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but how did it happen doc?


Soft Tissue Injury


Soft Tissue Injury


When it comes right down to it, soft tissue injuries (especially FASCIA) occur one of two major ways (sometimes both).  They are either traumatic or repetitive.   Bear in mind that a traumatic injury can be an old injury.  In other words, don’t confuse the terms “Chronic” (it’s been going on a long time) or “Acute” (it just started bothering me recently) with the highlighted terms below.  It is also important to realize that this “tearing” of soft tissues is often at the cellular level.  In other words, it’s not like you tore a muscle in half.  It’s subtle — not usually the kind of thing that is going to show up on MRI

  • TRAUMATIC INJURIES:  These are injuries that are the result of trauma.  In other words, there was enough force / speed generated during a specific event to overcome the elasticity and tensile strength of tissue, causing it to tear.   One of the most commonly seen traumatic injuries in our office is WHIPLASH (HERE is more information). 
  • REPETITIVE INJURIES:  Repetitive injuries are just what they sound like; injuries that occur not because of the intensity of the injury itself, but because a certain specific motion is done over and over and over again.  This could be something that a person has done repetitively for decades, or it could be something that a person does repetitively for a day or two (or even an hour or two) that they are not used to doing. 

Bear in mind that you can get to the same place with either type of injury.  And when it comes to either of these two types of injuries, there are all sorts of factors that affect the severity as well as the body’s ability and time it takes to heal.  Some of these factors are SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION, a person’s WEIGHT, their level of fitness, their age, etc, etc, etc.  Although I deal with lots and lots of traumatic injuries in my clinic, it is the chronic injuries that intrigue me the most.  It’s exciting to take patients who have had their problems for years (or even decades) and make huge changes in them — instantly.  To see what I am talking about, take a look at our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.  


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