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chronic trunk and abdominal pain: a video testimonial from northern quebec

Three years ago Francois (France Wha) was kneeling while working on a project, reached way out in front of himself while lifting something, and felt a tearing sensation in his thoracic cage and abdominal area, feeling immediate trunk and abdominal pain.  Since that time, he has been through a far too common nightmare.  Lots of doctor visits, diagnostic imaging, and even 12 visits to someone six hours away to have Graston done (Thursday’s LONG-DISTANCE PATIENT was from South Dakota; she’d had 35 Graston treatments to no avail).

I saw Francois on Tuesday morning and again this morning before starting with regular patients.  He had severe restriction that was distorting his body, an inability to move properly through a number of ranges of motion, a significant amount of pain, and some weird neurological junk (touching certain parts of his belly caused abnormal sensations in his same-side foot among other things). 

He also had a history of several groin injuries from playing years of hockey (he was a goalie).  Findings: severe FASCIAL ADHESIONS that centered around his right ABDOMINAL WALL / TENSOR FASCIA LATA / HIP FLOXOR and ran upward into his thoracic cage, lat, and triceps / rear deltoid; and downward into his groin and quadriceps (a little in his hamstring).

What was wrong?  The adhesed fascia had ensnared several CUTANEOUS NERVES, causing not only significant amounts of pain, but odd neurological signs and referral patterns as well. What’s really interesting is that as I continued to test the BULLSEYE AREA, I found the epicenter of his problem.  He had a tear that ran from under his arm, around the RIB CAGE along the top margin of his latisumus in a large half-circle (although I did not take a pic, it was VERY VISIBLE after working on him).

Since I have never had a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL in any language other than English, so since he had done so well with his treatment, I asked Francois if he would be willing to do one in his native tongue; French.  Although he was a bit apprehensive (he is far too self conscious about his English, which is much better than he thinks), he agreed. 


Below is the video and transcript.

“I injured myself three years ago and since then had trouble stretching, it was like my right side was glued together.  I’ve had many Graston treatments, a six hour drive from my house and the results didn’t last.  Then I saw Dr. Schierling’s website and watched a few testimonials and decided to take the 25 hour trip to see him.  After the first I was like 50% better and after the second, I was more than 80% better.”

If you are ever in the area again Francois, make sure to look me up so we can get your family to THE CURRENT RIVER (our neck of the Ozarks is a rather good VACATION DESTINATION).  If you enjoy  posts like this one and wonder if what I do here could benefit someone you know; the best way to reach those you love and care about most is by liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK.


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