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autoimmunity, vaccines, and the hygiene hypothesis


Hygiene Hypothesis

“I would contend that in order to truthfully and accurately promote and defend a ‘Forced Vaccination’ policy, one must have a thorough understanding of the Hygiene Hypothesis.  A failure to discuss the long-term consequences of artificially preventing children from contracting at least some of the traditional ‘childhood’ diseases is an exercise in intellectual dishonesty.”  Dr. Russell Schierling
Dr. Marvin Olasky of World Magazine recently responded to my critique of one of his recent bundle of pro-vaccination articles by asking me if I had read the transcript of yet another; this one the transcript of a speech presented at a church (I had not read it at the time, but now I have —- Applying a Christian Worldview to the Vaccination Issue).  I will agree with him that our national vaccination campaigns (along with proper sanitation) have diminished and contained many of the childhood diseases that everyone used to get.  However, I still believe that he and others in his camp (still not quite sure what his camp is — is he for “FORCED VACCINATIONS“?  Does he believe that being a Christian demands having your family vaccinated?) are missing the boat — particularly when it comes to what’s become known as the Hygiene Hypothesis.

The HYGIENE HYPOTHESIS says that in order for an Immune System to develop properly, it must be challenged by germs and disease.  In other words, it must be trained for battle.  When an Immune System is not given the chance to fight on its own due to medical advances like VACCINES and ANTIBIOTICS; even though you might be stopping acute diseases like Measles, WHOOPING COUGH, or Chicken Pox in their proverbial tracks, you are ultimately leaving the Immune System in a weakened state.  We’ve known for a long time that a failure to be exposed to potential allergens when very young causes allergies as one gets older (HERE and HERE).  According to the the Hygiene Hypothesis, the end-game of attempting to stifle acute diseases will be increased numbers of CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE DISEASES and AUTOIMMUNITY.  In America, these sorts of diseases could only be described as epidemic.   Enter Dr. Terry Wahls.

Dr. Wahls grew up on an Iowa farm.  After graduating from Drake University in 1976, she attained her MD degree at the University of Iowa’s School of Medicine in 1982.  She then worked in the residency program at Washington University’s OB / GYN program at Barnes in St. Louis for a year, but transferred back to Iowa where she received her board certification in Internal Medicine.  She practiced in Wisconsin as well as working as a professor at their medical school in Madison before moving back to Iowa to work as a professor at the University of Iowa’s Medical School.  Besides this, she is Chief of Staff for Ambulatory Care at the Veterans Administration at the Iowa City Medical Center.  Fifteen years ago she was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

It was Dr. Wahls who created the WAHLS PROTOCOL (essentially a PALEO DIET) to help those in similar situations (to see why Paleo works so well for virtually all “Chronic Conditions” just go HERE).  She also does a great deal of work in the field of Functional Medicine, with an emphasis on METHYLATION PROBLEMS and Mitochondrial Function / Dysfunction —- things that are virtually always seen in neurological problems, including AUTISM.    Please take a couple of minutes to listen to her speak about the relationship between Vaccines, COMMON VACCINE ADJUNCTS, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES (click for a list), and the Hygiene Hypothesis.

It’s easy for Dr. Olasky to stump for vaccinations on the basis that they control acute childhood diseases —- something I would not (at least FOR THE MOST PART) argue against.  However, his failure to grasp what these same drugs can do to the collective BRAINS, Nervous Systems, and Immune Systems of our nation’s citizens is foreboding — especially for a family like mine who has a big-time history of PARKINSON’S

When a conservative thinker with such a large audience begins actively (vigorously might be a better word) touting vaccinations not only via his magazine, but through his denomination as well, I have to wonder why.   If you are concerned about further erosion of your ability to make your family’s healthcare decisions, be sure to educate yourself and write your legislators.


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