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Vaccine Mandates & Religious Exemptions: An Open Letter to Missouri Legislators

Religious Vaccination Exemption

Unfortunately in many states, due to the enormous wall of disinformation, propaganda, gaslighting and defamation that the Federal Government, vaccine manufacturers and corporate media have erected, courts have yet to hear the news that the COVID-19 gene therapy-based vaccines do not prevent infection or spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and judges are blocking cases seeking compensation for arbitrary and capricious termination consequent to employee failure to comply with hospital, school, university and corporate COVID-19 vaccine requirements. -Dr Robert Malone, developer of mRNA vaccine technology, from his October 29, 2023 Substack article, Vax Mandates and Employee Termination: Arbitrary and Capricious

People were encouraged to look down upon and avoid the refuseniks even if they had natural immunity after a Covid recovery, which is stronger than vaccine induced immunity. Families argued. Congregations and musical groups were wrecked. Careers were trashed. Parents were divided from children and siblings from each other. Daily, Brownstone Institute receives emails from people pleading for medical contacts to grant exemptions. Our inbox is flooded daily with stories of people about to lose their jobs for non-compliance. The stories are truly heartbreaking and the prospect of bringing peace to these people’s lives has been bleak, simply because authorities have been so shockingly inflexible.  Meanwhile, the reports and fears of vaccine adverse events have only grown. -Economist, professor, author and President of the Brownstone Institute, Jeffery Tucker from March of 2022 (How Coercion Compromised the Vaccine)

Some approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by socioeconomic, corporate, and political interests, have undermined key pillars of ethical medical science. We explore significant mistakes that may have occurred in recent pandemic control, in order to better navigate the future. The pandemic, together with rollouts of unconventional, gene-based vaccine technology, has provided experimental opportunity to engineer social control of entire populations. The haste and scale of development, production, and distribution of these new pharmaceuticals is unprecedented in history. Key phase III clinical trials for these products are yet to be fully completed, despite administration to billions of people. Mass vaccination of workforces has been mandated, and vaccine mandates correlate with excess mortality. Many independent data sets concur – we have experienced a pandemic of viral illness, followed by a pandemic of vaccine injury. For Australia, matters have operated the other way around. Vaccination followed later by the main viral wave. Australian excess mortality data correlates with this. Neither risk nor cost can justify these products for the vast majority of people. Lack of efficacy against infection and transmission, and the equivalent benefits of natural immunity, obviate mandatory therapeutics. With the many gene-based pharmaceuticals planned, a new era of pathology lies ahead. We should pause, reflect, and reaffirm essential freedoms, welcome the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, embrace natural immunity, and lift all mandated medical therapy. -Cherry-picked conclusions of a study published in the Jan 2024 issue of Pathology: Research and Practice (Gene-based COVID-19 Vaccines: Perspectives in a Corporate and Global Context)

mRNA technology is a good fit for gene editing. We want to make these editing proteins for a short period of time to modify the genome. Producing the editing enzymes transiently helps to reduce the potential for off-target effects. -Pfizer’s Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, Seng Cheng (Rare Disease Research Unit) from an article found on their website, Unlocking the Power of Our Body’s Protein Factory

Show me the incentive, and I’ll show you the outcome. -Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s business partner

Okay okay okay, it’s just a little pinprick… There’ll be no more (ahhhhhahahhhh) – but you may feel a little sick… -Pink Floyd from 1979’s Comfortably Numb (The Wall)

There’s a question that’s always fascinated me – If certain vaccines work so well, why do they need to be mandated? And more to the point, why to they need to be mandated to, of all groups, healthcare professionals – those who understand ‘the science‘ better than anyone? Which leads me to wonder how many healthcare workers have taken the covid and flu vaccines under duress?


Although I doubt that accurate statistics even exist, I personally know scores of healthcare professionals who roll up their sleeves for no other reason than they are forced. Coerced. Do as you’re told or you’re fired! And at the end of the day, is there another option? After all, it’s impossible for the average tax-paying citizen to pay mortgages, doctor bills, insurances, kid’s colleges, light bills, car payments and put increasingly expensive food on the table if they don’t have a job.

(PART I) Religion as Related to Vaccine Exemptions: The Christian Ideal of Conscience

Does a “religious” exemption mean that the applicant must be part of a congregation with a written policy against vaccines? Absolutely not, and let me briefly explain why. Over the past two thousand years Christian theologians have written volumes about the conscience – the part of the soul that judges our thoughts, words, and deeds against the Word of God. My favorite definition comes from Father Parisi at Simply Catholic (What is Conscience?)

A properly formed conscience is essential to ordering one’s life toward the service of God, whose will has been clearly revealed in the Scriptures, the authoritative teachings of His Church, and the objective moral truths knowable to human reason from natural law.

Man is a being with a physical body and a spiritual soul. In his body, man finds himself incorporated into the physical universe. Consequently, he is subject to its inherent order and laws. In his spiritual nature, man reflects the image of God himself. Man mirrors the divine personality in his ability to think and to choose. By virtue of his human reason and free will, man can truly be said to have been “made in the likeness of God” (James 3:9).

Conscience exists as a faculty of the human soul. Conscience is fed and nourished, ordered and directed by what is presented to it in the rational ability of man to know objective moral truth — that is, to grasp what is truly good and what is truly evil. It does not exist apart from man’s intellect or free will. Contrary to some popular misconceptions, conscience is not the “source” of morality, but rather is its “servant.”

To Christians, the concept of conscience is paramount to all areas of life as well as to life itself. In 1st Timothy 1:19 the Apostle Paul connects faith and conscience to eternal life when he says, “Holding faith and a good conscience. By rejecting this, some have made shipwreck of their faith…” Paul expounds on this association by saying in the very next verse that those guilty of rejecting conscience are “handed over to Satan“. Fast forward 1,500 years to the great protestant theologian Martin Luther, who also wrote and preached extensively on the topic (HERE).

Although only a few sentences; in his most famous speech, delivered at his trial for heresy at the German city of Worms, Luther, knowing he would be excommunicated, imprisoned, tortured and likely burned at the stake for doing so, boldly proclaimed, “I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.

It’s obvious that Luther was not talking about his physical safety. Instead he was speaking of his spiritual safety – the salvation of his soul from eternal damnation – one of the Church’s foundational creeds; Christ saving believers from hell. This doctrine of grace-thru-faith (salvation) is important enough that Jesus himself made the following statement in three of the four gospels… “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Which begs yet another question – the question at the crux of today’s discussion…

What is it about taking certain vaccines (today’s discussion involves only covid, flu, and other gene-based products) that could possibly make some individuals consider it a violation of conscience? To put it another way, why does Missouri need legislation that would reinforce healthcare worker’s Constitutional right to a religious exemption – something that several surrounding states have already done (Kansas, Nebraska and Tennessee), and that Missouri is currently ‘sort of’ working on (I say “sort of” because the proposed legislation pertains only to Covid)?

If you stick with me to Part III the answer will become painfully obvious.

HHS issued a final nondiscrimination rule that partly rescinds a sweeping 2019 Trump-era “conscience” rule, clarifying the process for enforcing federal conscience laws in healthcare and strengthening protections against conscience and religious discrimination. -From MedPage Today’s Jan 9, 2024 ‘Morning Break’ column, discussing HHS Issues New Nondiscrimination Final Rule to Protect Conscience Rights

Today’s rule is another promise delivered by President Biden, working to strengthen conscience protections and advance health care, free from discrimination. The Final Rule clarifies protections for people with religious or moral objections while also ensuring access to care for all in keeping with the law. -Secretary of HHS, Xavier Becerra, from the document above

Let me preface Part II by saying that I am not an ‘antivaxxer‘ in any sense of the word. I am a defender of your freedom to choose whatever healthcare you deem best for you and your family. If you feel that certain vaccines are in your best interest, I’m thrilled for you. By all means, take them. In fact, take as many as you want. Just don’t try and foist them on me. After all, if these vaccines work as claimed, what difference does it matter to you whether I am vaccinated or not?

And specifically to those of you who would argue that vaccination mandates are in the interest of public health, just realize that the science/data in this arena continues to be a sea of shifting sand (HERE & HERE) manipulated, compromised, politicized, and even weaponized in ways that most of us can barely begin to comprehend. Manipulated? Compromised? Politicized? Weaponized? How, you ask?

We’ll get to the details momentarily but let’s first review the cherry-picked conclusions of a piece from the September 7 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (Accommodating Religious Objections to Vaccination Mandates—Implications of Groff v DeJoy for Health Care Employers) written by a pair of attorneys…

Health care organizations, however, should not count on courts to simply accept their assertions that a vaccination mandate protects patients. Vaccination policies that align with the best available scientific evidence are the most likely to protect organizations in court, while also protecting patients.


As I showed you in the previous two links, current vaccination mandates for healthcare workers are based on little more than the aforementioned assertions – as well as grift, greed and outright lies. The ‘science’ behind them is a house of cards, not founded on best evidence but on profit. The license to define what constitutes science and what constitutes anti-science goes to the highest bidder, earning corporations with the deepest pockets a ticket to pick & choose which ‘evidence’ to keep and which to discard (or totally erase).

A private three minute conversation is all it takes to figure out that one knows this better than healthcare professionals.

For 33 years I’ve had the privilege of treating untold hundreds of nurses as well as a significant number of physicians (not to mention techs and staff of all sorts), and I hear the chatter. Although many took the covid vaccines the first time around; due to facts laid out in Part II below, many will quit rather than again be forced to take gene-based vaccines (statistics for nurses / statistics for doctors). Scroll the links and let the magnitude of this imminent catastrophe sink in.


With the next pandemic being predicted by experts to be just around the corner (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE – including “Disease X” – a totally unknown disease that the government is already creating vaccines against), mass resignations within the medical community could will prove disastrous for those requiring hospitalization or other significant medical intervention.   It’s a disaster that could easily be averted.  All that’s needed is to answer the question I posed earlier:  If certain vaccines work so well, why do they need to be mandated against the religious beliefs of those who actually understand the science?

(PART II) Reasons Vaccines Could be a Violation of Conscience for People of Faith

THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION: In President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1961 FAREWELL SPEECH he warned the American people of a creeping new power – a power behind the power. The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. It’s unfortunate he didn’t warn us of the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX while he was at it (wait; HE ACTUALLY DID). Or the fact that sometimes THESE TWO ENTITIES BECOME ONE AND THE SAME (something WE KNEW back in early 2020).

Written into our nation’s Constitution is a Bill of Rights. The first of these Ten Amendments deals with freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to a free press; all three of which have been under assault since the earliest days of the pandemic. Nowhere is there a better example of this than the lawsuit brought against the federal government by Missouri’s then Attorney General, Senator Eric Schmitt (MISSOURI v. BIDEN).

MO v. Biden is my state’s attempt to push back against the weaponization of the federal government, including colluding with big tech to openly and brazenly censor any and all aspects of the covid narrative that don’t align with their OFFICIAL POSITION – particularly when it comes to SEARCH ALGORITHMS & SOCIAL MEDIA. Large natural health sites, INCLUDING MINE, were specifically targeted. Dissenting opinions, conflicting studies, or questioning the official narrative will earn you demotion into the nether world of CANCEL CULTURE.

It has been stated that in the modern operating environment, whose narrative wins is more important than whose army wins. -From a January 2023 article (The Narrative Policy Framework in Military Planning) published in Joint Force Quarterly

Everything the mainstream media (MSM) feeds us – their narrative – is run thru a filter. This “filtering” of information (aka censorship) has made writing this post a challenge. Despite being familiar with the material, much of what I was searching for has been hidden deep within the algorithms and buried underneath pages of “FACT CHECKING“. It’s there. But if you don’t know exactly where to look; or are not willing to scroll thru dozens upon dozens of pages of search results, good luck finding it. And even then…

We’ll delve into various aspects of censorship shortly, but let’s take a moment to discuss those who are trampling the Constitution….

LYING & GRIFTING GOVERNMENT HEALTH OFFICIALS: The PUBLIC FLIP-FLOPPING on all things covid by those in power is not only professionally embarrassing but has left the ECONOMY IN A SHAMBLES, DESTROYING TOO MANY SMALL BUSINESSES TO COUNT in the process. ANTHONY FAUCI is the unquestioned leader in this department – HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are examples missed by the mainstream’s fact-checkers.

Until forced by overwhelming evidence, Fauci couldn’t even bring himself to tell the public about covid’s real birthplace – a Chinese bioweapons lab (the Wuhan Institute of Virology) via indisputable gain-of-function (GOF) research (HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE); a conclusion reached early and often, EVEN BY ARDENT PRO-MANDATE PROGRESSIVES. Dr. Fauci continued lying even after his FOIA’d communications with FRANCIS COLLINS and other honchos at the NIH revealed they were doggedly trying to cover their GOF tracks from day one (HERE – click and scroll).

And now we learn that Fauci was funding his DEADLY GOF bat research in MONTANA and NORTH CAROLINA (especially North Carolina – HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE) long before China (HERE), as well as personally authorizing the funding for the brand new bat lab currently under construction in Colorado (HERE).

Regardless of how this virus made its way out of the Wuhan facility – accidentally or (gulp) intentionally – those hollering for mandates the loudest seem to be profiting from them the most. For example, the ever-disgusting Nobel Prize nominee, Peter Hotez (net worth; $35,000,000.00), may actually be a bigger shill than Fauci if that’s even possible as revealed in the SINGLE MOST TELLING FIVE MINUTES of the pandemic thus far. From a guy who’s received millions upon millions of dollars in research grants directly from Fauci’s pen.

After two days of testimony and 14 hours of questioning, many things became evident. During his interview today, Dr. Fauci claimed that the policies and mandates he promoted may unfortunately increase vaccine hesitancy for years to come. He testified that the lab leak hypothesis – which was often suppressed – was, in fact, not a conspiracy theory. Further, the social distancing recommendations forced on Americans ‘sort of just appeared’ and were likely not based on scientific data. -From the House Oversight Committee’s press release of Fauci’s January 2024 Congressional Testimony (Wenstrup Releases Statement Following Dr. Fauci’s Two-Day Testimony)

How glaring has this loss of credibility in the leadership of the public health sector – A SECTOR THAT’S BEEN SCAPEGOATING THE UNVACCINATED PUBLIC since day one – become in the eyes of the average citizen?

Proof that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NO LONGER TRUST OUR OWN GOVERNMENT HEALTH OFFICIALS concerning not only covid vaccines, but vaccines in general (or for that matter, HEALTH IN GENERAL) can be found in the dramatic increase in the number of parents opting their children out of all vaccines (HERE). HERE is a famously filthy example of why our collective mistrust may not unwarranted. Need more proof of the growing public distrust of our government institutions (HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE)?

Speaking of children, the CDC rebranded covid – a disease that for all intents and purposes had little to no effect on children (the ‘number to vaccinate‘ is 38,000) – as something akin to the black death. They took a disease that was, unless there were other serious and mitigating factors, mild or asymptomatic, inexplicably adding it to the list of childhood vaccines (HERE), knowing full well that there were significant issues with side effects, including death (HERE or HERE) – particularly in young fit males. Can anyone say MYOCARDITIS?

And as for future implications, who could even guess. The vaccine was rushed to market at “WARP SPEED“ by Trump and his ‘Covid Czar,’ Dr Robert Kadalec (HERE, HERE and HERE) despite the WARNINGS and despite even the slightest inkling of what a vaccine based on a novel gene therapy might do to people over the long term. Or for that matter, even the short term.

Before moving on to the next bullet point, let me gift you with the most telling “Trust-the-Government30 SECONDS of the pandemic – Canada’s PM, Justin Trudeau, addressing the United Nations via Zoom, and excitedly cluing them in that covid would be the perfect tool to springboard UN AGENDA 2030 (aka THE GREAT RESET) forward an entire decade.

Yep; numerous government leaders and so-called ‘ex-spurts’ have been floating on the proverbial clouds thanks to their….

VACCINE MANDATE-INDUCED POWER TRIPS: The numbers of government officials that created mandates for nations, states, municipalities, professions, etc, out of thin air is staggering – FORCED MASKING, FORCED CHURCH CLOSURES, closing down small businesses because Mal Wart is somehow safer or more “essential” than (insert local store-of-choice here ______________), VACCINATE OR NO COLLEGE, vaccinate or else, as well as LOCKDOWNS that did nothing to stop the spread of the virus but destroyed our collective health, the economy, and OUR CHILDREN in the process. I repeatedly warned that crashing the economy could produce results leaving people to yearn for the good ole days of the pandemic.

Arguably the worst of these mandate power trips was that in many parts of the world (China, Australia and New Zealand immediately come to mind, but Washington state and Oregon were working on it, along with NEBRASKA, NEW YORK and SEVERAL OTHERS), those who tested positive were sent to what could only be described as ‘covid concentration camps’. Although this info has gotten increasingly difficult to find, some of it is still around (HERE & HERE — and HERE is an amazing Pixar-quality cartoon on the subject).

But forget governments for a moment. Numerous NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) have at least as much power as similar organizations within government, frequently wielding it like a sword. And as for the fore-mentioned “power,” whether we are talking about government organizations or NGO’s, leaders of either persistently express an insatiable hunger for more.

The best example of an NGO power trip would be BILL GATES and the Gates Foundation.

Calling Bill Gates a philanthropist is like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a chef.-A commenter on THIS ARTICLE

It should at least elicit a raised eyebrow that one of the world’s richest individuals happens to be the biggest financial supporter and loudest cheerleader (HERE) for both vaccines and WORLD DEPOPULATION. HERE is an amazing (and totally “fictional” story that was published a couple weeks ago), and HERE and HERE are some receipts, with a GREAT FRONT PAGE from the WSJ. Don’t forget that the Gates Foundation was kicked out of several African nations and parts of India for supplying vaccines that outright killed large numbers of people; mostly children (HERE), long before the pandemic.

What do both governmental organizations and NGO’s have in common? Both swim in a self-manufactured ocean of….

PROPAGANDA, MISINFORMATION, DISINFORMATION & OUTRIGHT CENSORSHIP – STEERING THE EVER-CHANGING COVID NARRATIVE: The MSM, at the behest of both the government (see MO v. Biden) and their biggest source of advertising dollars (PHARMA), has looked suspiciously LIKE LOCK-STEPPING AUTOMATRONS (“which is extremely dangerous to our democracy“), while pushing THEIR VERSION OF THE COVID GOSPEL, providing THE ONUS for going after unbelievers.

Almost nothing they told us has proven true (and many of these bullets were known lies from day one)….

And in this Christmas season, don’t forget to send a card thanking the Obama administration for this mess – it repealed decades old laws that made government propaganda illegal (HERE & HERE), giving us what is now being widely referred to as the “CENSORSHIP INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX“.

The GASLIGHTING has gotten so bad that when I see a story addressed by the thinly-veiled army of censors otherwise known as FACT-CHECKERS, I tend to believe the story is more likely that not to be true, being sure to research it myself – particularly in light of what we learned just two short weeks ago from CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS (HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). Need an example? Simply do a search for “Covid Vaccine Miscarriage” and then compare it to the string of links I’ll give you shortly. If you fail to scroll (and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll), you will never get to the truth.

Allow me to briefly show you how this kind of censorship works (AS OPPOSED TO THE WAY THIS KIND WORKS). Because censoring the American people is illegal according to the Constitution, the government will frequently hire NGO’s – OR TECH COMPANIES – as proxies (hire them as in pay them with your tax dollars) to censor you for them. Or sometimes they bypass the tech industry and NGO’s altogether, using foreign governments to do what they themselves cannot legally do (HERE or HERE) – something we saw with the totally fabricated and discredited STEELE DOSSIER from our “ally” Great Britain.

What’s the result?

I did a search for “VAERS Pfizer fail to follow up on adverse events” because I had seen several recent articles on this very topic but could not remember where. For the record, VAERS has just under 100 employees whose job it is to follow up reports of AE’s. Pfizer has between 1,000 and 1,200 who are supposed to be doing the same thing in tandem with VAERS, which is, as you already realized, an almost perfect example of THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE.

Amongst the mountain of completely unrelated information dredged up by my search (crime rates in Branson was a real ‘head-scratcher‘) and government/MSM propaganda (including plenty of fact checks like THIS GEM from USA Today), I managed, after a great deal of scrolling, to find two relative articles; BMJ‘s brand new piece of investigative journalism – a short must-read (HERE), and something from the Western Journal revealing that the specific data base created for the sole purpose of reporting covid vaccine injuries stopped taking reports altogether back in August (HERE). But as for what I was actually searching for? Nope.

ADDENDUM TO ORIGINAL POST: It is Valentines day of 2024. You can see the results of searching for this article by its exact name on DDG & GOOGLE. My article is not indexed in the first 30 pages of results (300). Using search terms which are far more vague, but instead, using the Russian search engine YANDEX (Missouri Religious Vaccine Exemptions), my article comes up #1. I cannot take credit for this discovery. Australian blogger, Unbekoming, told me about it while INTERVIEWING ME.

Beyond censorship, the painful truth is that our leaders, both political and in the biomedical field (think Fauci and his ilk here), have no problem…

IGNORING BEST EVIDENCE’: The medical community loves to claim that when it comes to treating their patients, they only follow “EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE“. They pridefully invoke “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE” even after it’s embarrassingly obvious that the scientific evidence is not being followed in any way, shape or form – other than evidence of mountains of cash changing hands at various points in the process.

This dichotomy (PARTICULARLY WITHIN THE FIELD OF VACCINOLOGY) has become so glaring that many thought-leaders within the medical community are saying (some of them for over two decades) that that we’ve reached the point where it’s impossible to trust any biomedical research due to financial conflicts of interest (HERE, HERE & HERE). Although examples abound (HERE is a great overview), nowhere is this double-mindedness more blatant and in-your-face than with the annual flu vaccination.

My brother’s opinion wouldn’t count for much if he were just another Kansas rancher, which he is. But he also happens to be an ER doctor – an MD with 25 years of experience. HERE is his ever-relevant letter to the editor published almost seven years ago in a national journal for ER docs (read it, it’s short).

The government’s mandating of the ANNUAL FLU VACCINE had nothing whatsoever to do with “evidence”. It was about giving hospitals absurd amounts of federal (taxpayer) monies simply by having specific percentages of their employees vaccinated (HERE), with some of those dollars kicked back to those doing the mandating. You know; similar to the way Hunter’s been kicking back 10% to “Big-Guy Joe” since his days as VP (HERE).

Cochrane (formerly the Cochrane Review / Cochrane Collaboration) is considered by the medical community to be the pinnacle of meta-analysis – the process of taking large numbers of studies on a topic, crunching the data, putting it all together, and coming up with a “big picture” conclusion.

Cochrane is the group that for the past thirty years has concluded the following concerning masking to prevent RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS – they are totally worthless (something FAUCI HIMSELF CLEARLY STATED – just prior to mandating them; something I SHOWED YOU a year prior to covid). You can probably guess what Cochrane concluded yet again in their latest review of annual flu shots – HERE. I also covered this ground in TWENTY EVIDENCE-BASED REASONS RETHINKING THE ANNUAL FLU SHOT MIGHT BE IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.

You want me to show you how Big Pharma and Big Government are conning the American people?

INDUSTRY’S PURPOSEFULLY DECEITFUL USE OF ABSOLUTE RISK -vs- RELATIVE RISK: Although there are a myriad of methods pharma uses to fudge data regarding VE (VACCINE EFFICACY) – INVISIBLE & ABANDONED STUDIES being the biggest; just behind it is the all-to-common technique of confusing people with relative risk reduction versus absolute risk reduction (HERE & HERE). The cherry-picked abstract of the October 2021 study (Dangers of mRNA Vaccines) published in the Industrial Psychiatry Journal stated the following…

Anaphylaxis, antibody-dependent enhancements, and deaths, comprise the most serious side-effects… The biggest jolt, however, was the unfolding of the biases in reporting vaccine efficacy, as only the attractively high numbers of the relatively equivocal relative risk reduction were reported while keeping at bay the meager numbers of the more forthright absolute risk reduction.

If you value your family’s health it’s critical you understand how industry is gaming vaccine science, using purposefully-generated confusion between relative and absolute risk as a tool for making their ineffective products enticing. Reading THIS SHORT ARTICLE on VE of the annual flu shot should do the trick. Here are two short excerpts, the first concerning a personal conversation and the second concerning something I read on MedPage Today

A few days ago I was discussing the brand new Cochrane Review concerning flu shots in healthy adults with an ER doctor who has never been a fan of the shots.  He brought up an interesting point.  Even though the data of hundreds of studies since 1965, containing over 80,000 subjects, was crunched to show that the vaccine lowers a healthy adult’s chance of contracting flu from 2% to 1% (a whopping 1 percentage point), he rightly predicted that industry would claim that the unvaccinated group had 100% more flu than the vaccinated group (after all, two is 100% greater than one).  It’s like Mark Twain once said, figures never lie, but liars figure. 

Clearly, we as a medical profession have done a poor job of educating the public and gaining their trust, and trying to badger them into compliance only increases the distrust they have in medicine. I have to say I even had to rethink my support of the flu vaccine when I learned that the efficacy numbers used were misleading to the public.

Most assume that “20% efficacy” means 1 in 5 people would be protected from the flu – as do many of my fellow physicians. It took a colleague of mine to point out that it is a ‘relative’ risk reduction, which means you actually are only reducing the typical estimated 4% risk a person has each year, down to 3.2%. In other words out of 100 vaccinated people, 1 person (0.8%) would be protected from the flu if all 100 were vaccinated. 

What is more disheartening, and something patients are becoming increasingly aware of, is the fact that the ‘flu deaths’ reported are actually ‘flu-associated’ illnesses…..

The final sentence reveals yet another of the dirty little secrets of the annual flu vaccine industry – the vast majority of flu symptoms are caused not by influenza, but by non-influenza viruses (HERE). I could write a book on this particular topic but we need to move on. But before we do, allow me to give you a few examples of industry using purposefully-generated confusion between relative risk and absolute risk during the PRESS RELEASE advertising campaign for their product (“Safe & Effective!”).

In November 2020 for example, Pfizer published results in a press release claiming its mRNA vaccine was “95% effective against COVID-19.” The statistic was widely cited by politicians, academics, and the media. Several weeks later, when details of the trial were published, it became evident the ‘relative risk reduction’ of 95% corresponded with an ‘absolute risk reduction’ of only 0.84% – a far more conservative number which was never publicly promoted. The way in which the statistic was communicated to the public was likely to have distorted people’s perception of the vaccine’s benefit and increased their willingness to be vaccinated. -Maryanne DeMasi from her Substack (PFIZER SUED FOR “FALSE & DECEPTIVE” COVID 19 VACCINE CLAIMS)

Omitting absolute risk reduction findings in public health and clinical reports of vaccine efficacy is an example of outcome reporting bias, which ignores unfavorable outcomes and misleads the public’s impression and scientific understanding of a treatment’s efficacy and benefits. Furthermore, the ethical and legal obligation of informed consent requires that patients are educated about the risks and benefits of a healthcare procedure or intervention. -Dr Ronald Brown from a study published in the March 2020 issue of Medicina (OUTCOME REPORTING BIAS IN COVID-19 VACCINE OUTCOME CLINICAL TRIALS)

It is imperative to dispel any ambiguity about how vaccine efficacy shown in trials translates into protecting individuals and populations. The mRNA-based Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were shown to have 94–95% efficacy in preventing symptomatic COVID-19…. It means that in a population such as the one enrolled in the trials, with a cumulated COVID-19 attack rate over a period of 3 months of about 1% without a vaccine, we would expect roughly 0.05% of vaccinated people would get diseased. It does not mean that 95% of people are protected from disease with the vaccine – a general misconception of vaccine protection. -From Dr letter to the editor – he authored the study being discussed (WHAT DOES 95% COVID-19 VACCINE EFFICACY REALLY MEAN?) in the Feb 2021 issue of Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Misinformation is defined as “false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead”. One of the consequences of misinforming the public that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine efficacy is very high is the expectation that the vaccines will protect people from severe infections, hospitalizations, and death… Furthermore, “the mRNA vaccine clinical trials were not powered to address severe disease,” nor were the trials “designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths”. Additionally, healthy people were enrolled in the clinical trials—but in order to test the clinical endpoints of severe infections, hospitalizations, and death, participants selected for a clinical trial should have a higher risk of these conditions than healthy people. -Dr Ronald Brown from RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION: MISINFORMATIVE MEASURE IN CLINICAL TRIALS AND COVID-19 VACCINE EFFICACY, published in the November 2022 issue of Dialogues in Health.

Although there are numerous other influencing factors on measuring true VE (underreporting being one of the biggest) another dirty little secret that industry wants you in the dark about is the fact that we have entered a new era of vaccine technology – an era characterized by….

VACCINES THAT ARE NOT VACCINES: mRNA vaccines are not vaccines at all. The FDA realized this and subsequently CHANGED THE DEFINITION prior to the Moderna & Pfizer roll outs. Vaccines utilize germ-based antigens (virus or bacteria) that are injected into the body to create an immune response in the form of antibodies. With the covid vaccine, mRNA is injected, which tells your own body to make a portion of the SARS-Cov2 virus (the spike protein) so that your immune system can make antibodies against it. By definition, this is an autoimmune response – an intentionally-induced autoimmune response.

What have scientists known for decades? Once people develop autoimmunity – an immune system that starts attacking self – they are likely to develop any number of autoimmune diseases (HERE). The public at large, conned into taking a HASTILY-DEVELOPED and VIRTUALLY UNTESTED gene therapy, has been part of A GIANT EXPERIMENT, the results of which cannot be surprising once one understands the consequences of repeatedly “BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM” (see earlier link on Peter Hotez).

But there is still another consequence of this repeated “boosting”….

ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT (ADE) & ORIGINAL ANTIGENIC SIN (OAS): Although it goes by many different names – including “VACCINE EXHAUSTION” – I wrote a post on this very topic almost two years ago (HERE). The vastly oversimplified explanation is that the more doses of any specific vaccine you take, the less effective it is. HERE and HERE are examples that concern the annual flu vaccine (phenomenon that have likewise been observed with covid vaccines – again, see earlier link to Peter Hotez).

Studies (PLURAL or HERE) have been reporting since 2021 that VE for the covid vaccine is actually negative, meaning the vaccinated have a greater chance of contracting covid – simply because they were vaccinated (HERE). Let’s enter the time machine and look back at what my friend, Dr Alex Vasquez (physician, chiropractor, naturopath, educator, researcher, vaccine expert) said about a study that was published in the September 2021 issue of the European Journal of Epidemiology (Increases in COVID-19 are Unrelated to Levels of Vaccination Across 68 Countries and 2947 Counties in the United States).

This data from 68 countries and 2,947 American counties shows that more vaccination correlates with more cases of Cv19 infection; this is exactly opposite to the ‘policy narrative’ but consistent with WHO statements that ‘A vaccine on its own will not end the pandemic‘.

Just in case you were not aware, human trials are now underway for the Holy Grail of annual flu vaccines – the “universal flu vaccine”. Because you are probably already wondering; allow me to answer before you even ask… Yes, IT IS AN mRNA VACCINE. Speaking of mRNA vaccines, realize the a massive effort is underway by industry promoting…

CONVERSION OF ALL VACCINES TO THE mRNA PLATFORM: Until the FDA changed the definition of “vaccine” shortly after the rise of the pandemic (HERE), injected mRNA was considered “GENE THERAPY“. Due to the fact that it is much easier and cheaper to produce mRNA than culture germs in eggs or monkey tissues (SV40), industry’s plan is to convert all vaccines, both old AND THE 300-500 CURRENTLY IN R&D, to the mRNA platform.

Although the following list of links proves this beyond the shadow of a doubt, I could have provided enough to keep you reading for weeks – HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Moderna is preparing to launch 15 mRNA products in the next 5 years. Up to four of those could come by 2025. Review of Moderna’s publicly available R&D pipeline indicates that indeed, there are 4-5 different mRNA vaxxes for flu in late stages of development, another one for RSV, then different combos of flu-Covid+RSV, etc. -From Sasha Latypova’s Feb 2024 article, Moderna is Planning Another Covid Campaign Starting April 2025

The biological product safety disaster is readily apparent, however, the efforts and resources spent on mRNA platforms is so great, the entire enterprise has become too big to fail. Moderna has 31 mRNA vaccines in their pipeline. You can see how mRNA companies flush with federal contracts would lobby government officials and those working in the public health sector to keep mRNA concerns under wrap as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down and they prepare to convert conventional vaccines to mRNA… -From Feb 2024 article from Dr Peter McCullough, COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Coverup Attempts to Preserve Deep mRNA Pipeline

UPDATE: The mRNA vaccine platform may turn out to be a passing fancy. This is because there’s brand new technology on the horizon – iDNA (immunization DNA), which when taken, forces your body to make the entire germ; not just a fragment such as Covid-19’s spike protein (there are currently EIGHT CANDIDATES currently undergoing testing), “CONTAGIOUS VACCINES” that spread thru populations just like germs, and sa-mRNA; vaccines that are “self-amplifying” self-replicating. And this is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

Many of these vaccines actually involve purposefully-induced/genetically-induced (mRNA) autoimmune reactions against specific enzymes or other proteins, with no real idea how to tame the volcano. Current research indicates that this vax pathway is likely a dead end due to the inability to control them. -Writing about the newest of the nearly 500 vaccines that were in R&D back then, in my March 2015 blog post, Vaccine Wars on on the Horizon

Although we employ the terms “vaccine” and “vaccination” throughout this paper, the COVID-19 mRNA products are also accurately termed gene therapy products (GTP’s)… Due to the GTPs’ reclassification as vaccines, none of their components have been thoroughly evaluated for safety. The main concern, in a nutshell, is that the COVID-19 mRNA products may transform body cells into viral protein factories that have no off-switch (i.e., no built-in mechanism to stop or regulate such proliferation), with the spike protein (S-protein) being generated for prolonged periods, causing chronic, systemic inflammation and immune dysfunction. -From the January 2024 issue of Cureus (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign)

More vaccines means more mandates to pay for them, likely leading to increased numbers of….

OVER-EXAGGERATED EPIDEMICS & PANDEMICS: Unfortunately we all know people who died with covid. The truth, however, is that despite the pandemic’s severity, it was not nearly as severe as we have been led to believe. That’s not my opinion, it’s what uncensored data continues to show (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are a few of too many links to count). And for those familiar with the debate, the proof that the Spanish Flu of 100 years ago was infinitely worse than covid can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

Speaking of data, it’s critical to realize that one must pay attention to actual statistics, not unreliable (and often times outright deceitful) computer models (HERE, HERE or HERE) or intentionally incomplete / hidden government data bases (HERE). Which begs yet another question.

Why might healthcare facilities and officials OVERESTIMATING numbers of covid cases or deaths be a legitimate concern? Easy – and it should terrify you should you need hospitalization during the next pandemic dujour. The government FINANCIALLY INCENTIVIZED all aspects of covid in a manner that could only be described as extremely lucrative to the healthcare industry at large (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are some examples).

Never ever discount the attraction of big greed to big money (HERE).

On a similar note, an array of studies and data analysis have shown that a significant amount of excess mortality WAS CAUSED by – surely you cannot be surprised – the lockdowns themselves (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE). Furthermore, we saw that nations (Sweden for example – HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE) or specific people groups (the AMISH for example) that went about life as normal, clearly had/have the least excess mortality. Which nation had the worst covid outcomes? Easy. ISRAEL – the single most covid-vaccinated nation on the planet (HERE). Interestingly, Japan was on course to be like Sweden — that is, until they imposed US-like policies ABOUT A YEAR IN.

In all honesty, the massive over-hyping of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) was seen 2 decades ago with the massive over-hyping of SARS-CoV-1. Speaking of hype, no matter which channel you watch, the news is all about hype. Even before the MSM became the propaganda arm of the federal government (SEE OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD), “news” was all about ratings. To put it plainly, hype sells.

When it comes to hype, here’s a covid-related story that hasn’t gotten nearly enough of it…

VACCINE CONTAMINATION: In June of this year, Human Genome Project leader Dr Kevin McKernan, discovered, quite by accident, that both the Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines are contaminated with hundreds of thousands BILLIONS of times more DNA than allowed by law. This has not only been verified by at least a dozen teams of scientists from around the globe, but just a few weeks ago was verified by Health Canada, the government organization overseeing the nation’s healthcare system (HERE) as well as OUR VERY OWN FDA. Feel free to (insert one: laugh / cry / vomit ___________) as you scroll the related fact-checking (HERE).

Furthermore, as we recently learned, the two companies intentionally hid this fact from government regulatory agencies. The icing on the cake is that the source of the DNA contamination is due to, AMONG OTHER THINGS SUCH AS GENETIC CODING FOR SILK-WORM HYDROGELS – one potential reason for large numbers of POSITIVE D-DIMER TESTS – something known as SV-40 (SIMIAN VIRUS #40).

Oddly enough it’s the exact same strain of CANCER-PROMOTING monkey-based genetic material that earned notoriety for contaminating the polio vaccine back in the late 50’s and early 60’s (HERE — Mckearnan knows because he sequenced it). And as of the FIRST OF THIS MONTH, there is actually a peer-reviewed study on the topic – not to mention the anecdotal evidence of an explosive growth in cancer cases (HERE & HERE) that could probably be called a pandemic in its own right (this evidence is no longer “anecdotal” – HERE).

In what’s possibly the most interesting disgusting part of this story; AS PREDICTED, the fact-checkers who initially poo-pooed these findings switched gears, saying that yes, there is genetic contamination from SV40 in the covid vaccine… But darn it, stop making such a big fuss. It doesn’t matter because we all know how safe the vaccine is! I guess they failed to read THIS RECENT REPORT from a pathologist…

I found literally hundreds upon hundreds of fact-checks like THIS BEAUTY FROM POLITIFACT trying to cover for the government and pharmaceutical industry (BUT I REPEAT MYSELF) in an unapologetic tsunami of lies that have yet to be retracted. This despite a growing number of scientists calling said story “THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC OF OUR TIME“. If you want a nice overview from a renowned investigative reporter, read THOU SHALT NOT ADULTERATE (PART II).

And it was not just simian (monkey) DNA that was found in the vaccines, there was also DNA from RANDOM PROTEINS as well as plasmids. The earlier-mentioned study contained these conclusions concerning the 27 random vials of vaccine that were tested. “These data demonstrate the presence of billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose in these vaccines. Using fluorometry, all vaccines exceed the guidelines for residual DNA set by FDA and WHO of 10 ng/dose by 188 – 509-fold.” While you dig into what this potentially means for vaccinated individuals (HERE & HERE), realize that it might be worse than it appears on the surface.

Might the mRNA vaccines be contaminated with something even more sinister, more freaky and more obviously intentional?

NANOTECH IN mRNA VACCINES: The October 2022 issue of the Journal of Drug Delivery Science Technology published a study titled Towards Novel Nano-Based Vaccine Platforms for SARS-CoV-2 and its Variants of Concern: Advances, Challenges and Limitations. Below is the CHERRY-PICKED abstract. As you read the highlighted sentence be aware that there are numerous discussions taking place within the biomedical community of doing away with “shots” altogether and vaccinating by other means, including GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD SOURCES sources (both plants and animals), mists that could be delivered a hundred different ways, patches, and even so-called “CONTAGIOUS VACCINES” just to name a few (HERE).

Vaccination is the most effective tool available for fighting the spread of COVID-19. Recently, emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 have led to growing concerns about increased transmissibility and decreased vaccine effectiveness. Currently, many vaccines are approved for emergency use and more are under development. This review highlights the ongoing advances in the design and development of different nano-based vaccine platforms. The review also focuses on the possibility of using alternative non-invasive routes of vaccine administration using micro and nanotechnologies to enhance vaccination compliance and coverage.

One of the most sinister aspects of using nanotech in vaccines has to do with self-assembling / self-organizing micro-machines, the building blocks of which are known as QUANTUM DOTS. Although it would be easy to write quantum dots off as science fiction (despite them winning 2023’s NOBEL PRIZE FOR CHEMISTRY), the government database for biomedical research (PubMed) contains OVER 35,000 STUDIES ON THE TOPIC. German MD/Ph.D, Anna Maria Mihalcea’s studies have been at the forefront, revealing that QD’s are not only found in many vaccines, but in numerous common medications as well.

In one of her recent articles she looked at dental anesthesia, showing microscopic footage of quantum dots forming themselves into what appears to be microchips (it’s less than 2 minutes long – START AT THE TWO MINUTE MARK). As a side note, Dr Mihalcea has been at the forefront of warning about something known as “The Internet of Bodies” or “The Internet of Things” – the concept of humans, livestock, pets, and every conceivable kind of technology being interconnected to each other as well as connected to the internet (5G or greater) via nanotech (HERE).

Her findings are eerily similar to discoveries by a group of Spanish scientists from the University of Almeria almost three years ago in unopened vials of covid vaccine, as outlined in my article IS THERE GRAPHENE IN THE COVID VACCINE?. Arousing further suspicion are Klaus Schwab and Noah Harari of the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization that arguably has at least as much power as the UN, who speak and write excitedly and incessantly about TRANSHUMANISM – the melding of mind, body and machine (nanotech).

For more on this topic, read Jon Rappaport’s brand new article, THE 2017 VACCINE STUDY THAT SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT DOWN THE EMPIRE or this NANOTECH OVERVIEW from the British government (the author of the latter link has mountains of info on his site concerning NANOTECH IN VACCINESOR HERE). When it comes to vaccine contamination, we unfortunately can’t stop here because there is still another way that all vaccines are being contaminated – intentionally contaminated…..

VACCINE ADJUVANTS: All vaccines contain adjuvants (HERE & HERE) – substances used to intentionally induce INFLAMMATION (an immune system response). This is because injecting germs alone does not typically induce a “robust” antibody response. Although NANO-GRAPHENE is the “adjuvant of the future,” the most common vaccine adjuvant being used currently – often referred to as “THE UNIVERSAL ADJUVANT” – is the highly neurotoxic element, aluminum. The late Dr Hugh Fudenberg (MD/Ph.D – Immunogeneticist) was one of America’s truly elite and most-published scientists. That is, until he started publishing studies on vaccine adjuvants, proving that CANCEL CULTURE is nothing new.

Could there possibly be another way that vaccines are contaminated. Of course there is, and you should be familiar with the surrounding debate….

FETAL CELL LINES ARE USED IN THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF ALL TRADITIONAL VACCINES: Nothing, and I mean nothing, provides a bigger or better reason to grant religious exemptions to those working in a field where forced vaccination policies are considered normal than the topic of this bullet point. Although it was intentionally covered up for decades (and to a large degree still is), it’s no longer open for debate whether fetal cell lines from aborted babies continue to be used in the manufacturing process for numerous all non-mRNA vaccines. HERE are the results of a web search – simply skim titles.

For Christians, this issue goes back to a foundational theological premise known as IMAGO DEI — the fact that all humans, as Father Parisi earlier stated, are created in the Image of God. And may God help the babies of those pregnant women – not to mention their MOTHERS…. (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE).

Let’s take a look at yet another of the numerous reasons Missouri needs to legislatively protect religious exemptions for certain vaccinations / gene therapies…

SPIKE PROTEIN FROM COVID INFECTION -vs- SPIKE PROTEIN FROM THE VACCINE: A search on the differences between spike from covid and spike from vaccination yields enough results to keep you reading for weeks. The problem is that virtually all of them say the same thing, there is no difference – they are identical. The reality is that this is simply not true, as stated in a July 2023 article from Stanford University (mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Differs From Viral Version)…

A Toxic Possibility; A number of reports have flagged that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein may be toxic even on its own – say if released as debris from a shattered viral particle. Contact with the spike protein appears to damage endothelial cells, which line every blood vessel in our body, including hundreds of billions in our lungs. If spike proteins are toxic, wouldn’t a vaccine that causes our cells to make them be toxic, too? Could the mRNA vaccines directed at SARS-CoV-2 trigger a deluge of that protein into the bloodstream, where it could wreak havoc with heavily vascularized organs such as the heart, intestine and, of course, lungs? 

Every passing day reveals that the answer to the question above is yes (which the author above denies); which goes a long way toward explaining what we are seeing all around us. Take, for instance, the massive review (Spikeopathy: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA), revealing that spike protein is indeed more harmful. In fact, the seven Australian authors argue that spike protein from the vaccine is far more toxic than spike protein from infection…

“The COVID-19 pandemic caused much illness, many deaths, and profound disruption to society. The production of ‘safe and effective’ vaccines was a key public health target. Sadly, unprecedented high rates of adverse events have overshadowed the benefits. This two-part narrative review presents evidence for the widespread harms of novel product COVID-19 mRNA and adenovector DNA vaccines and is novel in attempting to provide a thorough overview of harms arising from the new technology in vaccines that relied on human cells producing a foreign antigen that has evidence of pathogenicity. This first paper explores peer-reviewed data counter to the ‘safe and effective’ narrative attached to these new technologies… This paper reviews autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological, potential oncological effects, and autopsy evidence for spikeopathy. With many gene-based therapeutic technologies planned, a re-evaluation is necessary and timely.”

There are too many studies to mention attesting to the same thing – some of them from of all places, the American Heart Association and their official journal, Circulation as well as others (HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE). The reason this distinction is so critical to grasp is because when it comes to myocarditis, the fact checkers always tout rates as identical for both infection and vaccination. This is patently untrue. I have yet to personally hear of anyone who’s developed myocarditis from covid. However, I personally know several who developed it from the vaccines.

At the end of the day, I would argue that I have already proven my point. But some of you may need to see more receipts proving that….

VACCINES CAN BE DANGEROUS: The harsh reality is that despite what you may think or what you heard on the six o’clock news, legally speaking, THE mRNA COVID VACCINES REQUIRED NO SAFETY OVERSIGHT (PART II). In fact, none of the dangers we are addressing today started with the pandemic. They have been brewing since THE EARLIEST DAYS OF THE MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, well over 100 years ago.

As an actively practicing clinical cardiologist for many years in three different communities, I knew about myocarditis. I just never saw it. Quite literally… -Attorney / Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr Thomas Levy, from his Jan 2023 article, Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common

The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex has maintained one of the strongest false narratives throughout the pandemic… The public health agencies, big tech, regulators, academic medical centers, vaccinated authors and editors, have all maintained that heart damage from the vaccines is “rare” “mild” “transient” and “quick to resolve.” The world has seen something quite different. Heart damage appears to be common. Symptoms including chest pain, palpitations, and effort intolerance are frequent. Most concerning, there is an epidemic of cardiac arrest, unexplained death, and insurance claims for younger employed workers since the vaccine rollout in 2021. -Renowned Cardiologist, Peter McCullough from his Jan 2024 post, 18,204 Myopericarditis Cases from mRNA Vaccines December 2020 through March 2022 in VAERS

“Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported… Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of ‘problem’ drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed.” -Cherry picked from 2010’s HARVARD-PILGRIM / HHS STUDY or (Electronic Support for Public Health – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System: VAERS)

Over the past three-plus decades, studies have shown that AE’s (adverse events) associated with vaccines are underreported to the proper government authorities and watchdog agencies such as VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) by a factor of (gulp) 100 (HERE). Or according to some studies, DOUBLE THAT (MIT-trained engineer, Steve Kirsch and biostatistician, Dr. Jessica Rose calculated it conservatively, using an underreporting factor of ONLY -4,100%, while HALLIGAN’S CALCULATIONS showed it to be 80). The dirty little secret is that underreporting AE’s is so prevalent within both the medical research and treating communities that it’s earned its own special name (drumroll please) UNDERREPORTING.

Three-plus decades of studies have shown that an absurdly low number of physicians have ever reported to VAERS over the course of their careers. In fact, if you actually know one you’re way ahead of me – and I’m the guy that’s been asking since 1990; back when few doctors even knew it existed. What does underreporting do? It makes dangerous vaccines appear far safer than they really are (HERE, HERE or HERE). But the situation is actually worse than it appears on the surface thanks to revelations in the BRAND NEW PAPER from the British Medical Journal.

It’s telling that Pfizer (under the protection of the government) petitioned the courts to prevent the release of their safety data (not making this up) UNTIL 2096, by which time everyone reading this will be dead. Be sure to have that barf-bag handy if you look at THE LIST of 1,200 reported AE’s (as well as THE NINE MISSING PAGES of AE’s) that Pfizer was forced to release by concerned judges – AE’s that STUDIES were already starting to address from THE PANDEMIC’S EARLIEST DAYS. And all the while, new revelations of PFIZER’S EARLY AND ONGOING FRAUD continue coming to light.

What’s doubly sickening about all of this – and a major reason Missouri needs to legislatively protect religious exemptions for healthcare workers – is that by the time the vaccine came out, many – probably the majority – of healthcare workers had already had covid, meaning they had natural immunity. Contrary to anything you read or hear, NATURAL IMMUNITY provides far better immunity than a vaccine could ever hope to provide. It’s an honest to goodness “no-brainer” (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE) – something that officials have always known but lied about FROM DAY ONE. For a so-called ‘expert’ to claim otherwise is proof of stupidity, brainwashing, ulterior motives or all of the above.

Nope; natural immunity wasn’t good enough for the powers-that-be; powers that were making money hand over fist.

Instead of performing ANTIBODY TESTS that would reveal natural immunity – real immunity – they ran billions upon billions of PCR Tests; a technology that inventor and NOBEL PRIZE WINNER KERRY MULLIS, warned was worthless as a diagnostic tool for viral diseases thirty years ago (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE). No matter the result of the test (including MYRIADS OF FALSE-POSITIVES), they vaccinated anyway, which in the field of immunology has always been CONTRAINDICATED / CONSIDERED DANGEROUS – until Covid.

But try finding that information on our censored internet now; although it can be found on MOST VACCINE WARNING LABELS and many studies in the field of veterinary medicine – particularly in the work of DR VANDEN BOSSCHE, a veterinary immunologist. I watched a SHORT VIDEO last evening that featured an immunologist referring to this phenomenon as “Immunology 101“.

Possibly the most sickening aspect of Covid vaccine ‘DANGERS‘ is just how early they were being called out – extremely early in the pandemic – via the aptly named SPARTACUS LETTER and GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION among others. We’ve also watched the EARLY WARNINGS about young males developing myocarditis (heart inflammation) continuing to be covered up (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or MANY LINKS).

But in all honesty, can we be surprised? After all, corona viruses are not only one of the original bio-weapons of our modern era (THE MODIFICATION PROCESS STARTED OVER SIXTY YEARS AGO) but the single mostweaponized germ of this era as well. Because the specific genetic modifications are always patented, one of the easiest ways to determine whether or not Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) was engineered or naturally occurring is simply to look at the patents (HERE, FREE BOOK & A SHORTER VERSION, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE – many from ‘progressive’ sites).

And for those who actually believe that covering up dangers of vaccines (LIKE CANCER) is something new, I HAVE THIS BRIDGE in Brooklyn I’d really like to sell you! But it only gets worse; the covid data from New Zealand, LEAKED BY A WHISTLEBLOWER, proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that officials knew how dangerous the Covid vaccine really is (HERE and HERE), and why they worked so hard to hide it. And now we learn of the coverup and subsequent investigation TAKING PLACE IN ITALY. Oh; and why isn’t the MSM discussing THE RESULTS of the three recent Korean studies?

The supposed safety of these vaccines brings to mind the public backtracking by RSV vaccine inventor and paid vaccine spokesman, Paul “for profit” Offit, who, in an effort to prove how safe they are, once offered to TAKE 10,000 VACCINES AT A SINGLE SITTING – and then turned around and DECLINED THE COVID BOOSTER. It’s all about the coverup (HERE, HERE & HERE) and always has been.

Speaking of coverups, due to a blatant design flaw (HERE or HERE) the NOBEL PRIZE WINNING PAIR OF SCIENTISTS should’ve known why probably knew why had to have known why (see “design flaw” links above), the mRNA vaccines could dramatically affect recipients health in a negative fashion. It’s because they have now been shown proven to create….

AUTOIMMUNITY: If you follow my site you know I’ve written extensively about AUTOIMMUNITY. Plainly stated, one is considered to be in an autoimmune state when one’s immune system starts attacking self. And herein lies the problem. From their initial release we’ve known that mRNA covid vaccines lead to autoimmunity. And now we know why. We finally understand the mechanism.

Vaccine research in turn rarely considers the possibility that their target protein or adjuvant might cause problems. For example, one of the longstanding issues with vaccines is that the proteins they try to train the immune system to attack partially match normal proteins within the body, and as a result, autoimmunity is a frequent complication of vaccination (THERE IS EVEN A TEXTBOOK ABOUT THIS). -From the Substack of the “Midwestern Doctor” (The Perils of Vaccinating When You Are Infected)

I was recently scrolling thru studies, when a paper published in the Feb 2022 issue of Frontiers in Immunology caught my eye (Are there Hidden Genes in DNA/RNA Vaccines?). The study pertained to the manner in which something known within the scientific community as “frameshifting” could lead to the “translation [creation] of undesired proteins“.

This would not have elicited as much response from me excepting the fact that one of the most brilliant biostatisticians on the planet, Dr Jessica Rose, just published AN ARTICLE concerning a similar study from the medical journal, Nature – a study that many are calling the single most important piece of research on covid vaccines to date. We’ll get there, but let me first give you the definition of frameshifting as provided by the government’s Human Genome Research Institute (or HERE is a short visual example that’s even better)…..

Imagine that you are reading a great mystery novel. When you get to an important part of the plot, you find that a chapter of the book is missing, either torn from the book or not printed correctly. Because the chapter is missing, none of the following parts of the book make much sense. For DNA, a missing segment can cause the cell to effectively stop reading from that gene. The consequences depend upon the information stored in the part of the genome where the problem occurred. If the gene performs a critical function, a significant medical problem can result.

The study’s authors went on to reveal that according to their calculations (and CONTRARY TO PREVIOUS STUDIES), somewhere between a quarter and one third of the vaccinated population’s bodies are being directed to make these aberrant (mutant) proteins, instead of simply making spike protein. Why should we care about these these abnormal, useless, and “random” proteins? Simple; because they can lead to autoimmunity. Allow me to explain.

A normally-functioning immune system sees these circulating mistranslated / random proteins for what they are, foreign invaders. And doing what it was designed for, the immune system will create antibodies against said proteins. However, continually RAMPING UP ONE’S IMMUNE SYSTEM to battle random protein fragments is bad enough but what can potentially happen next is worse; much worse.

Depending on where and how the genetic code for manufacturing the spike protein is mistranslated, the resultant protein might be a close enough match to one of the millions of proteins which make up the structure (anatomy) and/or function (enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc) of your body so that your immune system starts to attack one or more of these as well. In other words, your immune system begins to attack self.

For example, let’s imagine that one of these aberrant proteins resembles the myocardium (the lining of the heart). Your body may decide that ATTACKING THE MISTRANSLATED PROTEIN IS NOT ENOUGH and begins attacking its own myocardium. Can anyone say AUTOIMMUNE MYOCARDITIS – particularly egregious when said condition IS LINKED TO THE COVID VACCINE by numerous studies? It’s doubly egregious considering myocarditis affects virtually all mRNA-vaccinated individuals to varying degrees as seen via THIS SCIENTIFIC PAPER from the journal Radiology (and HERE are some studies on the topic as well).

Not only is the potential for mistranslation of the genetic instructions for making spike protein almost endless, but we’ve seen the poisoned fruit of THE GOVERNMENT’S VACCINATION CAMPAIGNS from the very beginning (HERE), despite industry continuing to gaslight the public as seen in this recent piece from the journal Science; mRNA Vaccines May Make Unintended Proteins, But there’s No Evidence of Harm. Don’t forget; unless your doctor links your autoimmune condition to the vaccine and reports it to the proper government agencies such as VAERS, it is not counted in any statistics (see previous bullet point).

What’s telling is that both studies discussed – studies that were done two years apart – addressed the need to do something about frameshifting and referred to the resultant mutated proteins as potentially dangerous / toxic (even though the MSM CONTINUES CALLING IT A NOTHINGBURGER). In case you need more info on this topic (or heaven forbid you were one who came down with post-vaccination autoimmunity), HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are a few of hundreds.

Due to outcomes LIKE THIS it’s becoming become impossible to hide…..

THE MASSIVE “UNEXPLAINED” INCREASE IN EXCESS MORTALITY GOING ON TODAY: Pandemics cause a large initial uptick in excess mortality (deaths over and above baseline averages) due to the dramatic increase in death rates of society’s two most vulnerable groups; the FRAIL ELDERLY (yes, it’s an actual medical term) and those with large numbers of comorbidities – sick people of all ages (diabetes, overweight/obesity, heart disease, etc, etc). History has shown us that because of this, once a pandemic ends, mortality rates drop dramatically – often to rates well above pre-pandemic (a negative rate of excess mortality).

Or at least they should.

Oddly enough (AND TOTALLY UNLIKE THE THIRD WORLD), what we are currently seeing across the Western world, where vaccination against covid was prevalent, is that despite the pandemic being over by every significant indicator, excess mortality of all causes (ALL CAUSE MORTALITY – not just covid-related deaths) continues to soar (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & A MASSIVE OVERVIEW of the subject with hundreds of links).

And what’s most incredible is that few in the MSM are asking questions – particularly egregious considering the way this phenomenon can adversely affect certain groups in ways that can in turn affect us all (examples concerning airline pilots, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE).

Not surprisingly, the group that seems to be most interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery is the life insurance industry (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE). But the MSM? Ignore, deflect and accuse. And when you can no longer do any of the above, send in the fact-check army. In case you need more evidence of excess mortality, ATTORNEY JEFF CHILDERS, ONCOLOGIST, WILLIAM MAKIS and DR MARK CRISPIN MILLER bring the gruesome receipts on a regular basis (HERE is Childers’ most recent). Even Peter Hotez jumped into the fray recently, REPORTING on those who continue “dying suddenly” for seemingly no apparent reason – an all too COMMON PHENOMENON these days.

What’s important to remember in all of this is that as we saw with “HOT BATCHES” of the DPT vaccine that was used for decades, we’ve known from the beginning of the pandemic that certain lots of Covid vaccine were likewise “hot” (HOW BAD IS MY BATCH DOT COM) – something proven by a BRAND NEW STUDY as well as a RENOWNED BIOCHEMICST and discussed recently vaccine-injured comedian, JIMMY DORE (or HERE or HERE). And whether intentional or not, these hot batches seemed to predominate in lesser-populated red states as opposed to heavily-populated blue states (HERE). And yes, A GREAT DEAL of this non-covid excess mortality has been occurring in children.

Before we move on to the final bullet point, we need to discuss one more aspect of the cover-up, and why, with literally trillions of corporate dollars staked on the pandemic, this particular element had to happen….

COVERING UP EARLY AND/OR PREVENTATIVE NON-VACCINE COVID TREATMENTS: If government, industry and media were going to team up to promote MONEY-MAKING TREATMENTS, including a highly profitable vaccine (which BTW is the TEXT BOOK DEFINITION of fascism), the first thing they would have to do is destroy the credibility of other valid forms of treatment – especially those treatments that are inexpensive and prophylactic or preventative. Although VITAMIN D, a known immune system modulator, may be the best of the lot (and don’t forget the SALINE LAVAGE and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIETS), Ivermectin was not only the most demonized but arguably the most widely utilized.

Often recognized as the drug having history’s greatest impact on human health other than penicillin, Ivermectin was vilified by the FDA in their now infamous Livestock De-wormer Campaign (“You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.“). Without an the Emergency Use Authorization, pharma’s trillion dollar covid vaccine empire could never have happened. According the the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products and Related Authorities page of 2017, “For the FDA to issue an EUA, there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” 

If you want to understand how science really works, you’ll need to look at one of the most-viewed (and most-suppressed) stories of the pandemic – DR TESS LAURIE’S OPEN LETTER TO ANDREW HILL. Ivermectin, a dirt-cheap Nobel Prize winning medication with an extremely low side effect profile, was on the cusp of being approved for use in the UK. That is until Dr Andrew Hill nixed it at the last minute without providing an explanation.

Despite brutal government backlash, there are scores of doctors promoting the same message as Dr Laurie, including DR PIERRE KORY VIA HIS BOOK (which was just made into a must-watch TWELVE MINUTE DOCUMENTARY). There’s also the definitive website on the science behind using Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment, which includes the results of 100 studies by 1,100 scientists, with over 137,00 patients from 28 countries (HERE or the short summary HERE). Oh; and let’s not forget the large numbers of studies showing “dangerous” Ivermectin’s anti-cancer properties (HERE or HERE) from an oncologist. Joe Rogan even got in on the act, CALLING OUT CNN’s medical director, Sanjay Gupta, on his show for lying about the benefits / safety of Ivermectin. And finally, HERE is a nifty scientific overview.

As we prepare to leave this bullet point, ask yourself a simple question concerning yet another coverup of a similar medication…

Why was President Trump savaged at the beginning of the pandemic for calling attention to hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2)? After all, HCQ, an inexpensive repurposed anti-malarial medication (similar to quinine) had proven almost 20 years ago to be the only VIABLE MEDICATION against SARS-Cov-1, out of thousands tested. In fact, as attested to by MSM outlets, our government had stockpiled (gulp) over 60 million doses to be used in case of a corona virus pandemic (HERE, HERE & HERE) before a study funded by the Gates Foundation CLAIMED IT WAS A KILLER DRUG. Oh right, I forgot… Because his last name happened to be Trump (HERE).

Instead, public health officials promoted dangerous and ineffective drugs like REMDESIVIR (which may be even more pathetic than the similarly pathetic antiviral, TAMIFLU) or Pfizer’s Paxlovid; a drug whose claim to fame is that it as often as not causes relapse back into active covid (HERE). Want to learn the truth concerning these meds? Forget following the science – it’s too easily manipulated. Follow the money instead.

Speaking of money, we cannot leave without briefly discussing…

THE LOOMING CLASS-ACTION ARMAGEDDON: What did they know and when did they know it? This question was made famous during the Watergate Investigation into President Nixon’s spying on the opposing party (WHICH IS NOW CONSIDERED PERFECTLY FINE). Likewise, this question strikes at the very heart of whether on not there is legal precedent for covid-related lawsuits and liabilities (HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE).

Even though there are now any number of APOLOGISTS advocating for FORGIVENESS / AMNESTY for the government officials and (ahem) ‘EXPERTSWHO WREAKED WORLDWIDE HAVOC during the pandemic via their damaging mandates, including targeting thousands of physicians that were viciously attacked by their State Medical Boards (CHARLES HOFFE, MERYL NASS, PIERRE KORY, PETER McCULLOGH, TOO MANY OTHERS TO MENTION), I think that THIS IS TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. Doubly true as we learn that fraud nullifies pharma’s EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), which many are saying was never valid to begin with (HERE).

With everything you’ve read so far representing about 1% of the evidence proving that legislation protecting religious exemptions is desperately needed, I have yet to mention the buzz on the world wide web concerning THE IMPENDING GLUT OF LAWSUITS. Lawsuits HOVERING OVER THE COVID INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX like vultures lined up and anxiously waiting for the possum on the side of the highway to stop twitching (HERE & HERE).

There have already been several such suits that the government lost (LOS ANGELES SCHOOL BOARD / NYC MANDATES come immediately to mind), and TEXAS is the first state to get in on the act by suing Pfizer for passing of adulterated / contaminated vaccines to children (see earlier bullet point). Believe me when I say that this is the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg (HERE).

I just read that one of the major class action firms hired 3,000 readers to comb through STUDIES, DATABASES, GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS, PATENTS, FOIA’d material OF ALL SORTS, CDC MEETINGS, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS, and who knows what else. It was Florida attorney Jeff Childers (author of the brilliant Substack, COFFEE & COVID) who recently stated in an interview that the vaccine mandate lawsuits were going to start with the colleges & universities, moving on to municipalities, government organizations / NGO’s, big pharma, and yes, even hospitals (HERE is a list of attorneys if you have been physically or financially injured by covid mandates).

If you want to better understand the NATURE OF THESE LAWSUITS, you will have to scroll thru dozens of titles to get to the meat; realizing that at the end of the day most of them ARE RELATED TO THIS PHENOMENON. I am not a fan of lawsuits but let me share with you the motivation for penning this open letter…

(PART III) Why Missouri Needs A Law Protecting Religious Vaccine Exemptions – Up Close and Personal

A patient of over 25 years, an RN I’ll call “Sally,” recently sat down with me to relate her story of being terminated as a travel nurse at a large KCMO hospital on November 1st of this year – not quite three weeks ago.

As would be expected, this hospital has a company-wide religious exemption policy for all employees, co-written by their CEO and chief legal counsel. Not long after being hired as a traveler Sally found the hospital’s online “Influenza (Flu) Vaccination PolicyEffective/Revised Date: August 1, 2023“. Because it was password protected (for employee eyes only), she made both a hard copy as well as a digital copy “just in case”.

The “Scope” of the Written Policy specifically includes “contracted personnel, including agency” among those who are allowed to apply for and be granted exemptions, stating the following….

As a condition of employment… all of the company’s co-workers (regardless of work location)… must receive an annual influenza vaccination or possess an approved exemption (only the hospital’s co-workers, credentialed medical staff, contractors, volunteers, and students are eligible to participate in the exemption request process).To be compliant with this Policy, co-workers, physicians and other personnel covered by this Policy must… Comply with the designated exemption process and obtain an approved medical or religious exemption… as described in this Policy. If the exemption request is not approved, the individual must receive the influenza vaccination by November 1.

The Policy ends thusly….


As per dated digital communications, Sally turned in her exemption request on October 11th and it was approved by the hospital on October 17th. Fast forward to the last day of last month – Halloween 2023…

Even though Sally had been told by everyone she dealt with at her hospital (via both verbal discussions as well as digital communications; text and email) that her religious exemption had been approved and was both valid and current, a company that performs outsourced (“off-site“) management services for her hospital contacted her nursing agency at the proverbial “11th hour” – October 31, 2023, with the following message…

All, Please note that for anybody listed below that reads they have an approved exemption from XXXXXXX, that is not correct. XXXXXXX does not allow exceptions for agency workers. We need to know ASAP if Sally and Roger will be obtaining this or if they will be canceled effective tomorrow. Please advise right away as we need to communicate their intentions with the managers on site. Regards, [name redacted by me]

What makes this story even more ridiculous is that three weeks prior to her termination, Sally was offered, after only one week of work, a contract extension. The exchange below shows just how much her hospital was thrilled with her job performance.

FROM HER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY on Wed, Oct 11 at 3:26 PM: Hey Sally! I hope things are going well so far! I just wanted to let you know that your hospital already has an extension offer for you and they are asking to let them know by Friday (this is crazy to me because you just started last week) but let me know if this is something you are interested in and if you would like for me to send a request over!

SALLY: I don’t know this soon. I would probably be able to make that decision within a couple more weeks.

FROM HER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY on Wed, Oct 11 at 6:45 PM: Fair enough, I agree with you on this and will let them know.

Recall that earlier that same day (Oct 11th) is the date Sally, a brand new employee, applied for a religious exemption to the organization within the hospital tasked with monitoring vaccine compliance and granting exemptions as per the hospital’s written policy; HospitalVaccines….

From: Judith@hospital_religious-exemption.com
Date: October 11, 2023 at 3:18:23 PM CDT
To: SallyMae1553@gmail.com
Subject: Request for Religious Exemption from Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
Reply-To: Judith@hospital_religious-exemption.com

Your exemption form has been received. You will be notified by email of the decision soon.

Six days later Sally received this email informing her that her exemption had been approved…

From: Judith@hospital_religious-exemption.com
Date: October 17, 2023 at 10:04:02 PM CDT
To: SallyMae1553@gmail.com
Subject:Request for Religious Exemption from Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
Reply-To: Judith@hospital_religious-exemption.com

Your request for a religious exemption from the seasonal influenza vaccination has been approved.

Please remember, regardless of your exemption status, you are still required to register online at https://HospitalVaccines.com with the hospital’s vendor, HospitalVaccines (Enter access/org code 007). With an approved flu exemption, beginning November 1 through March 31, you must wear a surgical mask (or an N95 mask if a tight-fitting respirator is required for the co-worker’s position or specific job function). The mask must cover both nose and mouth during the influenza season when present at Mercy facilities.

Sally contacted her employment agency a week later to let them know, via a forwarded email from HospitalVaccinations, that she had been approved for a religious exemption….

From: Sally <SallyMae1553@gmail.com>
Date:October 24, 2023 at 3:30:11 PM CDT
To: ABCTravelNursingEmploymentAgency.com
Subject:Fwd: Request for Religious Exemption from Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

Begin forwarded message: Your request for a religious exemption from the seasonal influenza vaccination has been approved.

Her nursing agency, acting as a go-between, had written Sally to let her know that the earlier-mentioned outside administrative agency was demanding she get vaccinated “regardless of the approved religious exemption from the hospital.”

So, on the 27th of October Sally had an email conversation with the head of HospitalVaccines to verify her exemption. As you might imagine, although confused by the opposing messages she was receiving, she was extremely relieved to be told, unequivocally and by the person who is actually in charge of the process (or supposedly so), that her exemption was indeed valid and that she would not have to go against her conscience and religious convictions and be forced to get a flu shot.

It’s important to realize that Sally did not know, nor could she have had any way of knowing from emails and texts, that that this outside management entity denying her religious exemption was not even part of her hospital. She did not learn until the correspondence from October 31 that her termination was coming from an off-site management company that was not even in the same state, nor was it affiliated with her employment agency.

Below is an email conversation showing why Sally had every right to be befuddled by the contradictions she was still running up against.

This is what the manager of HospitalVaccines sent her when she sought clarification about her religious exemption – from the part of the hospital whose only job other than making sure everyone is properly vaccinated, is to actually approve and grant religious exemptions.

For the record, when Sally writes that “my agency has been telling me that I have to get this [flu vaccination] and that it was contingent upon me signing my contract” this is simply not true. Sally and I poured over her contract and it says no such thing – not even something close, something that might be misconstrued as such…

—–Original Message—–
From: Sally <SallyMae1553@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2023 11:48 AM
To: Judith@hospital_religious-exemption.com
Subject: Flu shot

Hello, my name is Sally Jones. I am a traveling RN at this hospital. I just went down to Hospital Vaccines to get a flu shot and they told me that I had an approved religious exemption. My agency has been telling me that I have to get this and that it was contingent upon me signing my contract. I was told earlier by Hospital Vaccines that they just recently started allowing travelers to do religious exemptions for the flu shot. Could you call my agency and explain the situation to them? Although I haven’t gotten anything in writing saying that I am required to get the flu shot, my agency has been telling me that someone in the hospital is saying I am required to have it regardless of the approved religious exemption and regardless of the hospital’s written policy. Basically, I need to know if I am going to be canceled if I don’t receive the flu shot. I’ve been getting two different answers from multiple sources for the past couple weeks. I would appreciate a timely response on this as it’s due the 31st if I am required to have it. I will include my recruiter contact info in this email.

From: Hospital Vaccines <HospitalVaccines@HospitalVaccines.net> Date: October 27, 2023 at 11:37:09 AM CDT To: Sally <SallyMae1553@gmail.com> Subject: RE: Flu shot

Hi Sally,
We do have an approved religious exemption on file for you through our corporate exemption process. You do not need to receive the flu shot with an approved exemption on file. If there are additional questions on your exemption, you can reach out to HospitalVaccines@HospitalVaccines.net or Judith@hospital_religious-exemption.com. I hope this help. Thanks,
Judith Montrose, RN/BSN
Manager – HospitalVaccines

If I included all the communications (which space does not allow) you would see that the situation is even more egregious than it appears on the surface…



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