ben stein’s “expelled: no intelligence allowed”


Yes, I realize that this movie came out four years ago this month.  But if you still have not seen it, you need to.  As someone who has been through eight years of higher education, I can vouch for the premise of Stein’s documentary.  There is extreme bias in the intellectual community against those who discount evolution.   And the bias grows worse if one believes in Creation or Intelligent Design. 

Stein does a fantastic job of exposing the hypocrisy and double standards in the field of Science Education and Scientific Research.  Watch as he reveals the truth behind Francis Crick’s theory of “Directed Panspermia“.  Crick realized early on that the possibility of something as complex as DNA  arising by random mutation was utter poppycock, so he hypothesized that life was brought here by little green men in space ships who “seeded” the planet with life.  Laugh as a leading “Origin-of-Life” Scientist (Michael Ruse) attempts to explain to Stein his hypotheses that life arose on the backs of clay crystals that somehow formed themselves into living cells.  Stein even manages to make the venerable Richard Dawkins fumble over his own tongue like a schoolboy caught cheating on an exam.

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