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chronic back pain in a young woman: a testimonial


Falls Pain

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Quintana came to see me the other day for low back pain (down onto her hips) and mid back pain that she had been dealing with for over nine years.  Almost a decade ago, she fell over some clothes and down some stairs and not only broke several ribs, but left herself in a state of chronic pain from a very young age. 

The SCAR TISSUE in her back was brutal.   Her Ranges of Motion increased dramatically immediately after treatment, and subsequently, her pain was largely relieved.  Although “immediately” (we shot this video right after treating her) isn’t enough time to see what today’s treatment will do for her MIGRAINE HEADACHES, I would be surprised if they are not dramatically improved (or even gone) after what we did today.   If I had not been pressed for time, I would have done another BEFORE AND AFTER video to show just how significant the difference really was.  By the way, watch for Jenna’s upcoming video (she did not feel she was presentable for a video Monday when she was in).  After moving to the area from another state, we solved her reliance on CONTINUAL ONE-AFTER-ANOTHER ADJUSTMENTS that had been going on for at least ten years.


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