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shoulder testimonials

Phyllis is a sweetheart.  She lost her husband a couple years ago, and has become one of my baseball buddies — a huge Cardinals fan.  Almost five years ago she hurt her arm.  For the better part of a year, she simply could not raise it without tremendous pain.  When you live on a farm and raise mules, this is not a good thing.  It took Phyllis two treatments to regain all of her lost range of motion, and get rid of 100% of her SHOULDER PAIN.   Hey, if Wainright’s comeback doesn’t pan out this year, the Cards may be calling her!
Rebecca is the head of our region’s Drivers License Examiners.  She was referred in by a couple of co-workers who have had tremendous results with shoulder and neck problems (one with a nearly 20 year history of Rotator Cuff problems).   Becky was the classic skeptic.  The one and only reason she came to see me was sheer desperation — she really did not think I could help her.  She was in so much pain and had so much restriction in her arm that she simply could not use it —- at all.  She had some absolutely brutal Scar Tissue in several different spots (no idea how it got there) and her treatment caused some bruising that was possibly some of the worst I have ever witnessed.  This testimonial was given immediately after her third treatment over the course of about 6 weeks.  Although still weak, her ROM is mostly returned and the brutal pain she was in is completely gone.  Although clearing all of the adhesion out completely may take a few more treatments, she is on track for a complete recovery.

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