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migraine testimonial

Jacob’s mom brought him in a couple weeks ago.  For seven months, he had been suffering with a constant MIGRAINE HEADACHE.  This was a headache that was debilitating him in every sense of the word.  He woke up with it, he lived with it, and went to bed with it.  Because of this headache, Jacob was all but totally unable to think or function.  And if you listen to his testimonial, you will notice that he uses the word, “rob” to describe what these headaches were doing to his life and ability to sleep.  

By the time I saw him, Jacob had already been to numerous doctors, specialists, and neurologists, as well as having all sorts of tests and scans run.  Nothing.  People have a difficult time understanding how a problem this brutally severe can SHOW NOTHING ON THE TESTS.  By the time Jacob came to see me, his next step was a Spinal Tap.  Doctors thought that he might be leaking spinal fluid.  Listen as Jacob shares his amazing testimonial with you.


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