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an email i received yesterday.

Joe is a professional drummer who has had chronic (debilitating) DeQUERVAIN’S SYNDROME for over a year.  Although doctors call refer to this as a “Teno-synovitis”, it is nothing but run of the mill TENDINOSIS.  I actually had the opportunity to fix my BROTHER who had dealt with his for about a year.  By the way, Joe is not his real name.

Hey Dr. Russ, This is Joe from Saturday (the drummer). I would like to tell you that I do believe your method has given me some relief!   There is no pain at all when I press on the thumb tendons:-).   I am very excited about this, yet I must wait to celebrate until the coming Saturday when I can drum again to be sure.  Regardless of what happens when I play again, I have gotten more relief from your method than anything I’ve done to date, and I’m extremely grateful.

I was thinking about all the formal appointments and expensive treatments I’ve undergone and honestly my mind is blown by how much more effective what you do is.  I had to laugh about it…  However it’s frightening to me how people are victimized by so-called treatments that just make things even worse.

The stretching feels very good. The bruises are still sore, but I don’t mind at all. I find myself unbelievably paranoid that the pain will return. I imagine that is normal after a year of constant debilitation. I did mean to ask you, do you think swimming is safe right now? That is my primary means of exercise, but I don’t want to mess anything up! I am eager to see what the week brings, and am very glad we met.


I am excited for Joe.  As long as he works back into the drumming slow and easy, he should have no problem.  Cool Stuff!

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