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Censorship of Natural Healthcare Websites

Censorship of Natural Health Websites

Although I grew up in the KANSAS FLINTHILLS and spent my summers working on the large family farm between McPherson and Hutchison, I also spent some time in Tulsa, where my grandmother lived. As a young child it was not uncommon to see hippies and flower children congregating in THE PARK a few blocks from her house.

The counterculture — the early “progressives” — were unabashedly anti-big government, anti-war and anti-corporation. As they grew older they grew gardens, shopped at their local health food stores, and were more likely to HAVE THEIR BABIES AT HOME. On top of this, they were all about healthcare choice, meaning they were often at the forefront of pushing back against FORCED VACCINATION POLICIES.

But something changed……..

Those who back-in-the-day were the most vocal with their protests and sloganeering (Make love not war, Don’t trust the man, Give peace a chance, My body my choice, and Don’t censor me) have inexplicably flipped that narrative on its head, becoming some of today’s biggest supporters of the very policies they would have fiercely rallied against back when they were growing their hair and burning their bras — America’s PROXY WAR against Russia in the Ukraine, COVID VACCINE MANDATES, and censorship of anyone or anything they disagree with.

Censorship? In America? Absolutely!

Today you are going to see how it happened. Allow me to pull back the curtain, showing you that our federal government and industry/huge corporations (in this case BIG PHARMA, “Big Tech” — Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others) have become a single and unified entity; the very definition of the political system known as fascism. The end result has been the in-your-face censorship of websites advocating natural health, including mine.

Cancel Culture and Censorship

My initial reaction to seeing the world wide web for the first time? I thought it was ridiculous.

In the summer of 1995, Amy and I had taken a GOLDWING TRIP to Nashville to see a buddy I grew up with in Kansas (dual engineering degrees from Kansas State University as well as a computer expert). He was eager to show me AL GORE’S NEWEST INVENTION known as ‘the internet’. As we looked up a few of the earliest websites, my reaction was probably obvious. “Really?” They were little more than text on a colored background, and maybe a grainy picture. Logging on was done via a dial-up connection, and the time it took to load a single page was measured in minutes.


Thanks to MOORE’S LAW; by Y2K I had come to the realization that I probably needed a web presence for my practice, paying a company a monthly fee for a generic site that looked exactly like every other chiropractor’s generic site. It wasn’t long before I decided that in light of the growing number of cut-and-paste DIY word processor-like site builders hitting the market (no coding necessary, and many were free), I would simply build my own (MY FIRST EFFORT & MY SECOND).

My site is different than most in that I do not really sell anything on it and never have. What is its chief thrust then?

Although I do not practice FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, a couple of decades ago I became intrigued and started attending seminars, purchasing books, and combing through mountains of studies. What I discovered while investigating biomedical research will not surprise you. Although there is a lot of very cool research coming out of the medical community, THERE IS A CHASM separating the research side of that community from its practice side. And even though medical practice is supposedly dictated by “BEST EVIDENCE” (aka Evidence Based Medicine or EBM) the reality is that financial considerations RULE THE DAY.

I also realized, however, that a great deal of this research could be leveraged to help people help themselves regarding their health. Thus, a typical post on my site involves either breaking down an individual study so that lay people can understand it, or breaking down a topic according to the body of ‘evidence’ on said topic (Considering THE META-ANALYSIS published a couple weeks ago, I was waaaaaay ahead of the curve with THIS OLD POST). What has always been my endgame?

I want to help those suffering from CHRONIC PAIN or CHRONIC ILLNESS help themselves. I try to make suggestions manageable so that number one, they don’t cost an arm and a leg to implement; and number two, they can be done in a timely fashion. The goal is to see people’s mindset change from one of HELPLESSNESS (what can my doctor do for me?) to one of EMPOWERMENT (what can I do to help myself?). HERE & HERE are examples that come immediately to mind.

As far as the nuts and bolts of my site are concerned, let me say up front that I have very little knowledge about how any of that works. I enjoy creating content, but detest every other aspect of the process. After moving from my Destroy Chronic Pain site on WordPress to my Doctor Schierling site on Weebly simply because it was easier to use (someone should beat me for that), I eventually moved back to WordPress because Weebly did increasingly stupid things (HERE is one example of many). To get from Weebly back to WordPress I hired a local individual whose area of expertise involves migrating data across platforms for big corporations.

What was most interesting about the process was what he said about my site as we were meeting for the first time…….

He had never seen a site so “outside the box,” with zero SEO (search engine optimization) get so much organic traffic and explosive growth. He showed me reason after reason after reason after reason why my site should have been doing poorly. He was shocked that I ranked #1 on a number of Google searches (something to do with BUTT PAIN & “FASCIA PROPRIOCEPTION” are two that I recall off the top of my head), and first page on dozens of others. I guess that I was the textbook example of the concept Google was promoting at the time; “content is king“.

Honestly, I was stupid and naive — naive to actually believe that generating web traffic was easy — a given. Kind of an if-you-build-it-they-will-come sort of thing. That bubble was about to burst and bring be back to reality. Just as I was getting ready to monetize the site, the peaches rotted and the cream soured.

Coincidentally, my data migration was completed right about the time that Google and their brethren decided to change their algorithms to not only censor natural websites, but bump or favor those sites promoting official government and industry narratives. I thought that this individual and his brother (both are honest to goodness web gurus) had screwed something up as I watched my numbers plummet, although they assured me that everything was working exactly as it should. Because none of us realized that there was a systematic censorship program that had recently kicked off, I was told that if I got back to creating content, the traffic would all come roaring back.

It did not…..

I had readers contacting me to say that even though they were subscribed to get new posts in their Facebook feeds or inboxes, it wasn’t happening (this phenomenon is widely known as “shadow-banning“). Due to many circumstances I became increasingly busy with other projects, including spending every spare minute available helping clean up the neglected farm that Nic & Mic had purchased. I found myself writing less and less; eventually all but totally giving it up because I knew that few people would see it anyway.

And then someone — thanks David P — sent me an article written by Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo that had been published on Lew Rockwell; a libertarian site I sometimes follow (HERE). I am honestly not sure why I was not more aware that this was taking place.

Could it have been…… Censorship?

Ji’s article led me to start researching; quickly coming to the realization that the biggest natural health websites (sites with tens of millions of visitors a day — I am not in that category) were being censored by 90% to 99%, with several approaching the mythical 100% mark. The industry standard, Mercola.com, was actually being censored by an almost unimaginable 99.99%, meaning that for every ten thousand visitors his site used to draw, it was now getting (gulp) one.

Love him or hate him, Mercola became number one not only because his site contains mass quantities of well done and relevant content, but because twenty five years ago he had the foresight and vision to see the internet not for what it was, but for what it would someday become — a very different reaction than mine.

Going after natural healthcare is not even remotely a new idea in America (HERE), and was the status quo at least 100 years before the internet was even dreamed of. Today’s censorship does not remove said content from the web; it means that algorithms are finagled so that certain topics or sites don’t show up in searches. Or worse yet; said searches take you to sites that only tout the government / big pharma narrative.

Rather than me go thru all the technical details of big-tech’s intentional and concerted censorship campaign of the natural health community, I am going to let some of the heaviest of its heavy-hitters do it for me. For the record, I would not endorse every position the owners of these sites take concerning health (or anything else for that matter)…..

Articles on Censorship of Natural Websites

IMPORTANT NOTE: A critical point to remember is that this censorship is not taking place in a vacuum. It is being done at the behest of our federal government, including Joe Biden himself. In case you are wanting to fact-check this, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE will provide a starting point. In fact, just days ago, the administration called for outright censorship of anyone questioning their energy policies (HERE).

  • Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, has been at the forefront of telling the world about the censorship of natural health websites, which has resulted in his removal from virtually every major social media platform, including FB, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and others. HERE is a post with a list of his recent posts on the subject, and HERE are the results of a search of posts from his site that involve censorship.
  • Joel Cohen of the massively popular (and very cool) site, Self-Hacked, wrote an incredible (and technically detailed) explanation of how the censorship was done and how it has affected his site (HERE). Joel also provides a nice graphic of which sites have been hit and how badly (HERE).
  • Because he is the undisputed top dog in the world of natural health sites, Dr Mercola’s traffic was attacked so ferociously by the censors that he started REMOVING HIS CONTENT two days after publication; attempting to take it down before the bots could find it and drop him even further in the search algorithms. AMERICAN THINKER & LEW ROCKWELL have both published articles on the subject. So has Mercola himself —- if you can find them (send them if you have the links).
  • Dr Josh Axe, a Nashville TN chiropractor with one of the larger natural health websites on the planet, was likewise hit with the censorship sledgehammer, being removed from numerous platforms, including FB (HERE). As a side note, the company founded by he and Jordan Rubin produces their collagen powder supplement right here in Mountain View, at the old pork plant next door to Brown’s Feed Store.
  • Although not anti-vaccination in any real sense of the word, Robert Kennedy Jr wound up becoming one of the most vocal opponents of America’s vaccination policies. Years ago, during his days as an environmental activist, he was warning about MERCURY TOXICITY in the water supply. After numerous mothers began approaching him at his rallies telling him that their children had developed symptoms of mercury poisoning after receiving their shots, he grudgingly began looking into it, quickly coming to the HARSH REALIZATION that there was a massive coverup taking place. HERE is an article concerning the censorship of his site.
  • Mike Adams, AKA “Health Ranger,” (a Lawrence KS native) is a bit over-the-top for my tastes (particularly his videos). However, not only has he, like Mercola, been around for a very long time (for years his site rivaled Mercola’s), his site was censored long before those mentioned above (HERE & HERE). Mike, however, took the bull by the horns and created his own YT-like video-sharing platform (BRIGHTEON) to escape the censorship.
  • While STEVE KIRSCH does not have the the kind of massive web presence we have been discussing; as far as exposing the truth about covid (both the plandemic itself and the vaccine), few have done a better job (or earned as much of the censorer’s wrath). He not only put together a team of world renowned experts — academics, statisticians, mathematicians, scientists and physicians — but continues to offer a million dollars to anyone whose team is willing to debate he and his team in a live, publicly televised forum. Let me mention that Kirsch, along with numerous others; JESSICA ROSE, ROBERT MALONE, PIERRE KORY, ALEX VASQUEZ, and thousands of others have moved to SUBSTACK to avoid censorship (thus far Substack has refused to censor).
  • While it’s not a website per se, rampant and unbridled “Fact Checking” — a tool used almost exclusively by the previously mentioned ‘progressives‘ — shows who’s behind 99% of this dystopian phenomenon (HERE). Lest you think I am being unfair, simply look who is running fact-checking sites (whom they are being funded by — see previous link — including the Biden administration’s Orwellian “DISINFORMATION BOARD“). Whenever I see fact-checking I almost have to assume that whatever is being fact-checked is true until I have a chance to look into it myself.

There are too many others to list here — way too many. To find more articles on the subject, simply look at the list Joel Cohen compiled and search them one at a time, with the word “censorship“.

Constitutional Considerations as Related to Censorship

Constitutional Considerations of Censorship of Natural Healthcare Websites

Brilliantly, the United States Constitution was created with a BILL OF RIGHTS (the first ten amendments) — a set of unalienable rights / freedoms that our Founding Fathers believed transcended easily-corrupted human leadership. The second amendment was meant to SECURE THE REST OF THE TEN AGAINST GOVERNMENT TYRANNY. Although the original quote reads differently, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Dr Benjaman Rush, put it brilliantly in an 1801 lecture…….

“Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship…to restrict the art of healing to one class of men, and deny equal privilege to others, will be to constitute the Bastille of Medical Science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a Republic…. The Constitution of this Republic should make special privilege for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.”

Those who pine for increasing censorship argue that freedom of speech — one of the many components of the first amendment — does not protect against disinformation or misinformation. It’s a ridiculous assertion.

The items specifically prohibited under the Freedom of Speech clause of the first amendment can be found HERE. Considering that ‘OBSCENITY‘ made the list, we immediately realize that these clauses are open to broad interpretation. Discussing and debating the MERITS OF THE RESEARCH ON A CERTAIN TOPIC is the very definition of the ‘scientific method‘ and can in no way be considered a violation of free speech — particularly in light of what we know about the out-n-the-open relationship of science to CORPORATE FINANCIAL INTERESTS (see Steve Kirch’s Substack or check out A FEW OF THE MANY RELEVANT ARTICLES on my site).

Stay tuned for Part II, (He Who Defines Misinformation / Disinformation Defines Health)


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One Response

  1. I thought of taking another look at your site after a bit of a lapse, seeing you had so much useful information about fascia and chronic pain. I am heartened to see that you have also been posting honorably about Covid and the current coup taking place via “medical science”. There have been a lot of disappointments but you’re one of those who are true to your character.
    In this time, we have masses of deluded people imagining, Walter Mitty style, that they are living through a trauma like their ancestors World War, Great Depression or Spanish Flu. In fact what we ARE living through, and the real time of trauma for those of us who see it, is the slide of our civilization into a hitherto unimagined system of totalitarianism that no-one who matters predicted would come exactly this way. And the horror of seeing people we thought were better than that, succumbing to it.
    We have conceited, hubristic, arrogant medical establishment people “playing God” as if they know everything there is to know about human biology; but their blindness about fascia, interstitial fluids and “the interstitium” to name but one thing, renders them dangerously incompetent in a great proportion of what they might proceed to do. And I am sure there are other issues included in “what they think they know”; I just know about fascia and so on because THEIR utter incompetence in the face of my own debilitating Fibromyalgia (and loss of decades of useful life) is explained by this specific failure.
    I am sure there are others, but the best “quick read” condemnation of the systematic failure of the medical establishment in the time of Covid comes from Russell L. Blaylock in “COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?”

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