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brand new information in the autism vaccine debate


Autism Vaccine

“The disparaged scientists include well-published neurologists, pharmacists, epidemiologists, immunologists, PhD’s, chemists and microbiologists from places like Boston Children’s Hospital, Horizon Molecular Medicine at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, City College of New York, Columbia University, Stony Brook University Medical Center, University of Northern Iowa, University of Michigan, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Al Azhar University of Cairo, Kinki University in Japan, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Poland, Department of Child Health Care, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in China, Utah State University and many more.  Their work is, at best, ignored by the media; at worst, viciously attacked by the predictable flock of self-appointed expert “science” bloggers who often title their blogs with the word “science” or “skeptics” to confer an air of legitimacy.”

Earlier this week on her blog (Untouchable Subjects, Fearless Reporting), the famous investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson put up an article called What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies.  In it, she did what any one of you reading this could have done with their internet connection.  She poured over the peer-reviewed scientific studies on the relationship between AUTISM AND VACCINES.  

In her post, she not only showed that yes; there really is a link between Vaccines and Autism, but also revealed some of the sickening financial conflicts of interest which, despite the fact that Pharmaceutical Companies are mandated to do so (HERE and HERE are examples), were never revealed in the studies themselves.  I am increasingly convinced that when you factor UNDER-REPORTING into the equation, EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE (including UNBIASED VACCINE RESEARCH) is a bigger pipe dream than any of us really grasp. 

By the way, this is an issue that should very much interest those of you dealing with AUTOIMMUNITY — something that’s been linked to various vaccinations for a very long time —- or any number of other Chronic Health Conditions.  Although I would never argue that vaccinations aren’t preventing significant numbers of acute childhood diseases, THERE IS MOUNTING EVIDENCE that these same vaccinations are playing a part in the veritable explosion of CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE DISEASES facing Americans today.


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