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Twelve years ago, Heather was rear-ended by a (BIG) full-sized dump truck.  She was driving a (little) Plymouth Neon.  I told her that this was the equivalent of my son and I (BIG) inviting a group of (little) first graders to come over and play full contact tackle football in the field behind our house.  Needless to say, for the past 12 years she has never not had a headache.  Watch this cool video that was shot about 5-10 minutes after her first treatment in my clinic.  Awesome stuff!  Thanks Heather!  By the way, if you are interested in more information on Whiplash Injuries, just click HERE.


Until they experience it first hand, most people have no idea that chiropractic can help many cases of even the most severe ASTHMAThe interesting thing is that rarely do people come to see me for their asthma.  Unusually, having their asthma fixed is a “side effect” of the CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT.  I cannot remember what Laura originally came to see me for nearly two decades ago, but in the process of fixing whatever it was, she was cured of life-long asthma.  The tragedy is what happened when her daughter who also had asthma, decided to put off getting chiropractic help.  Amazing video Laura.  Thanks, because I know it was difficult for you.


I have to admit; Ashley’s is the sort of story I could not make up if I tried.  Several months ago she was fishing when a huge Grass Carp took her bait.  When she set her hook, the fish was much heavier than she expected, and something ‘gave‘ in her elbow.  She went through 2-3 months of total non-use / imobility of the arm, and while on the way to get an MRI, was run off the road by someone focusing on their Subway Sandwich.  What is wild is that her parents brought her to us not for the elbow but for injuries sustained in the accident.  Crazy story!  Crazy ending!   This is a really cool video by a really cool 13 year old girl.  Thanks for doing this for us Ash!

While in her early high school years, Whitney was in an ugly MVA.  Like so many of the people who come to see us, she had already been through everything the medical community had to offer.  Cool video.  Thanks Whitney!


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