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chronic neck pain: could there be a solution for you?


Neck Pain Cure

Although there are any number of reasons people end up with CHRONIC NECK PAIN, one of the more common are the physical results of WHIPLASH INJURY.  Just last week I had two interesting cases on the same day; young men who had been struggling with chronic neck pain for years.  One had been HIT ON TOP OF THE HEAD hard enough to knock out several teeth, and the other had been in an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident). 

Both had been to chiropractors, with one of them going weekly for a very long time.  And both had ranges of motion near zero.  That would be zero as in the big nugget.  Nothing.  Neither could move his head, and both had been that way for a very long time (the first individual had been like that for the entire seven years).  And to top it all off, the one who had been through LOTS AND LOTS OF CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS; his chiro actually told him that adjusting his neck was like adjusting a corpse.  No wonder.

If you are wanting to solve your chronic neck pain, there is a STEP-WISE PROTOCOL that must be followed (HERE is the second part of the protocol).  Firstly, you will have to deal with any underlying SCAR TISSUE (FIBROSIS).  It’s no wonder this young man (early twenties) was told his neck was like that of a dead person.  Trying to get good adjustments without first dealing with the FASCIAL ADHESIONS is an exercise in futility that will never bear any fruit other than possibly some temporary relief. 

However, once the Scar Tissue has been dealt with properly, adjustments will work, and you can start to address FORWARD HEAD POSTURE (FHP) and any SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION that might be present (the latter of which should be done anyway).

I kick myself because I actually thought about doing a before / after video on both of these individuals, but we were swamped and I didn’t feel I had the time.  Both of these men came in with terrible ROM and left with ROM that was nearly normal. 

That’s what it’s about in my clinic — LESS VISITS INSTEAD OF MORE.  And the only way to get results like this is to deal with the TETHERING effects of the Scar Tissue, which unfortunately, are neglected by way too many practitioners, most of which try and convince you that if you just get more treatment (adjustments, THERAPY, massage, DRUGS), everything is going to eventually resolve itself and be OK.  If you simply play the odds (HERE), you realize that this at best a crapshoot.

Interestingly, on the same day that these two gentlemen came in, I saw another person who had been in the same boat.  Near-zero range of motion in his cervical spine (neck) despite lots and lots of adjustments.  Since last week was his second visit and he had done so well after his first (his first was the day after Halloween, and remember that I’m the guy who rarely makes patients a follow-up appointment after their first visit — HERE), I asked if he would do a video for us. 

Although Gaylon is not the sort of person who gets very worked up, his was a very cool case, with thus far an excellent outcome.  And for those of you who enjoy similar testimonials, I have a boatload of them HERE. BTW, Gaylon is not only a music minister, he is a professional banjo player of some renowned (HERE).

For those of you who might be struggling with problems besides and beyond neck pain, including inflammatory or autoimmune diseases, I created a post for you as well (HERE).  And best of all, it’s completely free. Oh, be sure to like, share or follow on FACEBOOK if you appreciate the work we are doing here!


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