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dogs and dirt make for healthier children



A recent study from Finland showed how having a dog in the home can help ward off infections in very young infants, possibly by hastening immune system development.   According to Eija Bergroth, MD, of Kuopio University Hospital, during the first year of life, children living with dogs were generally healthier and had less frequent EAR INFECTIONS.  As a result, they were also treated with less rounds of ANTIBIOTICS as reported by the August 2012 edition of the medical journal Pediatrics.  The thing is, we have heard this all before — it’s not really news.  The real question we need to be asking is “Why“.  Why is having pets, or living around animals good for infant’s and children’s developing immune systems?

According to Dr. Bergroth, “The amount of dirt is likely to correlate with bacterial diversity in the living environment, possibly affecting the maturation of the child’s immune system and further affecting the risk of respiratory tract infections.”   But this should come as no surprise either.  What have we learned over the past decade?  the answer is two-fold.  Firstly, we have learned that one’s MICROBIOME is arguably the most important aspect of one’s health.  Secondly, we have discovered a strange and shocking truth —- that Americans are often not dirty enough, either inside or out (HERE). We have too many children that never play outside, never really get dirty, and essentially live their lives in a “sterile” environment —- an environment saturated with antibacterial soaps, lotions, cleaners, detergents, and wipes, not to mention the insane numbers of ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS

Let’s look at this another way though.  If it’s true that things like dogs, dirt, and bacteria can positively affect a child’s immune system by “developing / maturing” it properly, what might do the opposite?  In other words, what sorts of things might prevent that same developing immune system from maturing normally?  In light of this information, it would make sense that things like ANTIBIOTICS & VACCINES could potentially adversely affect a child’s Immune System by not allowing it to develop / mature properly.  Interestingly enough, I have been hearing this theory bantered around the scientific community for at least 25 years (HERE). 

A quick search of the internet shows that there are an increasing number brilliant scientists and physicians who believe that because of exploding numbers of Vaccinations and widespread antibiotic overuse, we have essentially traded acute childhood illnesses like Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles, WHOOPING COUGH, etc, for chronic, debilitating illnesses such as CANCER, FIBROMYALGIA, NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS of all sorts, AUTISM, as well as AUTOIMMUNITY.  In our age of “hi tech” medicine, it is easy to forget that 80% of your entire Immune System is made up of the bacteria that reside in your Gut (HERE).  An indisputable fact is that Antibiotics assault these bacteria, thus weakening the Immune System as opposed to strengthening it (HERE).   In light of much current research, many believe that the same can be said of Vaccines (HERE, HERE or HERE).

even though many of you will disagree with my conclusions, my goal is always to get you thinking outside the box.  If you know others that enjoy living outside the box, help us spread the word by liking us on FACEBOOK.  It’s the best way to reach those you love and care about most.

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