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Sean Mclauglin

Dr. Schierling and Shawn, I hope you are doing well. Since our sessions in December 2015, my back/glute pain has been noticeably improved. I used to have to switch legs every 15-20 minutes while standing because my glutes would ache so much, eventually causing lower back acute sharp pain if not iced quickly. I lived on my various balls/rollers to try to relieve the piriformis pain all the time. What you did made life much more bearable. Then I visited Shawn Eno for the first time this past December and he determined that my right leg was slight shorter and I needed a lift to go with my orthotics. That has ultimately taken away my morning pain and has allowed me to live mostly pain free. The moral of the story is THANK YOU. I spend a lot of my life pain free right now and it has been a long time since that was the case. You two make a great team and I really appreciate you working together to help me with my case. 15 years of every possible type of therapy, modality, etc. didn’t have much success. I just wanted you both to know how grateful I am.