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Morgellons: The “Craziest” Disease You’ve Never Heard of

Morgellons Disease
From a Study Discussed Later: History of Morgellons Disease: From Delusion to Definition

….hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched—where their worm dieth not….-The words of Jesus Christ from Mark 9:43-44

Let me start by saying that it’s not me referring to Morgellons, or more accurately, those who suffer from Morgellons, as “crazy”. As you ‘morgies’ know all too well, that’s what our very own government has said for over a decade — with the vast majority of the medical community piling on. If it makes you feel any better, rest assured that before today’s post is over, a few many most of my readers will be calling me crazy.

Today we are not only going to discuss Morgellons, but some of the disgusting flotsam that swirls around it like a churning cesspool of raw sewage. From dark government programs and clandestine bioweapons labs (including our very own “WUHAN-LIKE” LAB LEAK), to spirochete-induced illness, to Lyme Disease & other tick-borne-illnesses, to diseases found “only” in cattle, to doctors that don’t really give a bleep, and I’m not even sure what else at this point. I’ll warn you now; the rabbit hole is calling.

Although most have never heard of Morgellons — I probably only heard about it for the first time a decade or so ago — I saw it first-hand in a physician (A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST) whom I had the privilege of treating for FASCIAL ADHESIONS.  This individual was completely brilliant, completely sane and completely ingenious — she had figured out a way to snap-mount a high quality microscope lens to her I-phone in order to record what was happening to her body in real time.  Why would my describing her as “sane” be relevant in an article that has the word “crazy” in its title?

In 2012 the journal PLOS One published the results of a CDC / KAISER STUDY (Kaiser Permanente is a California health insurance company) four years in the making (Clinical, Epidemiologic, Histopathologic and Molecular Features of an Unexplained Dermopathy). Instead of the vindication those being tortured by Morgellons were eagerly hoping/praying for, they were instead slapped in the face. Again. Here are the cherry-picked conclusions from the CDC…..

We identified 115 case-patients. The prevalence was 3.65 cases per 100,000 enrollees. Case-patients had a median age of 52 years (range: 17–93) and were primarily female (77%) and Caucasian (77%). Multi-system complaints were common; 70% reported chronic fatigue and 54% rated their overall health as fair or poor…. Cognitive deficits were detected in 59% of case-patients and 63% had evidence of clinically significant somatic complaints; 50% had drugs detected in hair samples and 78% reported exposure to solvents.

Skin lesions were most consistent with arthropod [bug] bites or chronic excoriations [scratching/picking]. No parasites or mycobacteria were detected. Most materials collected from participants’ skin were composed of cellulose, likely of cotton origin. This unexplained dermopathy was… associated with significantly reduced health-related quality of life. No common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified, similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation.

So, according to ‘experts,’ who had access to almost unlimited facilities and data, the CDC (with the help of industry) labeled those with Morgellons as “delusional“. This is not at all surprising considering that the name most associated with the condition, other than DELUSIONAL INFESTATION, is psychotic parisitosis (aka Eckbom Syndrome). In other words, nothing changed for those suffering from Morgellon. They would continue to be labeled as crazy. And they would continue to suffer.

The powers-that-be said that morgies only believe that colored fibers visibly exit their skin via lesions that are self-induced…. The fibers don’t really exist except as a figment of their sick, twisted and overactive imaginations. This despite said fibers frequently being videoed acting as though they are (gulp) alive (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE). The following is from an article (Morgellons & Lyme) found on a website about the inventions of the brilliant DR ROYAL RIFE…..

“Filaments” are reported in and on skin lesions and at times extruding from intact-appearing skin. White, blue, red, and black are common among described fiber colors. Patients frequently describe ultraviolet light generated fluorescence. They also report black or white granules, similar in size and shape to sand grains, on or in their skin or on clothing. Sensations both beneath and on the skin’s surface are often described by the patient as intermittently moving, stinging or biting. Involved areas can include any skin region (such as over limbs or trunk), but may be limited to the scalp, nasal passages, ear canals, or face…and curiously, legs below the knees.

Below are images from a study that we will discuss shortly. The image at the bottom is a close-up of one of the lesions above.

Needless to say, big pharma’s lapdogs (the mainstream press — prove me wrong) picked up the story en masse and ran with it. Here are a few of the headlines from major media outlets and scientists…..

  • NBC NEWS: Mystery Skin Disease Morgellons has no Clear Cause, CDC Study Says
  • CBS NEWS: Morgellons Disease Exists “only in patients’ minds,” Study Shows
  • WebMD: CDC: Morgellons Disease May Be Psychiatric Disorder (they also published Morgellons Disease May Not be Real)
  • WALL STREET JOURNAL: CDC Study Finds Fibers Aren’t Cause of Morgellons
  • SCIENCE BLOGS/ORAC: Still More Evidence that Morgellons Disease is Most Likely Delusional Parasitosis, 2012 Edition
  • AAPC: CDC Cites No Infectious or Environmental Link to Morgellons
  • Hundreds of others………………

What did this do?

For starters it made me wonder yet again about the veracity of the old cliche, ‘any publicity is good publicity‘. It’s kind of like a restaurant being mentioned by a world-famous food critic — for poor service, terrible food, and buffalo-sized free-range cockroaches roaming the kitchen…. in herds. Sure, people now know the name of your eatery. Probably not a good thing. It also made me want to put myself in the shoes of the average morgie for a moment.

You feel like crap all the time, and have these insanely painful/itchy lesions all over your body; many of which are visible to the public (there are even a couple on your face). You don’t want to go to another doctor but you desperately want to feel better. Maybe even more than that, you want someone, anyone, to believe you — to tell you that what you are suffering with is real. You know the odds are stacked against you, but by golly, this time you have “proof” in the form of photographs. You’ve even collected a small wad of fibers in a baggie you’ve been storing in your freezer.

You’re sitting nervously in the treatment room and can hear the doctor rifling through your chart just outside the door. You hear a couple of audible harumphs — and an waaaay overdone sigh. The doctor walks in, head down, appearing to be studying your medical records, barely making eye contact. He doesn’t even bother to really examine you, and is completely uninterested in what you’ve brought to show him. Little did you realize that your bag of evidence is actually “proof” of your delusion, known within the medical community as ‘tweezer sign’ or ‘matchbox sign’.

Instead of any attention or empathy; while typing at his computer (faced away from you at a wall-station), he proceeds to lecture you — “educating” you with the CDC/industry version of what’s wrong. Your suffering is all in your mind. You need psychological help in the form of drugs and therapy. Or maybe even to be — temporarily of course — institutionalized. There are several potential endings to this scenario but they can essentially be broken down into two.

First, patients start to wonder if they really are crazy — a phenomenon I often see with CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS. They withdraw from friends, family, colleagues, and the life they used to know, becoming recluses in the process. Because depression often follows the disease (as opposed to the other way around like doctors usually claim); not surprisingly, Morgellons patients commit suicide at a rate 800X greater than the general public (HERE).


They become relentless; doubling down in their quest for answers. And if answers are not readily available via “SCIENCE,” they look elsewhere, often turning to (whisper whisper) ‘conspiracy theories’. Here is an excerpt from Jeremy Murphee’s 2019 article for his website, Morgellons Survey, In The Battle Over Morgellons, Science Is Getting Slaughtered…….

“Your family won’t believe you because when they go online to research it the first thing they’ll find is a video describing chemtrails and nano poisoning. The outcome of subscribing to these false narratives about Morgellons is isolation, except from those who espouse the same misinformation. The online groups perpetuate Morgellons misinformation like the last days of 90s rave, ad nauseam.”

There’s truth in what Murphee is saying. But that doesn’t automatically mean that we can throw the baby out with the bathwater. The reality is that there is truth to be found in most conspiracy theories, some more than others. AND SOMETIMES THESE CONSPIRACIES ARE EVEN PROVEN TRUE (one of the 26 pertains to Lyme Disease). So, along with making some excellent points, the author is also (inadvertently I believe) creating a strawman. 

For instance, Bill Gates recently proposed using “chemtrails” to affect our climate by (I’m not making it up) blocking sunlight (HERE). And I myself have argued that the mRNA covid vaccines likely fall into the realm of “nano poisoning” (HERE). There is, however, another conspiracy theory that Murphee failed to mention. It has to do with our government’s relentless quest for weapons of mass destruction.

The Relationship Between Lyme Disease, Morgellons Disease, and Top Secret Government Programs: A Quick Trip Down the Rabbit Hole……

The term ‘Morgellons Disease’ was coined in 1674 by Sir Thomas Browne in a short medical article titled A Letter to a Friend…….

“There exist in children certain living principles having the appearance of worms, called by the common folk dracontia.  They settle in the muscular parts of the body, to wit the arms and legs, the calves especially. Occasionally they get together under the skin and sometimes occupy the whole back.”

Fast forward 327 years to 2001.

A biologist, Mary Leitao (magna cum laude University of Massachusetts, employed at Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical Center) and her LATE HUSBAND EDWARD, who happened to be an MD (internal medicine) had a two year old son develop a rash along his neck and face. Not being able to solve it themselves; like so many people with a wide variety of issues THEY WERE HEREDED ONTO THE MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND.

After numerous doctors and diagnosis (they knew it was not eczema) she took matters into her own hands, taking a sample from her two year olds skin and looking under the microscope herself. Her findings — red, blue, black and white fibers — subsequently led her to commandeer Browne’s old term, Morgellons, as the name for the “new” disease she had discovered (new is in quotes because people have been dealing with Morgellons long before Leitao re-coined the term). To see what the family went through in the early part of their journey, take a peek at this excerpt from Mary Leitao and The Morgellons Research Foundation…..

She took her son to see at least eight different doctors who were unable to find any disease, allergy, or anything unusual about her son’s described symptoms. Fred Heldrich, a Johns Hopkins pediatrician with a reputation “for solving mystery cases,” examined Leitao’s son. Heldrich found nothing abnormal about the boy’s skin, writing to the referring physician that “Leitao would benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and support,” and registered his worry about Leitao’s “use” of her son.

Psychology Today reported that Leitao last consulted an unnamed Johns Hopkins infectious disease specialist who after reviewing her son’s records refused to see him, suggesting Leitao herself might suffer from “Munchausen’s by Proxy, a psychiatric syndrome in which a parent pretends a child is sick or makes him sick to get attention from the medical system.” This opinion of a potential psychological disorder, according to Leitao, was shared by several medical professionals she sought out…

Not to be deterred, Leitao started the MORGELLONS RESEARCH FOUNDATION, which not only collected CASE HISTORIES (something like 15,000 of them) from people suffering with this strange disease that had finally been given a name, but she was also instrumental in getting the ball rolling as far as Morgellons research. For instance, early studies with NP Ginger Savely and Dr Raphael Stricker (HERE & HERE) revealed that virtually 100% of those with Morgellons test positive for Lyme. Speaking of Lyme….

I’m not really sure when I first heard of Lyme Disease but I tend to think I had already started my practice in 1991. With the NUMBER OF TICKS here in the OZARK REGION OF SOUTHERN MISSOURI (not to mention the KANSAS FLINT HILLS where I grew up), tick-borne-illnesses have unfortunately become — no pun intended — dog common.

This becomes exponentially important once you realize that half a million Americans a year are diagnosed with Lyme (HERE), with some studies showing this number to be dramatically underestimated (HERE and HERE). Thus, if you live in a tick-infested part of the country (SOMETHING HAPPENING TO INCREASING NUMBERS OF AMERICANS), understanding the basics of Lyme is absolutely critical to understand the basics of Morgellons.

Remember that when it comes to Morgellons, the only constant — the only thing that we know for sure is 100% true — is that it is linked to Lyme in some form or fashion. Whenever Morgellons is discussed, you will always hear concurrent discussion about Lyme Disease (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE).

While not the most well-known symptom (that would be the fibers), the chief symptoms of Lyme and other tick-borne-illness — exhaustion, brain fog, joint pain, heat intolerance, chronic headaches, etc — just happen to be the chief symptoms of Morgellons. Why might this be important in order to grasp the bigger picture? We’ll get there momentarily, but to do so we need some background on the origins of Lyme Disease itself.

I discovered Robert Ludlam (The Holcroft Covenant) my freshman year in HIGH SCHOOL (1980). You will recognize his most famous character, Jason Bourne, from the WILDLY POPULAR MOVIES based on his novels. I bring this up only because Bourne’s character, played by Matt Damon, is arguably the most well-known fictional example of the CIA mind-control experiments known as MK Ultra (the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE might be a close second for the older generation). Unfortunately, most people fail to grasp that MK Ultra and similar programs were are real.

MK Ultra provides a tiny glimpse of what the ‘Deep State’ (i.e. weaponized intelligence) is capable of, as well as giving us a window into what our covert government has been up to since WWII ended in 1945. Because it’s pertinent to this discussion, also realize that even though another spy-op, Operation Paperclip, brought numerous WERNER VON BRAUN types into the US from post-war Germany (WvB was a Nazi and member of the SS, but was morphed into an “AmericanHERO by the CIA-RUN PRESS), it also brought more than a few ANGEL OF DEATH types as well.

I’ll leave you to look into OPERATION PAPERCLIP yourselves. Below is what the well-bibbed but extremely generic Wikipedia entry for MK Ultra had to say about the program, which is said to have started in the early 1950’s……

Project MKUltra (or MK-Ultra) was the code name of an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the CIA. The experiments were intended to develop procedures and identify drugs that could be used in interrogations to weaken individuals and to force confessions through brainwashing and psychological torture. Likewise, MKUltra used numerous methods to manipulate its subjects’ mental states and brain functions, such as the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.

In 1975 the Senate held hearings on MK Ultra (the CHURCH COMMITTEE HEARINGS led by Frank Church (D) of Idaho). I’m not quite sure what really came of these hearings other than the usual government whitewashing and declarations that despite “making some mistakes along the way,” don’t worry about it because the program ended long ago. Strictly speaking, the program no longer exists because the CIA said it no longer exists — and we all know JUST HOW TRUTHFUL the CIA is. Before we move on, we need to take a moment to discuss yet another “top secret” black op relevant to today’s discussion — our national bioweapons program.

Not only did asst Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, TESTIFY IN CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS (or HERE) just three short months ago that yes, the US has at least 13 bio labs in the Ukraine (HERE, HERE, & HERE; make that “had” — Russia has ALL 46 OF THEM NOW, which is not surprising considering they had been threatening to invade the Ukraine for A DECADE because of these labs).  There were maps of their locations — not to mention the locations of our other 300 400 such labs around the world — listed on several government websites (yes, it was actually public information). They were all taken down when this “conspiracy” surfaced. However, SEVERAL WEBSITES have this data available via the Wayback Machine/Internet Archives.

Although it is “illegal” to do bioweapon (germ warfare) research in the United States, we get around it by FARMING IT OUT TO OTHER COUNTRIES who, for a price, allow us to do our dirty work in theirs. It’s not much different than importing fruits or vegetables from nations using pesticides and herbicides that have been banned in the US. Or WHAT THE CIA DOES WHEN IT SPIES ON US CITIZENS ON US SOIL (domestic spying is supposedly the sole domain of the FBI).

Rather than me tell you about the heart of United States’ national bioweapons program, we’ll once again go to the vanilla entry from Wikipedia….

Fort Detrick is a United States Army Futures Command installation located in Frederick, Maryland. Historically, Fort Detrick was the center of the U.S. biological weapons program from 1943 to 1969. Since the discontinuation of that program, it has hosted most elements of the United States biological defense program.

Notice how for over a half century we no longer have a bio-weapons program — only a bio-defense program. This is why the Gain-of-Function (GoF) research that FAUCI, COLLINS, AND THE REST OF THEIR JOLLY CREW OVER AT THE NIH were doing in Wuhan and elsewhere was not done here in the States. Because it’s illegal (THAT IS, UNLESS YOU CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF GoF THEN SCRUB THE WEBSITE).  They justify it by claiming it’s to save us from others doing the same. What a relief! ESPECIALLY WITH THE LATEST PANDEMIC DUJOUR LOOMING.

Although I usually read non-fiction, when relaxing at THE RIVER I sometimes read old “thrillers” my wife picks up at our LOCAL LIBRARY’S book sales for a dime or quarter, depending on whether or not they still have the jacket. Last summer I read Nelson DeMille’s Plum Island, a 1997 novel about murder and intrigue, revolving around one of Fort Detrick’s research facilities (Fort Terry), which is located at the very tip of Long Island on, you guessed it, Plum Island. I failed to realize that even though the story was fictional, the setting was not.

Plum Island’s FORT TERRY (next door to the ANIMAL DISEASE CENTER) is important because starting around 1960 there have been unrelenting rumors that the island’s infamous Lab-257 has been bioweaponizing ticks. So much so that just three years ago this month, following the RELEASE OF A BOOK ON THE SUBJECT by KRIS NEWBY (Stanford University’s science writer), and building on information found in A BOOK RELEASED TWO DECADES PRIOR (HERE IS AN OVERVIEW OF THAT BOOK), there was (yawn) “an investigation” ordered by congress.

A note of interest to MY FAMILY back in Kansas; last year the Plum Island facility was MOVED TO MANHATTAN/KSU. The president of R-CalfUSA, an organization supporting independent beef producers, described the facility as “AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN“. Back to the investigation…..

The lead investigator was, you guessed it, the Pentagon’s very own (double yawn) Inspector General of the DoD. Surely he had the power to get to the bottom of this story and determine its veracity (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE)? As you probably guessed, the results of the recently-concluded investigation were exactly as expected. Experts from the military determined that (triple yawn / snore) they had “made some mistakes along the way” but will be sure to do better going forward. The military declared the military innocent of all charges. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

What did you think would happen? It was sort of like asking the ADA to investigate whether MERCURY FILLINGS or FLUORIDE are toxic health hazards — after decades of giving their (BOUGHT AND PAID FOR) stamp of approval. Would someone please give me an example of a Congressional Hearing or “REPORT” that actually changed government policy for the better?

Oh; I almost forgot to mention…… Plum Island is right across the bay — ELEVEN MILES — from Lyme, Connecticut, the community where Lyme Disease was first “discovered” in the mid 1970’s, and subsequently named for it’s region of origin. Not so different than the SIMILARLY-NAMEDWuhan Flu‘ whose name was later officially CHANGED TO COVID-19. If you recall, genetically-modified coronavirus leaked from a Chinese biolab, either purposefully or accidentally, depending on your level of trust in government narratives.

Breaking News Flash from Fact-Checks R US: “Authorities debunk lab-leak theory of Lyme Disease, saying it originated in the local Farmer’s ‘Wet’ Market.”

For those who find the discussion of the origins of Lyme Disease interesting, allow me to give you a few links….. Nazi scientist, Eric Traub (also of Operation Paperclip fame) and his relationship to Plum Island (HERE). The murder of bioweapons expert, Dr Frank Olson by Dr Mercola (HERE). The series of articles by Alberelli and Martell linking both Lyme and Morgellons to MK Ultra/MK NAOMI (PART I, PART II {Morgellons & the CIA’s MK-NAOMI Project}, & PART III). The website of the Lyme Disease whistleblowers (LYME CRYME — a true “deep dive” for those so inclined). Search JEFF RENSE’S massive site. Too many others to list…..

Tick-Borne-Illness (Including Lyme) & Other Spirochete-Related Illnesses as Related to Morgellons

As you have likely figured out, Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria — a SPIROCHETE BACTERIA by the name of Borrelia Burgdoferi (named after the BIOWEAPONS RESEARCH SCIENTIST who discovered it at, you guessed it again, Plum Island). Let’s ask ourselves another question; are there other spirochete-induced diseases that might teach us something about Lyme, and subsequently Morgellons?

We’ve seen that ORAL DYSBIOSIS (or HERE) via spirochetes is related to periodontal disease (HERE) — a problem which is itself associated with a huge variety of diseases including America’s number two killer, heart disease (CANCER is #1, MEDICAL ERROR is #3). But there are a significant number of others.

Syphilis comes immediately to mind (HERE & HERE); a disease that affects both body and mind — a common trait not only of spirochete infections (HERE) but of many kinds of infections, including several that at least on the surface do not have a “mental health” component (HERE). But Morgellons’ connection to spirochetes does not end there. Enter Marriane Middleveen.

Middleveen, a veterinary microbiologist, who, along with Oklahoma State’s RANDY WYMORE (a mustread link), RAPHAEL STRICKER, MELISSA FESLER and several others, including a California NP who’s an unfortunate example of how those that buck the system often get slammed by the system (GINGER SAVELY), began intensely looking into this Lyme / Morgellons / Borrellia relationship at approximately the same time the CDC was doing their famous infamous SHODDY study (check it out, Middleveen actually invokes the CDC’s ‘ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE‘ in her critique!).

MIDDLEVEEN, who along with Dr. Stricker, started putting together a serious case for the origins of Morgellons (HERE & HERE) once their team began studying a spirochete bacteria disease that affects cattle (BOVINE DIGITAL DERMATITIS), which causes — are you sitting down — filimentous fibers of varying colors to grow from skin lesions found where the cow’s leg meets the hoof. HERE & HERE are a couple later studies on the relationship. It was a fantastic discovery for the Morgellons community, but…..

The harsh reality is that there is not a lot of research taking place concerning Morgellons Disease, and more than a bit of controversy over the accuracy; or at least the conclusions of said studies. Considering there are FEWER THAN 100 STUDIES ON PUBMED that even mention Morgellons, you often have to find information elsewhere, which, as you’ve already seen, can be tricky. The CHARLES E HOLMAN FOUNDATION is a good starting point. THE MORGELLONS PRO-BOARDS message boards are worth a look as well.

However, the single best step you can take to educate yourself is to spend 90 minutes watching the amazing documentary, SKIN DEEP: THE BATTLE OVER MORGELLONSespecially if you live in an area where ticks are prevalent! I get it; it means you’ll have to give up three consecutive episodes of Sanford reruns. Do it because Skin Deep is one of the most emotional and captivating documentaries I’ve ever seen; and I’ve seen a bunch! This YOUTUBE INTERVIEW WITH THE MOVIE’S DIRECTOR is probably worth a view as well.


A clinical reminder for those suffering from or who know and/or love someone suffering from Lyme, Morgellons, or any other of the numerous diseases/syndromes (whether named or unnamed) that are associated with ticks. While it seems to be true that a large percentage of people diagnosed with said diseases benefit from antibiotic therapy (especially early ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY), unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. I see it in my clinic frequently with Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), Erlichia, and several others.

Some patients spike the fever, see their doctor and are cured forever by a two week course of antibiotics (thank God R.L.P.). On the other hand I personally know many people who struggle with the long-term affects of tick-borne-illness every day of their lives — some of them for decades — despite taking antibiotics for months and months and months. Of all the people I know who have long-Lyme or similar; I’m not sure I have seen more than a couple find solid long-lasting solutions from the medical community, whether western or alternative. Unfortunately, I’ve watched another friend (R.L.W.) steadily deteriorate after his bout Lyme 12-15 years ago.

Finally, the quote below is for a good friend from Texas; who has alpha-gal (LONESTAR TICKS WEAPONIZED AS WELL), complete with the inability to eat red meat…….

Lone Star hard ticks, formerly indigenous only to Texas, suddenly proliferated in the Long Island / Connecticut area right around the time Lyme Disease broke out. No one could explain how they suddenly migrated there. Hard ticks are bioweapon researchers’ ticks of choice for spreading pathogens to wild life.


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6 Responses

  1. That was a good read, I’ve often thought especially after the last 2.5 years that our own government does some bad stuff using what’s available. Ticks, mosquitoes, whatever their devious minds can imagine. In the grand scheme of the elitists, it all comes down to a small number of people trying to play god and determine we need less people on the earth. Survival of the fittest….. oops I meant richest.

  2. Well, I feel better (not). I lived in the mid-Hudson Valley (NYS) from ’93-2014, so I already knew a lot of this, including most of the “conspiracy theories” but you came up with some new stuff that even I had not known. Oh, the correlations. I wonder if I do have Lyme? When was that tick bite?

    Interestingly, I also grew up in the mid Hudson Valley (’54-’73). There were no ticks there then. I grew up roaming the woods, and there were no ticks.

    Another excellent (but not fun) movie is “Under our skin”. We saw that at the independent movie house in Rhinebeck when it came out in 2008. Horrifying. Google says it’s on YouTube, if you’re feeling strong. Thanks for your work, Doc.

    1. Thanks for the comment Suzanne. I will be sure to check out Under the Skin as well!

  3. Wow! Thanks for a very interestin’ve been going nuts with itchy bumps and lumps on my scalp for a couple of years. I was bitten by a tick in 2014, had the red ring around the bite, it swelled up, went necrotic, had fever/headaches for a couple of weeks before I went to the doctor(s). First doc said it was a spider bite, second sent me for Bilharzia tests, and the third, at a state-run clinic, sent blood for analysis and found Rickettsia, but the test for Borrelia was too expensive. She aced it anyway, because there was a reasonable suspicion that it could be Lyme. Apparently we don’t get Lyme in South Africa, or more accurately, doctors don’t actually recognise the existence of Lyme, but digging into our local history, back around the late forties or so, we had a thing called “relapsing fever”, which was what I was experiencing, every few months I’d have a few days of fever. She prescribed stuff, and I improved a little, but I still suffered migraines for about a year, before I tried using MMS. After about two or three months of MMS the headaches were gone and I thought it was over. Well, besides the brain fog, but I suspected I might just be getting thicker with age.
    Fast-forward…. now I’ve got this itching crazy stuff going on, and this morning I suddenly flashed I should look into Morgellon’s, just for interest’s sake. How many years did THAT take to wend it’s way through the fog??? And lo and behold…
    So thanks for taking the time to write this very informative article, I’ll research further, but at least have some sort of reference point and a star to steer by.
    Much appreciated Russell!

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