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a testimonial from germany


Cure Chronic Pain Germany

GK came to stay with us for part of a week the middle of last month to get help with his CHRONIC NECK PAIN.  Although he is originally from a large country in Asia, he’s been living / working in Germany (near Munich) for the past decade.  GK is an extremely sharp guy who speaks seven languages and holds advanced degrees. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and am thrilled to have been able to help him (he had massive amounts of Fibrosis / SCAR TISSUE that was severely restricting his ability to move as well as consuming his life with chronic pain).  You will notice I added brackets to his words in a few spots to help clarify what he’s saying.  Be sure to visit our TESTIMONIAL PAGE or CASE HISTORY PAGE if you are interested in seeing more of the same.

I am happy to write about being treated by Dr. Russell. I have been living in Germany for over 9 years and my problems started when I had an incident of lumbago on my low back 3 years ago. After a month my upper back started feeling really weak and tight. I first thought it was an after-effect of the high dosage of NSAID’s but I was wrong as the pain & stiffness became a companion / guest who just would not leave.

I tried all treatment after that to help the problem. I visited numerous orthopedics and neurology experts in the field (Germany has one of the best medical aid in the world) and after numerous MRI / CT Scans and Xrays I was always dismissed as a normal patient with no problems. In other words, my pain was left to be treated as muscular in nature which could he treated by physical therapy / manual therapy.

For last 3 years I have tried everything possible to get rid of the pain; exercising, power training, swimming, yoga, stretches, therapies, chiropractic, etc, and the pain would always come right back. When I found Dr. Russell’s webpage I had almost given up hope and thought OK here is a person who has a rich history of treating patients with chronic pain and his method sounds quite unique. I wrote to Dr. Russell about my problem and I must say that I was very happy that he said my problem sounded treatable.

The journey from Germany to Mountain View Ozarks was a long one but full of hope. When I started, my up and down movement in my neck [flexion / extension] were restricted to around 30° [CERVICAL EXTENSION is the most important ROM in the body and should be 90 degrees or more].

After the first treatment I was much better, and one session later I could completely go back to 90° [GK could tip his head backwards so that his forehead was parallel to the floor]. I must say my upper back was a piece of work. We had 4 sessions in a period of 3 days [I did not treat the same areas on consecutive days] uncovering so many scar tissues to my surprise. No wonder my upper back was a mess.

Today, 3 weeks after treatment, my pain has significantly reduced. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. “Scar Tissue Remodeling” works! I am happy that I made the trip to Dr. Russell. It’s strange that I had to embark on a journey from Germany to Missouri Ozarks to find a cure, but the reason to share my story is that I want other people suffering from pain similar to my condition to be helped by Dr. Russell. His treatment in working for me and I hope that it works for you too.  Please make sure to follow the plan Dr. Russell gives you to the spirit and word.

It’s not that any of these other treatments that GK did are a bad thing.  Not by a long shot.  In fact, I not only think they can be super beneficial, but are all things that I recommend. However, if there are significant amounts of Scar Tissue that are “TETHERING” a specific anatomical area, trying to break through said tissue with things like adjustments, stretches, exercises, therapy, etc, etc, might not simply prove to be an exercise in futility, it can sometimes EXACERBATE THE SITUATION — something that GK was experiencing at times.

For the record, I have GK using a DAKOTA TRACTION DEVICE to stretch out his extremely shortened SCM MUSCLES as well as his “tethered” CERVICAL FASCIA.  And while he was actually doing a pretty good job in the SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION department, many of you reading this will need to ADDRESS YOUR UNDERLYING INFLAMMATION before making a visit to see me.  this way we can help rule out things like AUTOIMMUNE FASCIA ISSUES or a similar situation (HERE). Hey, if you like this, like us on FACEBOOK (sharing and following is OK too!).


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