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brand new study provides new / old take on gut bacteria, microbiome, and childhood cancer


Leukemia Infections

“The disease is triggered later, in childhood, by exposure to one or more common infections, but primarily in children who experienced ‘clean’ childhoods in the first year of life, without much interaction with other infants or older children.  Professor Greaves presented strong evidence for a ‘delayed infection’ theory for the cause of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, in which early infection is beneficial to prime the immune system, but later infection in the absence of earlier priming can trigger leukemia. 

Greaves suggests that childhood leukemia, in common with type I diabetes, other autoimmune diseases and allergies, might be preventable if a child’s immune system is properly ‘primed’ in the first year of life — potentially sparing children the trauma and life-long consequences of chemotherapy.” From Monday’s issue of Science Daily (Scientist Reveals Likely Cause of Childhood Leukemia: Landmark Paper Sets Out ‘Unified Theory’ for Cause of Childhood Leukemia — And Finds it is Likely Preventable)

“There is a price being paid for the progress we are making in society and medicine.”
From Monday’s article for the BBC by James Gallagher (Missing Microbes ‘Cause’ Childhood Cancer)

Although the gatekeepers of ‘EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE‘ are loathe to report on it (they work overtime to bury it), I’ve provided you numerous posts discussing the relationship between VACCINES, ANTIBIOTICS (actually MOST DRUGS) the HYGIENE HYPOTHESIS, and GUT HEALTH — the last of which just happens to be the single biggest factor in your overall health.  Because 80% of your immune system is made up of the bacteria living in your Gut (HERE), lack of exposure to certain germs when young can quickly lead to a plethora of health problems, including cancer (see HH link above). 

Dr. Mel Greaves has been working as an immunologist for the England’s Institute of Cancer Research since 1984.  His brand new study, published in Nature Review Cancer (A Causal Mechanism for Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), is a 200-source behemoth, which is all about the relationship between cancer and the bacteria (or lack thereof) living in your gut. 

It’s essentially a unified theory showing how when an abnormally high portion of children who carry a specific genetic mutation are not exposed to certain bacteria as infants or toddlers, they end up with childhood leukemia (EPIGENETICS IN ACTION) when they are exposed later (HERE, HERE, and HERE are other examples).   In his words, a failure to be exposed “triggers critical secondary mutations.”   Greaves went on to say of these mutations…

“Epidemiological and modelling studies endorse a dual role for common infections. Microbial exposures earlier in life are protective but, in their absence, later infections trigger the critical secondary mutations. Risk is further modified by inherited genetics, chance and, probably, diet.”

While the study mentioned things like VAGINAL BIRTHS and exposure to germs during childhood (HERE or HERE) as “protective,” did you catch what his statement above is saying concerning the”dual role for common infections“? It’s a well known fact that GERMS ARE NEEDED TO PROPERLY TRAIN ONE’S IMMUNE SYSTEM.  In other words, children need to be exposed when young to avoid serious problems when older. 

Our modern society says that we need to expose children to artificial immunity via vaccines in order to avoid childhood diseases, which for the most part, were either already gone by the time mass vaccinations came out (HERE / HERE), or are self-limiting anyway.  And when they get sick, people erroneously talk about the need to “BOOST” the immune system.

Greaves is saying that allowing normal childhood exposures actually prevent chronic conditions, CANCER being one of those (many experts say the exact same thing about AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES as well).  In fact Gallagher listed PARKINSON’S, ALLERGIES, and DEPRESSION in his article as related to not having proper germ exposure in infanthood.  And while CHANCE certainly plays a part, I firmly believe that the right diet (HERE and HERE are a couple) is going to decrease the epigenetic odds of your child developing cancer or other CHRONIC, INFLAMMATORY, DEGENERATIVE DISEASES.

Dr. Greaves’ study makes my post filed under “UNIVERSAL CURE” all the more interesting and relevant because while I don’t believe that there is ever really one cause / one cure for every disease, I certainly feel that this idea of a “UNIFIED THEORY OF DISEASE” will get most people’s thought processes moving in the right direction (especially because my unified theory is extremely similar to his).  If you appreciate our site and what we’re doing here, be sure and get it in front of those you love and care about most.  Easiest way to do that?  Liking, sharing, or following on  FACEBOOK.


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