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quicker healing by treating all musculoskeletal problems as though they were systemic


I hear it all the time….

  • Got anything for sore joints doc?
  • What can you do for my painful feet?
  • My daughter has the worst migraines ever — do you think an adjustment might help?
  • My neck and back are killing me from my job; can you do anything for me?
  • What’s the best supplement for (insert your problem of choice here) sore knees, arthritis, stiff shoulders, back pain, etc?

If I think that I can help you with your particular problem I’ll do what I can (HERE); probably leaving you with something from THIS HANDOUT at the end of our time together.  And if I think not, I’ll tell you that as well (HERE or HERE), often giving you something from the same handout.  Be aware, however, that I’m of the opinion that the vast majority of musculoskeletal problems need to be dealt with not only locally, but systemically.

In other words, whether it’s a case of ANKLE TENDINOSIS, an INJURED KNEE, a chronically tweaked LOW BACK, a CONCUSSION, or a NECK that you injured in a WHIPLASH ACCIDENT giving you chronic MIGRAINES, you probably need to be treating it as though it were a systemic problem (HERE is a list of other musculoskeletal problems). Why?  Because if you diminish your body’s level of SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION and improve your BIOMECHANICS (HERE is an example), good things are much more likely to happen.

For those of you dealing with any sort of chronic health issues, including many common musculo-skeletal or non-musculoskeletal problems, there are a number of things you could be doing to help your cause that won’t cost you a nickel.  I’ve compiled a few of those in THIS POST.  And if you like what you’re seeing on our site, be sure and check out our FACEBOOK PAGE as well.


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