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flu vaccine schizophrenia: you knew this was coming!


Flu Shot Ineffective


Don’t say I didn’t warn you that more flu vaccine schizophrenia was coming (see last link at the bottom of the page).  After studies showed that the flu shot was only good for about six weeks, several readers asked if this was the end of our FORCED FLU VACCINATION policies as we know them.  Does anyone remember what I said?  I warned that this would lead to the government doubling down on their efforts. I suggested that people (especially healthcare workers) are going to be told that they must get multiple flu shots each year.  Not to say I told you so, but it’s started. 

Just yesterday the Canadian Medical Association published a study on this topic called Repeated Influenza Vaccination for Preventing Severe and Fatal Influenza Infection in Older Adults….  The authors concluded that since “Vaccination in only the current season had no significant effect on cases of severe influenza…. repeated vaccination” was needed.

The authors went on to suggest something I’ve shown you is not true. “Influenza vaccination in previous seasons may retain some preventive effectiveness, and new doses may boost the preexisting immune memory against antigenically related strains. However, a negative interference between vaccination in the current and previous seasons has been described.”  Oops.  The last sentence and the second part of the first are true. 

Part of the problem is that “antigenically matched” flue vaccines only occur about 9% of the time, or once every 11 years.  And as I explained in the previous paragraph, studies have shown that a flu vaccination this year means that next year’s flu vaccination won’t work as well as touted (HERE or HERE).  In other words, if you were vaccinated just after Thanksgiving, the gig is basically up.

And as for the effectiveness of the vaccine in the first place, I must repeat that the authors admitted that, “Vaccination in only the current season had no significant effect on cases of severe influenza.”  Did you catch that?  The authors tell you that the really bad cases of flu — the severe cases — the only cases you would ever consider getting inoculated against in the first place — are not affected by receiving a flu shot a season. 

Like the title of the study says, it takes “repeated vaccinations“.  Another problem is that the folks in this study were “older” with many classified as “the frail elderly“.  What do we know about flu shots for this group?  We know that they are about as effective as a placebo (HERE) — doubly true if you weigh more than you should (HERE). 

My suggestion to you?  Take the message of The Who’s 1971 song to heart and DON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN! Avoid flu vaccine schizophrenia! Do everything you can to get healthy and stay that way (HERE), as it’s your best weapon against the flu.  Don’t fall for that poppycock about it being the worst flu season ever this year — just like it was supposed to be last year (HERE). 

And for Pete’s sake, if you are actually thinking about getting more than one FLU VACCINE this year, make sure to read what my brother —- an MD — had to say to his peers (other MD’s) about getting just one (HERE).  For more information, be sure to read my helpful post called THE TOP TWENTY REASONS YOU MIGHT NOT WANT A FLU SHOT THIS YEAR. Oh, and be sure to like, share or follow us on FACEBOOK while you are at it. You just might help someone you love and care about avoid being caught up in the sordid web of flu vaccine schizophrenia!


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