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autism rates are now one in fifty



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I have written extensively on AUTISM.  In fact, just a few weeks ago I published a massive post on AUTISM AND GUT HEALTH.   When I started practice in 1991, the rates being touted for Autism were in the 1 in 1,000 range.  Back in 2007, they had exploded to 1 in 86.   But according to the latest hot-off-the-press research, the autism rate currently stands at 1 in 50.  In other words, one in every fifty Americans under the age of 18 (2%) has Autism.  The numbers are insane. 

Doctors such as the CDC’s Stephen Blumberg continue to make excuses for the skyrocketing rates by saying things like, “The reason for the rise is not known, and cannot be determined from the report. But the findings suggest that doctors and other healthcare professionals are getting better at identifying and diagnosing mild forms of autism.”  But we know that this is simply not true.  Listen to what an expert in the field says about this common excuse.

Dr. Edward F. Yazbak, an expert in infectious disease and child development, and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1963, had this to say in a piece he authored for the Journal of Physicians and Surgeons in the winter of 2003.  “Once rare, autism has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. that cannot be attributed to changes in diagnostic criteria which have actually become more restrictive.  To date, studies of a potential relationship to child relationship to childhood vaccines [and autism] have been limited and flawed.”  Look at what Dr. Yazbak is saying here.  The diagnostic criteria for Autism are actually getting more restrictive instead of less.  This means that we should be seeing less Autism instead of more.  Instead, the opposite is happening.

Michael Rosanoff, associate director of Public Health Research & Scientific Review at Autism Speaks says that more rigorous studies are needed to determine the true rate of autism.  His guess?  Autism rates are higher than ever suspected —- higher still than they are being right now (HERE).

It is now 2013.  There are no more valid excuses not to know better.  If you are not familiar with the evidence showing AUTISM’S LINK TO CHILDHOOD VACCINATIONS, you need to educate yourself. Yeah; I get it.  It is tough.  Your parents, grandparents, in-laws, teachers, principal, pastor, friends, (_______________ insert your person of choice here) all think you are nuts for even thinking about forgoing your child’s shots.  I have been there and understand.  The only way you can effectively do this is to not only educate yourself on the issue, but be able to articulate it as well.  Where do you start?  My site, of course!  Check out the previous links, and then GO HERE.  Even if you ultimately decide to have your child inoculated, make an educated decision based on your own research on the matter.  Not something your doctor or the government told you.


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