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new government warnings on fluoroquinolone antibiotics


Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

I’ve repeatedly warned my readers that because antibiotics destroy the most important aspect of one’s health (GUT HEALTH) along with destroying one’s MICROBIOME, they are arguably the most underrated dangerous drug that most people regularly take from cradle to grave (HERE) — in most cases without giving it a second thought.  Of the various classes of antibiotics, no group is more dangerous than FLUOROQUINOLONE ANTIBIOTICS. Some of the more common of these include levofloxacin (Levaquin), ciprofloxacin (Cipro), moxifloxacin (Avelox), gemifloxacin (Factive), delafloxacin (Baxdela), and ofloxacin, along with several others (not to mention the scores of generics).

The most common problem associated with the fluoroquinolones is being “floxed”, which entails MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION and metabolic dysregulation, often to the point that tendons no longer work properly, potentially leading to tendon degeneration and rupture.  Although sometimes reversible, this problem can be crippling, and like other forms of adverse drug events (ADRS), is far more common — probably two orders of magnitude (100 times) more common — than we are being told by the powers that be (HERE). 

To drive this point home, there is a “black box” FDA warning for this particular problem that has been changed (strengthened) on two different occasions, warning users that this connective tissue damage can be permanent.

Although the labels of fluoroquinolone antibiotics carry many other warnings (warnings that have been steadily diversifying and intensifying for the past decade), including NEUROPATHY and other nerve diseases, a new one was issued on Tuesday of this week concerning their association with mental health side effects, and stating that they may cause, “disturbances in attention, disorientation, agitation, nervousness, memory impairment and delirium.”  The FDA was not finished. They issued a second warning for this class of antibiotic concerning HYPOGLYCEMIA, which stated in tautological fashion that they are associated with, “instances of hypoglycemic coma where users of fluoroquinolones experienced hypoglycemia.

What should you do if you want to keep you and your family off of antibiotics, not just the fluoroquinolones?  Firstly remember that they are rarely needed.  My four kids (their ages added together is 70) have never had an antibiotic, and neither have my wife or I since we were young.  Secondly, remember that most infections are viral in nature and do not respond to antibiotics, which is why even though they are frequently prescribed for such, they are not recommended for upper respiratory infections, colds, FLU, SINUS INFECTIONS, etc. 

Thirdly, it is critical to understand that what you eat is making you or breaking you because SUGAR FEEDS INFECTION.  And lastly, 80% of your entire immune system lives in your Gut (HERE).  Every time you take an antibiotic you are destroying your immune system, which means you’ll soon be sick again, with your doctor suggesting — you guessed it — more antibiotics.

It’s important to understand that ANTIBIOTICS are actually a form of IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPRESSION that you will pay the price for using in any number of ways, including increased risk of AUTOIMMUNITY.  If you are interested in seeing a simple and completely free protocol to help you begin the journey of taking your life back, be sure and check out THIS POST.  And as always, if there are people you love or care about who need this information, reach them by liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK — and then tag them.


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