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antibiotics and type ii diabetes


Antibiotics Diabetes

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In case you haven’t gotten the memo — ANTIBIOTICS are bad for your health.  Really bad for your health.  And unfortunately, few Americans realize just how much Antibiotic they are consuming or the consequences thereof (HERE).   We’ve known for some time that Antibiotics and a HIGH CARB LIFESTYLE causes DYSBIOSIS.  We also know that certain forms of Dysbiosis lead to TYPE II DIABETES.  So this latest study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (Use of Antibiotics and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Population-Based Case-Control Study) should come as no surprise (particularly because it’s not the first research of this sort).  The study compared people who took 0 to 1 prescriptions of Antibiotics to people who took more than five, over a period of 15 years.  Here are some of the facts from this study.

  • ANTIBOTICS ARE RELATED TO TYPE II DIABETES: The odds ratio associating type 2 diabetes with exposure to antibiotics of any type was 1.53 [53% higher]“.  I read a blog with a number of physicians complaining that we can’t tell from this study, whether Diabetes causes the infections, or the infections cause the Diabetes.   It’s a no-brainer folks — this pathway works equally well in both directions.   Just remember that SUGAR DRIVES virtually every bad outcome in your body from Dysbiosis, to Diabetes, to INFLAMMATION, to infections (HERE), to Cancer (HERE).    Whether you are chronically ill, CHRONICALLY INFLAMED, struggling with Type II Diabetes, or simply needing to DROP SOME WEIGHT, the solution is similar for all (I will give it to you at the end of the post).

  • THE MORE ANTIBIOTICS YOU TAKE, THE GREATER YOUR RISK OF SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES:  Please note that we are not talking here simply about “ADVERSE EVENTS“.  Although Antibiotics are heavily associated with adverse events such as TENDON DESTRUCTION, we are talking about the long-term consequences of using drugs that SUPPRESSES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM by radically altering your MICROBIOME.  “A clear dose-response effect was seen with increasing cumulative load of antibiotics.

  • WHAT YOU DO FOR YOUR CHILDREN TODAY, WILL AFFECT THEM DECADES FROM NOW:  For two and a half decades, I have been beating the drum for doing whatever it takes to keep your children off Antibiotics (HERE).  “The increased use of antibiotics in patients with type 2 diabetes was found up to 15 years before diagnosis of type 2 diabetes as well as after the diagnosis.” 

  • ANTIBIOTICS CREATE A VICIOUS CYCLE:  According to the venerable Dr. Robert Mendelssohn, few things are scarier than a sick child (HERE).   Just remember that giving your children Antibiotics weakens (scratch that) DESTROYS their DEVELOPING Immune Systems.  When the child gets sick again because their Immune System is compromised, said infection will once again be treated with — you guessed it — Antibiotics.  Repeat cycle ad infinitum.  What does this do?  It leads to THIS LIST of problems.  Our results could support the possibility that antibiotics exposure increases type 2 diabetes risk. However, the findings may also represent an increased demand for antibiotics from increased risk of infections in patients with yet-undiagnosed diabetes.”  This is exactly what I was speaking about at the beginning of this post.

If you are one of those people who is dizzy from riding the MEDICAL-MERRY-GO-ROUND, let me show you an “EXIT STRATEGY“.  That’s right, you don’t have to be sick for the rest of your life.  But if you don’t make some radical changes for yourself and your children, that’s exactly where you are headed.


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