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fibrotic fascia and migraine headaches


Migraine Headache Solution

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“More than 60 million American adults report experiencing a migraine, and they affect women at a rate 3 times higher than men.  Most people with migraines experience their first migraine as an adult, but children and teenagers can fall victim to them, too.  Medical experts are not sure what causes migraines. Shifting levels of serotonin and other chemicals in the brain may provoke migraines, but neurologists and brain scientists admit that we have a lot to learn before we understand the cause completely.”  From this month’s edition of Practical Pain Management (Migraines and Headaches Overview).  The article goes on to say that one of the common symptoms of Migraine is,a stiff or tender neck“.

“Migraine headaches have been linked to compression, irritation, or entrapment of peripheral nerves in the head and neck at muscular, fascial, and vascular sites.”    From an article (Anatomy of the Supratrochlear Nerve: Implications for the Surgical Treatment of Migraine Headaches) found in the December 17, 2012 issue of Plastic Reconstructive SurgeryDoesn’t it make sense that one would want to try to relieve this “compression, irritation, and entrapment” in a non-invasive manner first?

Over the years, I’ve written lots of articles on NECK PAIN and its intimate relationship to HEADACHES.  Bear in mind, however, that not all of the headaches we help people with are “Cervicogenic” (generated by the cervical spine or neck) —- many are MIGRAINES.  By looking at the titles of the articles I’ve written about Migraine Headaches, you will quickly realize that many are related to non-mechanical issues (GLUTEN, BLOOD SUGAR, BLACK MOLD, etc, etc, etc).  However, many are related to mechanical issues — chiefly SUBLUXATION and FASCIA.  Take the case of Tara, for instance.

I have seen Tara a grand total of three times over the past year.  She came to me seeking help for Migraine Headaches that she had been struggling with (multiple times a week) for 17 years — ever since she was in grade school.  It’s amazing how well people do with the proper intervention.  You can see more testimonials by visiting our TESTIMONIAL PAGE.


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