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disc herniations and chronic infections


Spinal Disc Pain Antibiotic


“The ability of the human body to resist the invasion of its tissues by microorganisms is dependent upon a number of factors. But probably the best way to insure the highest degree of resistance for any given individual is to see that his dietary intake of vitamins is amply high….   Stomach ulcers are probably the best instance of a bacterial invasion primarily due to lowered resistance resulting from vitamin deficiency.  Dr. Royal Lee from the September 18, 1933 issue of The Vitamin News

“Make no mistake this is a turning point, a point where we will have to re-write the textbooks.  This is vast. We are talking about probably half of all spinal surgery for back pain being replaced by taking antibiotics …   It is the stuff of Nobel prizes.”  Peter Hamlyn, neurologist and spine surgeon at University College London, from an article in the U.K. TelegraphMember of MAST (Modic Antibiotic Spine Therapy) Medical

“This will not help people with normal back pain, those with acute, or sub-acute pain – only those with chronic lower back pain.  These are people who live a life on the edge because they are so handicapped with pain. We are returning them to a form of normality they would never have expected.”  – Lead author, Dr. Hanne Albert from the UK Guardian (also a member of MAST Medical)

Allow me to give you one more good reason to get serious about taking care of your health — whether you are currently sick or not.  Even though our medical community claims to have recently discovered that the cause for both Gastritis and Stomach Ulcers is a chronic bacterial infection called H. PYLORI, the brilliant ROYAL LEE beat them to the punch almost 80 years ago.  In fact, Dr. Lee wrote extensively about the numerous health problems associated with chronic (sub-clinical) bacterial and / or viral infections.  It seems that with every passing day, the founder of Standard Process Nutritional Supplements is looking increasingly brilliant, as modern researchers are tying various sorts of chronic infections to everything from AUTOIMMUNITY to FIBROMYALGIA, to CANCER

Now a peer-reviewed study from Denmark has linked bacterial infections to HERNIATED DISCS.  The study’s authors at the University of Southern Denmark have shown that 35 – 40% of all cases of severe low back pain are the result of chronic bacterial infections that “attack” areas of the spine where “MODIC CHANGES” have taken place (named after Dr. Michael Modic, who identified these findings in 1988).  It seems that a bacterium named “Propionibacterium Acnes” (yes, it’s the same bacteria that causes ACNE), can get into the blood stream via brushing one’s teeth, and end up finding its way inside discs that are already Herniated or Ruptured (this will make more sense if you remember that most Disc Herniations are, at least initially, “ASYMPTOMATIC“).  Once inside, they set up residence and begin to make themselves at home, causing further problems. 

And why not?  We already know that Disc Herniations are considered to be one of the multitudes of “INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS” that seem to plague the majority of Americans.  Throw in the fact that we constantly weaken our Immune Systems via a steady stream of Antibiotics (HERE and HERE), and you can begin to see where this is heading.  Top it all off with the fact that we promote DYSBIOSIS and ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE by eating absurd amounts of SUGAR AND STARCH, and you have a nightmare in the making.  As you might imagine, the study’s authors are now claiming that the solution to as much as 80% of those with these “Modic Changes” is to simply take Antibiotics (they claim that a 100-day round should do it).  What do I think of this?  Knowing what I do about ANTIBIOTICS and their affect on GUT HEALTH, I am leery to say the least.

The truth is, for many people, it could be as Dr. Hamlyn implied, revolutionary for at least some of the folks who are debilitated by Chronic Low Back Pain.  However, don’t think for a moment that it comes without risks — not the least of which comes from Antibiotics in general, but also the world’s growing problem of increasing bacterial resistance and our propensity to create the so-called “SUPER BUGS“.  I believe that therapies like this, while having a potential to help great numbers of people, also have the potential to harm great numbers of people as well.  And lets be honest with each other; as an inherently skeptical person, I have some doubts about these results which were largely the result of doctors working for MAST Medical.  I would also be curious to know if their protocol involves Gut Restoration and PROBIOTIC THERAPY post-treatment.

Lest we forget one of the most important aspects of this study, what about the infection itself?  Do germs really “cause” infections?  If germs alone were responsible for illness and infection in the way that most people understand the “GERM THEORY” of disease, there would be no one around to discuss it with.  We should all be aware that we tend to get sick / infected when out Immune Systems are weakened and our bodies are overloaded with stress (physical, mental, emotional, dietary, chemical, etc).  If you want to really dig into this issue, I would suggest you read about the philosophical battle that took place between two famous scientist of the relatively recent past (late 1800’s – early 1900’s):  Louis Pasteur vs Antoine Béchamp and The Germ Theory of Disease Causation, or The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur.  There are many others.  It’s a battle which, on some level, is still taking place today.

“Chiropractic certainly recognizes germs, but we look at them a little different way.  You know that if you have a dump you have rats.  If you poison the dump you will kill off the rats.  But if you leave the dump there, they’ll be back!  The same is true of the human body.  If a weakness exists, you will harbor the germs; viruses and bacteria.   This is why one child is often sick and not the others, or why one person constantly gets colds for instance and yet the person’s mate, husband or wife, seldom comes down with the problem.”  – Dr. Fred Barge from his “Rats in the Dump” lecture from page 52 of 1984’s Are You the Doctor, Doctor?.

“One question was always uppermost in my mind in my search for the cause of disease. I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop, at the same bench, was not. Why? What difference was there in the two persons that caused one to have pneumonia, catarrh, typhoid, or rheumatism, while his partner, similarly situated, escaped? Why?”  – ‘Father of Chiropractic’, Dr. D.D. Palmer from his early (pre-1900) writings.

Because ACNE and Disc Herniation / DISC DEGENERATION are considered to be “INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS“, doesn’t it make sense that one would want to treat them in ways that would decrease Inflammation?  For all intent and purposes, the medical community has two things to offer in this respect; NSAIDS and steroids — both with their fair share of serious side effects. 

The truth is, there are definitely better ways to deal with Chronic Inflammation — the first and foremost being to change your diet.  As is almost always the case, I recommend a PALEO DIETHERE are the chief reasons why.  Also remember that because of the commonly-seen problem of Connective Tissue Damage seen with Antibiotic use such as that seen in Tendons, the potential of trading one Chronic Pain Syndrome for ANOTHER is likewise high.  I might also suggest that you read a bit about the COMMON ORIGIN of all (or at least most) disease —- even much of it that we today consider to be “GENETIC” before jumping into new and relatively experimental treatment methods such as the one described today.  Yes, it could be the panacea you are looking for.  Just be warned that there are thousands of internet message boards loaded with posts of people who thought the same thing about other various forms of treatment.


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