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missouri floods of april 2017

The Southern Missouri (Ozark Mountains) Floods of April 29/30 2017

I’m just letting people know that we will be open today (Monday, May 1) after the rains that pounded us over the weekend, bringing flooding of biblical proportions.  While certainly not on the level of Noah’s epic flood (or even the flooding that hit Eastern Missouri back in 1993), word on the street is that some local areas had in excess of 18 inches, with several inches more the following day (no idea yet what our official total was, our gauge only goes to five inches).  Below are some pics and videos.

HERE is Van Buren, MO, where we spend as much time as possible on the CURRENT RIVERHERE is West Plains and surrounding, thanks to the incredible work of Isaac Protiva (I hope you are OK JIM & JUDY).  Below are some pics of “Lake Schierling” after the rain stopped and the sun came out (none of the water in these pics should be there — by the grace of God the water stopped within a few feet of our house). 

Our prayers go out to those who intimately experienced this flood. 

South Missouri Flood of April 2017
South Missouri Flood of April 2017

Flooding in Southern Missouri Ozarks: April 2017


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