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neck pain from a 45+ year old whiplash injury solved in one visit nearly five years ago


Whiplash Cure

  Carolyn is one of those upbeat people you can’t help but like — a go-getter’s go-getter.  So when she started dealing with progressive hip pain that I was unable to help, I was eager to see if there was some way I could provide her with some guidance.  Having recently been to a hip specialist who ran some tests and told that her hips were “bad,” I suggested that thirty years of research has repeatedly shown that these so-called ‘bad’ joints may not matter as much as we’ve all been conditioned to believe (HERE).  I urged her to try a GRAIN-FREE, NO SUGAR / PROCESSED CARB approach; something along the lines of PALEO or KETOafter first doing an ELIMINATION DIET.

I saw her yesterday and to say she was excited was possibly as big an understatement as her telling me that for much of her life she was “surrounded by testosterone” (she has six sons and no daughters).  Just like I have seen hundreds of times before; despite the fact that her hips are quite degenerative and may (emphasis on may) someday need to be replaced, the dietary changes she’s made have already REDUCED HER SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION to a crawl.  In other words, she’s feeling great (and can immediately tell the difference if she cheats). 

Although tissue remodeling was not able to help her with her hips (I had doubts from the beginning), she reminded me of something I had forgotten about —- the treatment I did on her neck and upper back.  Carolyn had been in a WHIPLASH ACCIDENT when she was 18 years old, and had dealt with periods of CHRONIC NECK PAIN ever since, getting much worse once she hit her early thirties.  And while chiropractic adjustments were the one thing she could count on to make a positive difference, the pain and HEADACHES always came back in the same place and the same way — an EXCEEDINGLY COMMON PHENOMENON (or HERE).  The video below was shot yesterday regarding the treatment I did about four and a half years ago (Sept of 2014). 

For the record, a quick look at our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS (including THIS CRAZY POST ON CHRONIC NECK PAIN) shows that immediate long-term improvements, while certainly not a guarantee, are fairly common in my clinic.  Very cool video Carolyn; Thanks and God bless!  https://www.youtube.com/embed/IW6E7nb1Ci4?wmode=opaque If you are one of the multitudes of people struggling with some sort of CHRONIC PAIN issue, I would suggest you take a look at THIS SELF-HELP (MOSTLY DIY) POST.  No; it unfortunately won’t hold the solution for everyone — I get that.  But, if you can reduce your body’s systemic inflammatory load, THE SKY REALLY IS THE LIMIT!  Also, if you appreciate the work we are doing here (not to mention the mountains of useful and completely free information I provide you in each and every post), be sure and spread the wealth by liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK since it’s still as good a way as any to reach the people you love and care about most.


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