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elite shot putter finds solutions in mountain view


Let me assure you that things have changed since the days when shot putting looked like the picture at the left.  Enter Kylie Cornman of Mountain View, Missouri.  Kylie’s accomplishments at Missouri Southern in Joplin are nothing short of astounding.  Without making this post entirely too long, I’ll just let you know that she was a two-time All-American, finishing fourth and third respectively in her junior and senior years at Nationals.  It was a story book ending, with the very last throw of her career being her best, logging in at almost 49 feet. 

Like most elite college athletes, Kylie dealt with a steady string of injuries.  If my mind is working correctly this morning, at different times in her time at Southern we took care of a SHOULDER PROBLEM, a TORN HAMSTRING, a HIP FLEXOR ISSUE, a tear of her THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA, and I’m not quite sure what else.  Kylie would work with her trainers until she could make the three hour trip back home to get fixed.  By the way, if you scroll through the “Shoulder Problems” link above, you’ll see a video of Kylie’s dad that we put up earlier this year.

I can’t leave without saying that the best thing about Kylie is not the great things she’s done on an athletic field, but that she is fine Christian young woman, who is a joy to be around.  In fact, last year she was one of the nominees for the prestigious Ken B. Jones Award for athletic and academic achievement, as well as community service.  We appreciate you Kylie, and thanks for the video!


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