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When I met Brian, his shoulder and neck were literally killing him.  He could not sleep.  He could not function.  He could barely make it through a day.   And the final kick in the teeth was that despite the fact he had been to numerous doctors and specialists, been through months of therapy, had all sorts of tests, SHOTS, x-rays, MRI’S, and CT SCANS (ALL NEGATIVE), he was repeatedly told that there was nothing wrong with him. 

When tests are negative, far too many doctors treat patients like Brian — as though there is nothing wrong with them — and that the problem is all in their head (if there is even a problem at all).  Like hundreds of other patients I have helped over the years, Brian had been called a malingerer (faker), and treated like a common drug-seeker.  Doctors, along with his employers accused him of looking for a legal settlement or wanting to get on Social Security Disability.  After several years of this ongoing fiasco, Brian was finally fired —- for not being able to do his job.  This is how Brian came to me —- a broken man — debilitated by CHRONIC PAIN and worried to death about how he was going to do to take care of his family

The cool thing is, after his very first treatment, he was at least 75-80% —- instantly.   His first reaction was relief that he was not crazy after all, and that his problem was not in his head like he had been repeatedly told.   His second reaction was disbelief that his problem was so treatable.  His third reaction was anger at having a great job essentially stolen from him because of incompetence.  After a couple more treatments, Brian was 100%.  Although the video is brand new, this story happened three years ago, and Brian is still going strong —- and working as hard as ever!

Keep on keeping on Brian!  It is people like you that are why I absolutely love coming to work.  Hopefully, I will still be helping people like Brian when I am old and gray.


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