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Flu Vaccinations

Miriam-Webster defines propaganda as, “the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person;  ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.”  The master of modern propaganda, Adolph Hitler, wrote in 1925’s Mein Kampf (My Struggle) — I’m paraphrasing — that if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough, it will be believed.  So; when it comes to “news” concerning FLU VACCINATIONS, what’s fake (propaganda / lying), what’s real, and who can you really trust?  I only ask these questions because a few days ago the University of Michigan, which happens to be a big wheel in the FLU VACCINE RESEARCH INDUSTRY, came to some interesting conclusions concerning results of a nation wide poll.

Just days ago UM released a two page PDF flyer concerning the results of a poll (National Poll on Children’s Health) titled Do Parents Have Selective Hearing about Flu Vaccine for Children?  The gist of the results was that parents who make the conscious choice not to have their child vaccinated against flu are being brainwashed by consuming large amounts of antivaxxer propaganda.  Case in point was an article written about this article from Precision Vaccination’s Don Ward, titled Improve Flu Vaccination Rates by Decreasing Fake-News.

Ward’s piece started out with the statement “Influenza vaccination rates increase when pharmacists, nurses, and doctors voice a positive recommendation.”  While this is likely true as well as being the reason I always suggest looking at both sides of any issue, what are we actually finding?  That significant numbers of professionals from these groups are not as big of fans of flu vaccines as we’ve always been led to believe, with many actually warning against the practice. 

Maybe my mind is tainted because I hang with a group of brilliant FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE SPECIALISTS online (MD’s, DO’s, and a few DC’s or Ph.D’s) who think the flu vaccine is a sick joke?  Or maybe it’s because I personally know a number of physicians (some local) who have chosen not to have their own children vaccinated against flu and don’t overtly promote it for others?  Or maybe it’s because MY BROTHER — an MD himself — thinks mandatory flu vaccinations are little more than an industry-fueled money grab?  Or maybe it’s because I personally know numerous nurses and other medical professionals who believe that flu shots are a dangerous joke (HERE)?  One of the poll’s authors, Sarah Clark (MPH), was quoted by Ward as saying in a PRESS RELEASE (it’s somewhat cherry picked)…..

“Without clear guidance from the provider, parents may be left with misinformation, such as the suggestion that flu vaccine causes the flu. Parents who were unlikely to get the flu vaccine for their child cited family, close friends, and other parents as the most common sources that made them either question the flu vaccine or opt against vaccinating their child. And it wasn’t just the source of the information.  ‘Parents who are not choosing flu vaccination for their child report hearing or reading opinions that question or oppose the vaccine.'”

Firstly, while flu shots don’t cause flu, they are known to cause a problem that’s indistinguishable from flu —- FLU-LIKE ILLNESS (the biggest reason you can’t trust flu statistics).  Secondly, I would argue that people who QUESTION THE NECESSITY FOR CHILDHOOD FLU VACCINATIONS should not be labeled as “ANTIVAXXERS,” but as good parents looking out for their children and wanting to do what’s best for them.  For Pete’s sake, how do you learn what’s true without studying?

You see; although numerous medical professionals decry health-related information from the internet because it forces them to repeatedly answer a lot of questions (some of them DIFFICULT QUESTIONS), I’m a huge fan.  All of my posts on flu vaccines and the antivirals used to treat influenza come straight from peer review.  In other words, it’s not simply my opinion (see first link at top of page).  My suggestion to patients and non-patients alike concerning whatever a doctor (self included) either writes or tells you is to check it out.  Spend some time looking up ORIGINAL SOURCES AND STUDIES yourself and come to your own conclusions.  I actually think this is what helps people make educated decisions based on facts and not on fear or industry propaganda.  Speaking of propaganda (fake news), look at what Ward wrote concerning the UM poll…..

“Parents who said they would not get the flu vaccine for their child reported 7 times as many information sources that made them question the vaccine’s value, or not want the vaccine.”

In other words, how dare you read any of that foolishness not put out by us or that we don’t approve of!  Ward’s piece ended with the final third of the paper pleading with readers to make sure they and their children are vaccinated as well as showing how dangerous flu is, how much flu vaccines cost, and where to find discounts, not to mention chiding healthcare professionals to promote influenza vaccines more aggressively. 

The paper ended by providing a link to VAERS and stating “Vaccines, like any medicine, can have side effects. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of vaccines to the FDA or CDC.”  The problem is that decades of research has shown us that when it comes to these sorts of reactions, not only is a minuscule number ever reported to the proper governmental authorities (HERE); when it comes to vaccines in particular, I would argue that in many cases this under-reporting is purposeful (HERE).

What is my recommendation to parents concerning flu vaccines?  Simply do your due diligence and realize that even though opposing viewpoints to mainstream medicine are being referred to as antivaxxer propaganda or fake news, it’s almost impossible to objectively look at the research and not wonder about the almost infinite number of discrepancies (exactly what COCHRANE HAS DONE more than once).  And let’s be honest with each other for a moment.  When it comes to CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE CONDITIONS (including AUTOIMMUNITY) or conditions resulting in CHRONIC PAIN; without being willing to step outside of the medical box at least a little bit, do you really think that the MOUNTAINS OF DRUGS which are increasingly characteristic of Westernized medicine (HERE) are going to solve your problem(s)? 

There is a harsh but empoweringly simple reality folks; it’s up to you, and no one, doctors included, can do it for you.  You’ll have to MAKE THE KINDS OF CHOICES that diminish your inflammatory load at the source, while helping keep everything (GUT included) in a state of OPTIMUM HOMEOSTASIS.  If you appreciate our site, be sure and get this information in front of the people you love and care about most.  A great way to do this is by liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK.


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