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Common Health Problems

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As I enter into my twenty third year of practice, I’ve seen a lot of different problems, and helped a lot of people with various Chronic Pain Syndromes.  Although many of the problems I see are the proverbial “text book cases“, many are not.  The truth is, every day we see lots of people who have problems that have befuddled numerous doctors and specialists — often times for decades.  Need proof?  If you get a few minutes sometime, take a look at a few of our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS (or HERE).  I’ve always thought that testimonials were the best example available of real EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.

Although I see numerous people dealing with a wide variety of problems like BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION ISSUES such as TYPE II DIABETES, NEUROPATHY, HYPOGLYCEMIA or others, GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, AUTOIMMUNITY, CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, CANCER, ARTHRITIS, LEAKY GUT SYNDROME, DYSBIOSIS, all sorts of GUT ISSUES, FIBROMYALGIA, THYROID and other ENDOCRINE PROBLEMS, as well as a whole host of others, these are not the biggest thrust of my practice.  However, if one does not grasp the importance of the things listed in this paragraph, it is easy to mistake systemic problems for (multiple) local problems (HERE, HERE, and HERE).


CHRONIC BACK PAIN AND NECK PAIN:  WHIPLASH is extremely common in the U.S.  Much of this has to do with the fact that there are so many CAR ACCIDENTS.  Although much of our nation’s neck pain is blamed on DJD, click on the link to see that this is typically misguided.

HEADACHES:  Interestingly enough, HEADACHES go hand-in-hand with neck pain.  If you struggle with regular headaches and have not been checked for FASCIAL ADHESIONS, you may be missing the boat.  This goes for MIGRAINE HEADACHES as well.

ALL SORTS OF TENDINOSIS:  If your doctor has diagnosed you with Tendinitis, you really need to read up on TENDINOSIS.  Knowledge is power, and if you do not grasp the difference between these two entities, getting better will be more like hit-or-miss (heavy on the miss).  By the way, it is critical to be able to recognize the fact that you might be dealing with a SYSTEMIC TENDINOSIS.

SHOULDER PROBLEMS:  There are some SHOULDER PROBLEMS we can help (even POST-SURGICAL SHOULDERS), there are some we cannot.  Read the links to tell the difference.

PULLED, STRETCHED, OR TORN MUSCLES:  Although sometimes people actually tear the belly (meat) of a muscle, this is not usually the case.  A far more common scenario involves pulling, stretching, or tearing the FASCIAL MEMBRANE (the slick, cellophane-like membrane) that covers each and every muscle.  By the way, this is the root of numerous problems, including Piriformis Syndrome.

PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME:  I never set out to be the web’s “Piriformis Doctor”.  But because of our frequently fantastic RESULTS WITH PS, it just sort of happened.  If you are having either buttock pain and / or SCIATICA, you might want to seriously check out our PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME PAGE.  This is because Piriformis Syndrome has been shown to be the number on cause of leg pain — even though this has historically been blamed on DISC HERNIATIONS.

VARIOUS FORMS OF BURSITIS:  One of the things that I have learned after so many years in practice is that most of what is diagnosed as bursitis, is not actually bursitis.  More often than not it is a Fascial Adhesion or Tendinosis (see previous bullet points).  If you are being told your problem is BURSITIS, it would behoove you to click on the link to learn more.

OSGOOD SCHLATTER’S SYNDROME:  I cannot even begin to tell you how many people with this problem I have successfully taken care of over the past two-plus decades, but it is a bunch.  The cool thing is, as far as I know, every single person I have seen with this problem has had a rapid resolution — despite the fact that many of them had done tons of tests, doctor visits, and therapy.  For more information, HERE and HERE are a couple of links.

DeQUERVAIN’S SYNDROME:  Although referred to as a “Tennosynovitis”, this is really just a Tendinosis of the extensor tendons of the thumb, and usually resolves quite quickly when proper steps are taken.  HERE is more information on this common problem (including a video from my brother, Dr. Kevin Schierling (MD) of Topeka, Kansas.

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME:  Please make an appointment to schedule a free consultation to talk to me before you even think of having this surgery.  MORE INFORMATION on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

PATELLAR TRACKING SYNDROME:  This is also known as Patello-Femoral Syndrome, and happens to be the single most common reason people visit sports physicians.  This is usually a combination of Fascial Adhesions and Tendinosis that can be resolved fairly rapidly.  HERE is our page on this common problem.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS:  This is a common problem that is diagnosed by the presence of “first-step-in-the-morning” pain.  Heel spur?  The presence or absence of a heel spur makes no difference on the outcome of treatment.  To see what I’m talking about, go HERE.

RIB OR CHEST PAIN OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN:  RIB TISSUE PAIN is a fairly common problem that has a lot of different potential causes.  HERE is a video testimonial that will shed some light on this issue.  HERE is another example of this phenomenon from a bit different (although common) perspective.

MYSTERY PAIN:  This is where things can get real tricky.  One of the dirty little secrets of medicine is the insane number of people living with pain that no one can explain.  Most of the time, these people are heavily medicated and told that there is nothing else they can do except accept it and live with it.  For many of you there may be a solution (HERE).  By the way, this goes hand-n-hand with POST-SURGICAL PAIN.


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