, with most chronic, long-standing problems, you will know after one treatment whether or not my approach is going to benefit you.  This does not mean that a single treatment will necessarily provide the complete solution, but only that you will know whether my approach is helpful.
  • POST-TREATMENT:  Depending on what problem(s) you saw me for and what we did, I may send you out with advice from my website, EXERCISES, STRETCHES, NUTRITIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS, POSTURAL REHAB, HOW TO ADDRESS YOUR OWN BACK PAIN, etc, etc, etc (HERE is my clinic’s online checklist of handouts).  In most cases, I will not make you a follow-up appointment.  If you like what I do and feel it’s beneficial, fantastic.  Call me if and when you want to come back.  If not, that’s OK to.  I don’t claim to be able to solve everyone’s problems.   What I will do is go out of my way to help you in any way I can (example coming momentarily).
  • AS YOU LEAVE THE OFFICE:  Because our fees are so low — typically lower than most health insurance co-pays (adjustments are $35.00 and TISSUE REMODELING is $45.00) — payment is expected at time of service.  For new patients, there will be a $40.00 examination fee. If you have questions about anything else, just visit our FAQ PAGE.
  • OUT OF STATE OR INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS:  For those who are coming from great distances to see me (HERE), make sure to take a look at THIS PAGE as it will answer almost any question you could ask — other than “Can you help me with……..?” or “Who do you know that does the same thing in…..?

Things at Schierling Chiropractic, LLC are simple.  There is never a sales pitch.  And while I do carry a few WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS in my office, I do not sell them through my website.  Neither will you hear me chiding you for not coming to see me often enough, or that if you would just let me give you more adjustments I could solve all your problems.  Again, if I think I can help you, I will help you.  If I don’t, I won’t (HERE is an example). 

Below is a short transcript of an email conversation I had with a DESPERATE PATIENT earlier this week (I get so many of these — many in the form of “Blog Comments” over at DESTROY CHRONIC PAIN — that I cannot possibly answer them all).  If I do answer them at length (HERE are several), it’s in the form of a blog post so that everyone gets to share in it.

“Dr. Schierling, I had gall bladder surgery last February and never felt like I recovered from the surgery because I have had stomach problems every since. Shortly after, I got bile gastritis that made my stomach inflamed and raw.  I also ended up going to the ER one night with pain under my front ribs on both sides. The Dr. Immediately told me it was costochondritis and would heal itself within a couple months.  That was 10 months ago and the soreness of my ribs has only spread and now Drs have told me that’s not what I have.

No one knows what it is and I am so miserable. It has never hurt me when I cough or breathe deep. Now all across my front ribs hurt and at times I feel like there’s a tight band from my left side to my right side. Putting any pressure on any of my ribs in back also is very painful. When I have any extra stress at all, it gets worse and the band across feels tighter and all I can do is lay down with a heating pad which helps a bit but does not take it away.

Drs have prescribed me all sorts of pain medicines but none seem help in any way and I don’t like taking them in regards to not getting gastritis again with anti-inflammatory’s etc. I’m reaching out for any answers for this.  I could live my life the way I want to if I didn’t have this misery all the time.  It’s better at night when I’m sleeping, and when I first wake up to  start my daily routine it flares up immediately. 

It’s only gotten worse since it started last February and no Dr. I’ve seen has helped me figure it out. I’m so frustrated not knowing what is causing it and how I can get relief from it. I’m desperate now for answers or any ideas of what it could be. What test will show what’s going on in my rib cage.  I will so much appreciate any help you can give me! Thank you.”

Hello Jane,
Unfortunately, this is probably not something I can help you with.
Dr. Russ

“In response to my first contact form I didn’t go into all the details. Please read and see if this changes anything in regards to what you could possibly do for me.

My gall bladder surgery was due to it being inflamed. Then just short of a month later I got an inflamed stomach. Then my ribs started hurting and the Dr diagnosed me with inflammation /costochondritis which still hurts me daily. My abdomen has hurt me down my right side and all through the middle of my abdomen. I’ve had all kinds of test for that cat scans, mri’s, ultrasounds, x rays, gastropariesis test, ekg’s which all turned out with everything normal nothing was wrong. I’ve been in and out of the ER to no avail.  I saw a gastroenterologist for two years. Had two colonoscopy’s, two endoscopy’s  

A stool test last August showed C Diff bacterial infection-inflammation of my intestines. Multiple blood tests showed inflammation. After getting rid of the C Diff infection which took 3 months of 4 rounds of antibiotics I’m still suffering daily throughout my abdomen. All across my ribs and down my right side throughout the middle. I’ve had two additional surgeries. Appendix removal in 2010, C-section in 1999, then gall bladder Feb 2015. 

My Dr. told me after all the tests I’ve been run through, they have run out of ideas for helping me.  I’m so miserable still, something is wrong. I started feeling I was being considered a hypochondriac or something just complaining.  The truth is I’ve been through so much with medical Drs. And hospital ER Drs. That I’m not very trusting of them anymore. I’ve gotten no where with them helping me find relief from constant pain and misery in regards to all my inflammation.

I also have been dealing with nerves and nerve pain for 6 months on top of this. I have got carpel tunnel too. Was put on medicine for anxiety and depression and I don’t like the side affects of the medicine I have no genetics for anxiety or depression. As you can see I’m very very frustrated and don’t know where to find my relief. I’m a Mother to five children and am not able to function properly and of course don’t like to lay down in bed from pain and  misery during the day and suffer through making dinner etc. For my family. I try hard to not show how I feel to my children and my husband has a stack of Dr/hospital bills to pay and I’m still needed answers for relief.

I don’t sleep well. My joints started hurting. I feel stiffened when I walk. I feel like my abdomen is swollen and it protrudes. This is all due to lots of inflammation, and Drs have no answers for me since finding nothing with all the tests. I have zero energy.  I’m suffering day and night with my ribs and abdomen. I often cry from frustration. My husband will go to any length to get me better. Please reconsider if you can possibly give me any relief at all. I need some relief to at least function a little more than I’m able to now. I love my life and want to enjoy it with out all the suffering I’m going through at this time.

Thank you so much for your time and concern in reading my emails :)”

Hello Jane, I am pulling for you.   I am just not convinced that your problem is something I can help you with in my clinic.  However, I turned your letter into a blog post for everyone to share in (HERE). Sincerely, Russ S.


Pain Relief

As you might guess; in similar fashion to people who are desperate to LOSE WEIGHT, people struggling with Chronic Pain are easy marks for unscrupulous salespersons / healthcare providers. Earlier this week I saw a new patient (a woman) who came to see me because she had ‘tendinitis’ in her shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles.  Her doctors had run a bunch of tests on her and told her they could not find anything wrong, and that she was a hypochondriac. 

Unfortunately, her problem was not a bunch of localized problems but some sort of systemic problem — probably autoimmune (HERE or HERE).  If you have a systemic problem, your pain will not likely be fixed by adjustments, Tissue Remodeling, supplements, or other similar measures.  Plainly stated, it’s going to take some radical work on your part.

I also saw a man (Wed) who had been dealing with low back pain since eighth grade and NECK PAIN & HEADACHES for the past three years (as you might imagine, he had received a ton of chiro care and THERAPY both). After discussing his history and examining him, I did Scar Tissue Remodeling on his neck (a lot) and his low back (just a bit), adjusted him, and gave him THIS INFORMATION for his low back, and THIS INFORMATION for his neck and CHRONICALLY TRIGGERED trapezius muscles.  The difference was immediate and it was huge. 

Sure, he will probably need to see me a couple more times.  But there’s no rush.  I told him to call me when his neck, to which we completely normalized his RANGES OF MOTION, starts feeling tight again (Yes, I sent him out with a DAKOTA TRACTION DEVICE so he could get rolling on PHASE II). 

Simple.  Easy.  Inexpensive.  Other than the fact that my family never pays for my services, I promise to treat you like I would treat my own family.  PUTTING A GOLD BRICK IN YOUR HANDS.  It’s a pretty good combination.  If you are interested in looking at a few of the hundreds of testimonials on our site, HERE is the place to go.  If you are wondering what it might take to solve your particular problem(s), look no farther — it’s always a great time to TURN OVER A NEW LEAF.


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