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Just a few days ago, I posted about the fact that medical research is now saying (and has actually said for a number of years) that routine physicals (‘Checkups’) are a waste of time, energy, and money, as far as the general population is concerned (HERE).  I also touched on the myth of EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE, as well as once again mentioning the chasm between the Medical Research Community and the doctors in the field (HERE).  Then I warned you what would happen with this latest piece of medical research.
“Ten buck says that if you ask your doctor about this issue, he / she will argue for the merits of the regular checkup.  It’s not hard to see why.  Checkups account for a huge portion of all doctor visits.  Like I always say, follow the money.”
Don’t call me a prophet.  Just let me say I told you so!  I left you a link (HERE) to the comments and poll that accompanied their article on the subject.  One of the glaring mistakes being made by most of these protesters is their failure to address the fact that Regular Checkups lead to inexplicably large numbers of False Positive tests.  They assume that the study’s authors are against ‘Checkups‘ because doing so saves money.  But as you read in my post on the subject, the pursuit of non-existent diseases not only drives costs through the roof, it causes quantum numbers of unnecessary and dangerous medical procedures, which in turn leads to more of the same.  Climb on the MEDICAL MERRY GO ROUND and let her rip!
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