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blood pressure vaccine on the horizon


Blood Pressure Vaccine

Feen & Databese Center for Life Science (DBCLS)

“We developed the DNA vaccine to induce anti-angiotensin II antibodies, which can bind angiotensin II and inhibit its function, but how to regulate the duration of antibody production is still unknown”  Dr. Hironori Nakagami from Christopher Wanjek’s recent article on LiveScience (Blood Pressure Vaccine Moves One Step Closer)”

What if I told you that there was a brand new VACCINATION that inserts itself into one’s DNA, takes over part of the cells machinery, and causes your body to attack one of its own hormones (angiotensitn) — and that it’s not the premise of a new horror film.  It’s true folks!   Last month’s issue of Hypertension — the “official” journal of the American Heart Association published a Japanese study (Long-Term Reduction of High Blood Pressure by Angiotensin II DNA Vaccine in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats) concerning this very thing. 

Angiotensin is a hormone produced in the liver, and increased by blood levels of CORTICOSTEROIDS, ESTROGEN, thyroid hormone, and others.   It’s purpose is to causes blood vessels to constrict, which, like a garden hose whose opening you put your thumb over, causes blood pressure to rise (the creation of Angiotensin is regulated by an enzyme known as Renin).  Current drug therapy includes blocking the various forms of angiotensin, or blocking the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE Inhibitors).  But now there is a vaccine that attacks one of the forms of angiotensin (experimental forms of these vaccines have been around for decades).

So instead of dealing with the underlying causes of BLOOD PRESSURE such as OBESITY, THYROID ISSUES, ADRENAL FATIGUE, SYMPATHETIC DOMINANCE, LIVING THE HIGH CARB LIFESTYLE, etc, etc, etc, just give people a vaccine that essentially induces an AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE.   Are there any side effects?  Of course there will be / are side effects — when it comes to Vaccines, there always are.  For Pete’s sake; it was just a couple of weeks ago you learned that HPV Vaccinations cause Fibromyalgia (HERE).  But just for grins, do a Google Search on “Vaccination Autoimmune Reaction” and see what comes up. 

We already know that severe infections (Viral, Bacterial, or YEAST) are common triggers for Autoimmunity.  What makes us think that Vaccines containing various forms of these creatures are not doing the same thing?  And it’s not like this is a new debate.  After mentioning things like FLU SHOTS, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, the February 2000 issue of the Journal of Autoimmunity (Vaccination and Autoimmunity-‘Vaccinosis’: A Dangerous Liaison?) chimed in with a paper that if submitted for publication in today’s “Anti-Antivaxxer” environment, would have the author on the same list that HUGH FUDENGERG ended up on.  “The findings could also represent a polyclonal activation (adjuvant reaction [THIS is the most well-known ‘adjuvant’]. The mechanism (or mechanisms) of autoimmune reactions following immunization has not yet been elucidated. One of the possibilities is molecular mimicry; when a structural similarity exists between some viral antigen (or other component of the vaccine) and a self-antigen. This similarity may be the trigger to the autoimmune reaction. Other possible mechanisms are discussed. Even though the data regarding the relation between vaccination and autoimmune disease is conflicting, it seems that some autoimmune phenomena are clearly related to immunization (e.g. Guillain-Barre syndrome). We discuss the pros and cons of this issue (although the temporal relationship (i.e. always 2-3 months following immunization) is impressive).”  Their statement on “molecular mimicry” is interesting, considering what we know about GLUTEN CROSS REACTORS and the relationship between GLUTEN SENSITIVITY and the development of Autoimmune Diseases (HERE). 

Speaking of doctor-induced Autoimmune Reactions and High Blood Pressure Vaccines, try this one on for size.  A study that was published in a 2012 issue of Current Pharmaceutical Designs (Vaccination Against High Blood Pressure) had this to say about the ongoing attempt(s) to create a vaccine for Hypertension.  “Despite the attractiveness of a vaccination strategy for the treatment of high blood pressure, and many decades of research, attempts to translate this strategy to hypertension management have been unsuccessful. Immunization against components of the renin angiotensin system offers [“advantages”].  However, despite these potential advantages, there are a number of concerns about the safety and efficacy of this approach. Renin immunization demonstrated effective blood pressure reduction in animal models of hypertension but was accompanied by autoimmune disease of the kidney. Moreover, there are theoretical arguments that angiotensin immunization may have limited effectiveness and clinical studies confirmed these limitations.

I have said it many times before, but it bears repeating.  It’s not that Vaccines don’t do what they are supposed to do — most of the time they do.  The problem is that by their very nature, the dramatically increasing numbers of Vaccinations people are being prompted to take by their physicians (not to mention the ANTIBIOTICS) are helping to drive a monumental shift in our nation’s health; away from acute childhood diseases, toward chronic life-long inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases (HERE and HERE).  Unfortunately, this means that……….

If you have High Blood Pressure, one of these days you’ll be taking this vaccine.  Nope; I’m sorry — you won’t be able to opt out.  Look at the law California passed less than two weeks ago (SB 277).  Forced, government-mandated vaccinations will soon be national law (Dr. Ben Carson, Hilary Clinton, and several other presidential hopefuls have made it part of their platform).  There will be no waivers.  Who cares if you don’t want it.  We voted to turn our family’s healthcare decisions over to a bunch of bureaucrats whose pockets are being lined by BIG PHARMA

You’ll soon get to (scratch that — be forced to) take all their vaccines (hey; there’s even one currently in the works against High Cholesterol; so they won’t have to PUT STATINS IN THE WATER SUPPLY).   Fail to show up for your government-mandated doctor visits, and you’ll be booted from the program.  Doesn’t sound too bad until you get real sick or have a serious injury.  Then you’re up a creek.  You’re on your own.  That’s right folks, by declining whatever vaccines the government wants you and your family to have (there are currently nearly 300 in Research & Development), you just opted out of your health insurance.  Not a big deal?  Take a look at how many bankruptcies are related to medical bills.    Give the government an inch and they’ll take a mile.  Today, mandated Vaccinations.  Tomorrow, mandated ?????????


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