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but where would i get my fiber?


Bread Fiber

“Is there any food in the world more celebrated than bread? It’s been a daily staple in the human diet for thousands of years, and it’s been drilled into our heads that a meal isn’t complete without it. The words “fiber” and “wheat bran” are practically interchangeable. You know you need fiber for good health, so bring on the bread, right? The fact is, the mass of gluten you’ve got clutched in hand is not the best source of fiber at all. In fact, it’s a bad source.  White bread products are among the junkiest foods you can put in your body, full of empty calories and practically bereft of nutrition.”  From Bad Fiber: Why Bread Isn’t Best by Stephanie Rogers on December 13, 2011 in EcoSalon.
I recently had a patient tell me something I have heard other patients tell me time and time again over the last number of years.  When suggesting to someone that GLUTEN (wheat protein) might be at the root of their health problems, I am often asked, “But where would I get my fiber?“.   It’s a valid question that I am going to answer for you today.

You must firstly be aware that most breads or bread products (croutons, bagels, dinner rolls, breakfast cereals, etc, etc) are made with white flour.  This is true even if the label says things like “wheat flour” or “whole wheat“.  In fact, not only are many of the darker breads — the breads which are supposed to be healthiest for you — chiefly full of “bleached white flour,” but the same thing is true of many of the breads that have numbers in their label (i.e. Twelve Grain Bread).  The fact is, enriched white flour and wheat flour are essentially the same product (coloring flour to make it darker is a simple procedure).   Where you start to see a difference is in bread labeled “100% Whole Grain“.  But is Whole Grain Bread going to be good for everyone — particularly in this day and age where people are so worried about Gluten Sensitivity?

The truth is, not everyone needs to be worried about Gluten.  But unfortunately, many people do — even if your doctor (or pastor) is not on board (HERE).  What makes this problem so spurious is that not only are the symptoms of Gluten Intolerance mostly neurological (HERE), but the fact that these neurological problems can lie dormant until later in life, when they spring to life and attack with a vengeance.  For those of you who are interested in learning why Gluten is such a significant problem today, when it was considered the “staff of life” just a few short decades ago, READ THIS.  But back to the question at hand.  For a person who is thinking about doing a PALEO DIET or something similar, how do they get their fiber without eating bread?

As I just showed you, most breads are not good sources of fiber.  What is a good source of fiber?  How about fruits and vegetables — particularly raw fruits and vegetables.  Plainly stated, there’s nothing better.  Or you could do a drink similar to what I do.  I grind up some organic Flax Seeds in a coffee grinder each morning and stir it into a tall glass of GREENS that I have squeezed a lemon or lime into.  Simple, effective, and heart-healthy as well.


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