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does folic acid cause cancer?


Whole Food Nutrition Cancer

Darwin Laganzon – Pateros/Philippines – Pixabay

For the past two decades North American grain processors have been fortifying their flour with Folate.  The Westernized portion of Europe has declined to do so out of fear of increasing certain kinds of CANCER.  In a recent study done at Oxford University in England, supplementing with Folic Acid (aka Vitamin B-9 or Folate) was shown to be statistically insignificant as far as either preventing or causing cancer is concerned.  Despite the fact that a lack of Folate is known to cause certain specific birth defects, it has also been associated with increased levels of certain kinds of cancers.   Although Folate was shown not to cause an increase in overall cancer rates (it did increase rates 6%, which is within the range of statistical insignificance), should we really be surprised?

These studies, as are virtually all nutritional studies, are performed using Synthetic Supplements.  Most likely, they are the same kind of Nutritional Supplements that you are taking.  Is there really a difference between Synthetic Nutritional Supplements and Whole Food Supplements?  You bet your sweet bippy there is!  It is the reason that studies on specific Nutritional Supplements frequently show no benefit (HERE, HERE and HERE are a few examples).  Allow me to explain.

Even though all vitamin companies will tout their products as “natural“, this is far from the case.  The vitamins found in “enriched” foods like the flour mentioned above, are cheap, super high potency, synthetic fractions of what God built into real food.  For instance, women get duped into taking really crappy calcium supplements that contain mega amounts of ground up chalk (HERE) —- and maybe some Synthetic Vitamin D —- and are told it will prevent Osteoporosis.   WHOLE FOOD NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS are different.   The truth is, unless you are actually looking for a drug-like effect from the synthetic fraction (for instance, I.V. Ascorbic Acid for cancer), Whole Foods or Whole Food Supplements are the only way to go.  I would suggest you glance at the link above to understand this concept better.


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