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Scar Tissue Remodeling

Let me start by saying that it is likely that you do not really understand SCAR TISSUE.  Oh, sure, you know what a scars are — we all have them.  But understanding the serious implications of unseen Scar Tissue (the medical community refers to it as “FIBROSIS“) is important.  Scratch that.  If you have Chronic Pain of an UNKNOWN ORIGIN, it’s absolutely critical that you understand Scar Tissue if you hope to beat any of the numerous Chronic Pain Syndromes that are discussed on our PROBLEMS WE HELP page.  Why?  Because the medical community is still largely dealing with these and most other health problems from a PHARMACEUTICAL-FIRST model — a model that is clearly not working. 

When it comes to the Elastic, Collagen-Based Soft Tissues (LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, MUSCLES, and most particularly FASCIA), it is a well-established scientific fact that drugs do not help these tissues to heal better, stronger, or faster.  In fact, they typically inhibit the body’s ability to heal — sometimes rather severely.  If you are interested in the work I do in my clinic, you can read more about it on the following pages.


Scar Tissue & Tissue Remodeling Resources


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