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Cancer Treatment

“Enriched [WHITE / BLEACHED] wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, niacin, water, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable shortening – containing one or more of partially hydrogenated soybean, cottonseed and canola oil, and beef fat, dextrose, whole eggs, modified corn starch, cellulose gum, whey, leavenings (sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate), salt, cornstarch, corn flour, corn syrup, solids, mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, polysorbate 60, dextrin, calcium caseinate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, wheat gluten, calcium sulphate, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, yellow dye No. 5, red dye No. 40″
The list above contains the ingredients found in a Twinkie.  A Twinkie contains added GLUTEN, several different EXCITOTOXINS, TRANS FATS, SUGAR, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, SOY, and a wide variety of nasty chemicals.  Not exactly what I would call health food, and certainly not what one should be eating when fighting any sort of INFLAMMATORY ILLNESS —- including CANCER (Dr. Otto Warburg showed us why when he won 1931’s Nobel Prize for Medicine —- HERE).  But believe it or not, this is exactly the kinds of foods that people are being told to eat by their doctors. 

When a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer several years ago, she was told by her cancer doctor (I am loosely quoting here), “I don’t really care what you eat; just make sure you don’t lose any weight.  If it takes Twinkies to do that, it’s fine.”  I am not making this up. When I suggested a couple of WHOLE FOOD NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, she balked.  Her doctor had told her that under no circumstances was she to take any sort of Nutritional Supplement — it might “react” with the chemo.  I have seen this same scenario play out dozens of times over the years — including Friday, when a patient told me of a recently deceased spouse who spent the last five years of her life and 2 million dollars in misery, without any sort of nutritional guidance whatsoever.  ZERO. That, my friends, is criminal.

It does not bother me that people treat cancer with conventional methods.  I get it — sometimes drastic situations call for drastic measures.  What is troubling is that far too many people use oncologists who believe that treating cancer is SOLELY A MEDICAL ENDEAVOR (chemo / radiation).  How much better could the results be for their patients if physicians understood some of the foundational principles of health and disease (HERE)?  This is especially important in light of new information about using the same diet for cancer that is being used to treat neurological conditions, including epilepsy —- the KETOGENIC DIET.  But then again, once you realize that SUGAR FEEDS CANCER, it only makes sense.


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