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calcium and vitamin d does not prevent fractures


In a large meta-analysis of the peer-reviewed literature, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) concluded that the ever-popular supplement combination of Vitamin D and Calcium is a waste of time.  In fact, the study, published in the latest online issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, had this to say about all groups of people taking Calcium — including post-menopausal women……     “Do not supplement.” 

Why would this be?  With today’s huge emphasis on preventing Osteoporosis, why in the world would anyone — let alone one of our precious governmental health organizations —- come out against supplementing with Calcium?  For one, it increases your chances of developing kidney stones.  For another, it simply does not do what it has been touted to do for decades —- prevent fractures.  Listen to the words of co-author, Dr. Virginia Moyer (MD) on the subject.

Due to the lack of effect on fracture incidence and the increased incidence of nephrolithiasis [kidney stones] in the intervention group of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) trial, the USPSTF concluded with moderate certainty that daily supplementation with 400 IU of vitamin D3 and 1000 mg of calcium has no net benefit for the primary prevention of fractures in noninstitutionalized postmenopausal women.

If you follow my blog, you are already up on this information.  If you do not follow my blog, HERE is the article I wrote only three short weeks ago, called Is Calcium Bad for You?  There I deal with the latest Osteoporosis study from BMJ (the British Medical Journal) that says supplementing with Calcium dramatically increases one’s chances of dying.  If you want to start to understand all of this, CLICK HERE and start reading.  In a half hour, you’ll know far more about the best ways to effectively deal with Osteoporosis than your doctor. 

By the way, there is one Calcium Supplement that is radically different than the rest.  This is because instead of being simply Calcium, it comes from raw, cold-processed, organically-raised veal bones.  It is called CALCIFOOD, and is an absolutely amazing product that has been around for about half a century.


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