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chronic pain or chronic illness?  treat it systemically


The most conservative estimates reveal that 1 in 6 Americans are dealing with some sort of CHRONIC PAIN issue.  Many organizations suggest the actual number is closer to 1 in 3.  Regardless of the exact numbers, it’s a serious problem — particularly if you’re the one in pain.  Dealing with people struggling with various PAIN SYNDROMES is a major thrust of my practice.  While our clinic’s success rate is as good as it gets (HERE), there are two major roadblocks to people getting the results they want.

  • CHRONIC PAIN; THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS SEDENTARY: Face it, the average American is not being regularly active in any meaningful sense of the word. Even if they are constantly “busy,” they are frequently not active.  In light of the peer-reviewed scientific literature, the body needs movement to function on a high level.  Not necessarily a huge amount of movement, but movement nonetheless.  A sedentary lifestyle will seriously inhibit your ability to solve your problem, no matter what your problem may be (HERE & HERE are examples having to do with CHRONIC PAIN).
  • CHRONIC PAIN; THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS INFLAMED:  Even in those who don’t yet show the signs of overt disease or pain, INFLAMMATION is almost assured since it is virtually synonymous with being American.  We are literally an “INFLAMMATION NATION“.  For the record, OVERWEIGHT / OBESITY is an inflammatory disease that affects almost 70% of our population.   Another 10% are METABOLICALLY OBESE even though they fit nicely onto a height / weight chart.  While a certain amount of ACUTE INFLAMMATION is needed for the body to heal properly, SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION can be a deal-breaker for getting out of pain and solving your chronic problem(s).

Unfortunately, too many people are let off the hook by their doctors.  They’re told that their HIGH CHOLESTEROL is genetic (when it’s actually EPIGENETIC).  They’re told that their problem is “ARTHRITIS” and that their joints are just worn away to nothing — almost time for that REPLACEMENT

They’re told that no one has any idea why they have FIBROMYALGIA and that beyond covering symptoms, there’s nothing they can do.  They’re told that AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES are just an unfortunate luck of the draw for some people; no rhyme, reason, or solution.  They’re even told that deadly inflammatory diseases such as CANCER are nothing more than blind, random chance (HERE).  Chalk it all up to bad luck and bad genes.

The result of all this?  That’s easy — drugs.  Even though the United States contains less than 5% of the world’s population, our own government admits that we consume 75% of the world’s medication (HERE).  I see so many people on “THE BIG FIVE” it makes my head spin.  Becoming a “DRUG CULTURE” has provided an easy way out for us.  

We never really have to take responsibility for our own health because we pay others to do that for us — that’s our doctor’s job.  Unfortunately, the medications never really work over the long haul, and thanks to our “no fault” society, we can always find someone or something to blame for our collective plights.  I want to show you a better way — a way that actually addresses underlying causes of pain and inflammation, shutting it down at the source.

It’s why I suggest that if you are dealing with any sort of pain syndrome, it’s helpful to treat it as though it were a systemic problem, probably because often times it is (HERE, HERE, or HERE).  Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy to see you and help you find your way out of the ditch you are in — usually with way less time and expense than anyone else suggests is possible (HERE).  What I want to see, however, is you (that would be “you” as in you) take some personal responsibility. 

Frankly, I don’t want to see you over and over again for the same old problem(s), simply because you won’t take the initiative to start addressing them on your own.  What do I mean by ‘addressing them on your own‘?   Hang tight for ten more seconds.

If you are one of those people who has struggled with any sort of chronic health or pain issue, by all means, come and see me — if I tell you I can help you I probably can (HERE).  However, if you want to break away from the endless stream of doctor visits, get off the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND, and start taking your life back, you’ll have to take some action steps.  I promise I’ve helped people worse off than you are (HERE). 

And here’s the thing; I’ve even provided you a blueprint for getting started completely free of charge.  HERE is the brand new revamped version.  The truth is, if you don’t treat your pain / problem systemically, it may be tough to really get better (HERE is a person who took this message to heart). And be sure to like, share or follow on FACEBOOK if you appreciate what’s happening here.


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