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another post-surgical rotator cuff —- fixed


When I adjusted Stephanie today (it had been a year) we got to talking about old times, and she jogged my memory about her experience with Tissue Remodeling.  As a young adult, she was in a rather severe MVA where she hurt her neck and shoulder.  After months of tests and treatments of all sorts (including lots of therapy), she opted to have surgery on her ROTATOR CUFF.  She did not do well with the surgery.

Move forward 10 years.  After fixing Stephanie’s mom’s arm about a decade ago, Stephanie came in to see if I could help her with her surgically repaired shoulder.  I treated her once then, and once 2-3 years ago — several years apart.  She has no problems with the shoulder today.  This is not the only post-surgical shoulder problem I have dealt with.  If you feel the urge, you can watch videos from a dance instructor who had an old Rotator Cuff surgery, as well as a pastor who had a 40 year old post-surgical Rotator Cuff that we were able to fix in two visits (HERE and HERE).  For more VIDEO TESTIMONIALS related to Tissue Remodeling, follow the link.


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