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brand new study sheds light on problems with hpv vaccine and medical research in general



The PLACEBO EFFECT is quite amazing.  People think they are getting a real drug, which kicks in their body/mind connection to their immune system, and bam — they get better.  Why is this so amazing?  Because a placebo is, by definition, an inert substance (sugar pills, water, etc).  As defined by Webster’s, the word ‘inert’ means, “lacking a usual or anticipated chemical or biological action.” 

One of the things I showed you in my LAST POST is that, “studies are being finagled in every way possible, forcing some of the heaviest hitters in the field to admit that yes, academic medicine is for sale to the highest bidder (HERE, HERE, and HERE).”  Allow me to show you how this “finagling” sabotaged the findings of an entire study on HPV VACCINE.

Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin is a rheumatologist at Mexico City’s National Institute of Cardiology who specializes in FIBROMYALGIA.  Dr. Amezcua-Guerra is an immunologist at the same institute, whose specialty appears to be various sorts of cardiac or cardiac-related autoimmunity.  Having teamed up for studies on HPV Vaccine previously (HERE), they authored a similar study called Serious Adverse Events After HPV Vaccination: A Critical Review of Randomized Trials and Post-Marketing Case Series that was published in this month’s issue of Clinical Rheumatology.

Interestingly, these authors have become the center of a whirlwind of controversy (see HERE) for exposing the fact that the vast majority of studies on HPV Vaccines are a sham — a huge fraud.  How so?  They have virtually all compared children vaccinated with HPV Vaccines that contain ALUMINUM ADJUVANTS, to children vaccinated with aluminum adjuvants only.   In case you are not grasping the magnitude of the chicanery being perpetrated on the American tax-paying public……..

“The overwhelming majority of randomized HPV vaccine trials did not use inert placebo. They used aluminum-containing placebo or other aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines. For clinical studies, a placebo is defined as a pharmaceutically inert substance. This definition cannot be applied to an adjuvant substance.  Aluminum adjuvant mechanism of action remains poorly understood and its safety has been questioned.

Aluminum adjuvants are known to stimulate TH2 immune response, activate dendritic cells, and activate NLRP3 inflammasome. Aluminum adjuvants have been implicated in the development of chronic illnesses such as the autoimmune and inflammatory syndromes induced by adjuvants (ASIA) syndrome.”

It would be like me reviewing studies on Dr. Pepper showing how safe the soft drink is for children to consume in mass quantities.  Noting that most of the previous research is based on their old slogan 10/2/4 (you’ll have to be old to get this one — people were supposed to drink Dr. Pepper for that pick-me-up boost of “pep” at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 4pm — HERE), my team of elite researchers (PAID FOR BY THE SUGAR INDUSTRY, OF COURSE) starts combing through the studies. 

What we find is that in every single study, the experimental group of children drank their three DP’s a day, while the “placebo” groups, instead of drinking something inert like say water, drank three COCA COLAS or similar per day.  It sort of reminds me of the absurd study set up by Big Sugar to “prove” that sugar before bed does not cause hyperactivity (see “sugar industry” link above).  What Drs. Lavin and Guerra really proved here is that if you set up your study the right way, it’s possible to prove anything.

This is probably why in most HPV Vaccine studies, the rate of side effects for both groups (experimental and placebo) was about the same (around 45%).  Furthermore, when adverse events did occur (particularly serious ones), they were swept under the rug by saying they were outliers and not related to the research.  For instance, in one large study, there were 14 deaths in the vaccine group and only three deaths in the aluminum adjuvant-only group.  The authors of this study essentially shrugged it off by declaring that, “None of the deaths were believed to be related to vaccination.” 

One study from Spain showed that the rate of adverse events for the experimental group was ten times higher than the placebo group (in this case, other vaccines) because of, “HPV vaccine bad publicity.”  Another study, this one from Canada, concluded that, “Ten percent of all HPV vaccinated individuals visited a hospital emergency department within 42 days after immunization,” even though the authors didn’t think this was an important enough finding to provide an explanation.

Some of the the more serious side effects mentioned in this study (beyond death) included COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME, ADRENAL FATIGUE, CHRONIC FATIGUE, ovarian failure (way beyond PCOS), chronic fainting when changing positions (orthostatic tachycardia / syncope), VARIOUS AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, HEADACHES, ARTHRITIS, INSOMNIA (all sorts of symptoms associated with SYMPATHETIC DOMINANCE), problems with equilibrium and balance, SMALL FIBER NEUROPATHY (the most objective finding in fibro), nausea, DIGESTIVE ISSUES, MUSCLE PAIN, etc, etc, etc, etc.

The authors ended by telling us something we already knew.  Not only do we see that at least some vaccines far more dangerous than we have been led to believe (HERE, HERE, and HERE), but we simply cannot trust a great deal of the so-called “evidence” in EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.  Lest you think I’m being harsh, let me show you what the authors had to say in conclusion (yes, it’s CHERRY-PICKED).

“Based on our previous fibromyalgia research, we speculate that in susceptible individuals, the HPV virus-like particles and/or aluminum adjuvant may be neurotoxic, damaging the dorsal root ganglia and triggering dysautonomia and small fiber neuropathy. The recent case reports describing antibodies to different autonomic nervous system receptors [AUTOIMMUNITY] in patients that became ill after HPV immunization go along with this hypothesis…..  

The unquestionable statistical results derived from two of the largest HPV vaccine randomized trials must take preeminence over the investigators’ judgment ascribing the disproportionate severe adverse events and excessive death rate to external factors. One possible explanation for the apparent severe side-effects under-recognition…. would be the investigator leniency towards a promising vaccine trial, which would decrease vaccine-related adverse events in both arms of the study.”

All you have to do to see that this sort of thing is rampant in biomedical research is look at yesterday’s post, or thumb the titles of our posts on EBM (link above).  Fortunately, if yours is one of the myriad of children who has been injured by vaccines, there may be hope thanks to the growing numbers of physicians like AMY DAVIS or TERRY WAHLS, who not only acknowledge that vaccines can cause damage, but have also come up with some extremely cool protocols for reversing said damage.  For those of you looking to create an EXIT STRATEGY from chronic pain or chronic illness, take a look at the link.


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