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lyrica fails



Because of my blog, many of you are familiar with the massive fines levied on Pfizer over the past several years — two separate incidents, a handful of drugs, payoffs, faked data, and an FDA fine of nearly two and a half billion dollars.  It’s the kind of intrigue that would make a great movie (HERE).  And although Lyrica (Pregabalin) and its little sister Neuronitin (Gabapentin) have been used extensively in “Off Label” fashion for years (used for things that they are not approved for), what about the things they have been approved for?  One of the few things that Lyrica is actually approved by the FDA to “effectively” treat is DIABETIC NEUROPATHY.  Now it turns out that in two recent trials, it appears that Pfizer may be proven to have fudged data yet again.

The drug manufacturing giant announced last week that their neuropathy study on the effectiveness of their drugs on HIV Neuropathy was stopped early.  Why?  Only because after analyzing data part way through the study, no benefit was found for the drug.   And then they looked at these drugs in relationship to Diabetic Neuropathy.  Guess what? That group was not helped either.  The results of the drug group were not statistically different from those seen in the placebo group (3.9 versus 3.5 points on a standard 10-point scale).  But don’t take it from me.  Listen to what Pfizer’s spokespeople said about the study.

The results revealed that the improvements in neuropathic pain symptoms in this study were virtually identical between the Lyrica and placebo treatments“. 

In case you have not figured it out yet, the drugs used by our Medical Community to treat Neuropathy do not work well.  In fact, according to the “EVIDENCE-BASED DATA” they work quite poorly.  If you want to understand the best ways to deal with Neuropathy, you need to check out a few links.


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