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gary and gout


Gout Sugar

Gary Taubes is a brilliant man.  He has a masters degree in aerospace engineering as well as a degree in journalism.  His favorite topic is nutrition —- most particularly “Junk Science” in the nutrition industry.  When Taubes does a review of the scientific literature, rest assured that his findings will likely be, at least to some degree, controversial.  So it is with his recent research on Gout.  For decades we have been told that the thing that causes Gout is too much Uric Acid.

No one argues that GOUT is a Uric Acid problem.  But believe it or not, scientific research is now showing that high levels of Uric Acid are caused not by eating too much protein (a prime scapegoat since who-knows-when), but by eating too much SUGAR — and most particularly, a certain kind of sugar.  Please Google “Gout: The Missing Chapter from Good Calories, Bad Calories” to see what Taubes has to say on the subject.  To see why sugar is being linked not only to Gout, but to almost every disease process known to man, take a moment to review THIS ARTICLE.

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