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keeping your family off of antibiotics


 A study from November’s issue of the medical journal Pediatrics (Antibiotic Prescribing in Ambulatory Pediatrics in the United States) had this to say about the subject of antibiotics and children………

  • Antibiotics were prescribed during 1 out of every 5 pediatric doctor visits.
  • 50% of the antibiotics prescribed were broad-spectrum (designed to treat a huge array of different species of bacteria, rather than just a select targeted few).
  • 70% of the time antibiotics were prescribed in children, respiratory infections were to blame. However, by looking at the diagnostic codes used for the visits, researchers deduced that nearly a quarter of the time that antibiotics were prescribed, they were not clearly indicated.  On top of this, approximately 90% of all URI’s (upper respiratory infections) are known to be viral (HERE).  Antibiotics don’t work on viruses.  Ever.
  • Projecting the results to our pediatric population at large, researchers concluded that prescribing of unnecessary antibiotics happens in over 10 million visits for children each year. (I would say that this is grossly underestimated)
  • They found that children were more likely to be given an antibiotic if a child was younger (under age 6), lived in the Southern parts of the US (like Missouri), and had private insurance.

If you follow my blog or read last week’s newspaper column, you are becoming increasingly aware of the hazards associated with taking antibiotics —- ANY AMOUNT of antibiotics.  You are also aware that 80% of your body’s entire immune system lives in your digestive tract (HERE).  Because a large percentage of these immune system cells are actually “good” bacteria — and antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately — scientific research has shown that antibiotics destroy your immune system.  As you can imagine, this is known as “DYSBIOSIS” and is not a good thing.

This topic, then, begs the question, “What can a person do to stay off of antibiotics?”   Although there are numerous things that can be done to keep you and your family off of antibiotics, I am just going to touch on a few of the biggies.

  • AVOID SUGAR:  Because sugar is infection’s food-of-choice, You must avoid sugar as well as HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX FOODS —- foods that the body converts quickly to sugar (pasta, bread, white potatoes, etc).  And while antibiotics cause dysbiosis (the overgrowth of bad bacteria, while killing off the good), but it is sugar that feeds the beast.  The American per capita consumption of sugar is in the ballpark of 150-160 lbs.  If you limit sugar and starchy foods, you essentially starve infections (as well as cancer and numerous ENDOCRINE PROBLEMS).


  • EAT YOUR VEGGIES:  Most Americans are almost absurdly deficient in their consumption of vegetables.   Notice that I did not put fruits in this category.  This is because many fruits are high on the Glycemic Index.  Some fruits are OK, but you must know the difference (HERE).


  • DRINK MORE WATER:  According to Fereydoon Batmanghelidj MD (Dr. “Batman”), most Americans are in a perpetual state of dehydration.  This is because most people do not drink enough water.  Huge problem!  What are they drinking instead?  Way too much SODA or JUICE (yes, most juices have as much sugar as soda — OJ is what diabetics are given to bring their blood sugar up when they start to “BONK“). 


  • GET PLENTY OF REST:  How many of you are getting adequate sleep?  It’s a real problem here in America — particularly with 70% of the population overweight or obese (HERE).


  • TAKE A BROAD-SPECTRUM PROBIOTIC:  We use an HSO PROBIOTIC that contains the same bacteria found in good organic soil.  The problem with Acidophilus is that it is only one type of bacteria — Acidophilus.  Remember, however, that even good probiotics, don’t even remotely resemble your MICROBIOME (normal gut flora), which is why I’ve written numerous articles about the amazing potential of FMT.  By the way, you will not get the good bacteria your body needs from most brands of yogurt.  Most are highly processed, contain relatively low amounts of live cultures, and frequently contain more SUGAR than a soda pop.


  • IF YOUR DOCTOR SUGGESTS ANTIBIOTICS, ASK IF THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS:  The vast majority of infections are viral (HERE).  But the truth is, even with bacterial infections, antibiotics are rarely needed.  Just because you have a bacterial infection does not mean you need an antibiotic.  And once you really grasp the fact that 80% of your body’s total immune system is made up of the bacteria and other organisms living in your Gut (HERE), you start to see why antibiotics are so devastating to your health (HERE).  When you stop and start mulling this situation over in your head, you’ll start to realize how upside down things have really gotten once you realize that like most prescription drugs, antibiotics are an IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPRESSOR.


  • EMBRACE FEVER:  If you are sick, do not be afraid of FEVER.  Granted, some fevers can be dangerous.  These are exceedingly rare.  Ask your doctor, or do your own online research.  According to numerous health experts, fever is probably the number one way that your body fights systemic infections.

There are so many more (HERE are ways to boost your overall health or address your ABERRANT PHYSIOLOGY / HOMEOSTASIS if you are chronically ill).  What these really constitute is a lifestyle change.  If you want to be healthy and avoid antibiotics, you have to be deliberate about how you live.  Follow the links to see some effective ways to go about this.


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