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“When it comes to marketing, the medical community has caught on quickly.  One of the ways that marketing has exponentially increased market shares in numerous areas of medicine is by convincing people they have “Diseases“.   If they can convince you that you have a disease that can never be cured, but only ‘managed’ with a lifetime of drugs and surgeries, they will make money off of you for decades.  Multiply that by tens of millions of people, and you have a cash cow whose value is unfathomable.  A perfect example of this is Degenerative Joint “Disease“, otherwise known as DJD.  Instead of Degenerative Osteoarthritis (the old name), you now have a “disease” in your spine.  In the words of the animated cardboard cutouts selling Guinness Beer, brilliant!  But this “disease” is certainly not alone”

This quote was taken from my post on the relationship between Hypochlorhydria, GERD, H. Pylori, and the drugs used to treat it all, just a few short weeks ago (HERE).  I have been warning people about this phenomenon of “manufacturing and selling diseases” for years.  Now it seems the scientific community is starting to agree with me.  The current issue of the journal Pediatrics must have pilfered my blog post. 

The study by the National Institutes of Health stated that,This is compelling evidence that the choice of words by physicians can significantly affect parents’ views of their children’s health.  The way we identify and deal with annoying normal or insignificant variations and how we discuss them with parents makes a big difference in the quality of care.

According to the study’s authors, “GERD is certainly not the first or only condition to be suspected of widespread overdiagnosis and overtreatment.”  This confirms what I have been saying for a very long time.  Simply tack the word disease onto the end of any health problem you choose, and you can turn people’s brains to mush.  Big Pharma is very aware of this simple trick, and uses it quite effectively to scare people into just about anything they wish —- most specifically buying their drugs. 

It should be noted what the study’s authors actually told parents after they told them their child had a “disease“.   “Studies have shown that this medicine probably doesn’t do anything to help improve symptoms in babies with [GERD/this problem].  Educate yourselves, or you and your family will wind up as tools —- commodities to be used by Big Pharma as lifetime money makers!


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