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robert kennedy jr, bill maher, and mercury in vaccines


Mercury Vaccines

“The scientific literature is virtually unanimous about the dangers of Thimerasol, and the link between the epidemic of neurological disorders that are now afflicting American children; ADD / ADHD, Speech Delay, Language Delay, ASD, and Autism; all of which began in 1989 which was the year that they [the government] changed the vaccine schedule”   – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from his interview with Bill Maher.

As you might deduce, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the son of the late Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, who was, in similar fashion to his brother JFK, assassinated in a public manner.  My best guess is that there are plenty who, in regards to the topic of the video below, would like to do the same to him.  Or maybe categorize him as a kook or whacko —- after all, he does seem to share that Kennedy trait for substance abuse and philandering.  Whatever your thoughts, stay with me for just a moment.

Robert Jr. is one of America’s leading environmental attorneys, who, interestingly enough, happens to be leading the charge against the way we do Vaccinations here in America.  But make no mistake about it; he is not one of those crazy “Anti-Vaxxers”.  In fact, he is very much for government-mandated Vaccines.  Huh?  How can a person be pro-vaccination, but against it at the same time?  Easy.  Although he is not against Vaccines per se, he is very much against the Mercury that is used to “preserve” them via a product called Thimerosal. 

In case you were not aware, MERCURY is the single most toxic non-radioactive element on the planet.  Exposure to Mercury (Hg on the Periodic Table) can cause an array of physical symptoms, the majority of which happen to be neurological. How toxic is Mercury?  In the video, Kennedy tells us that, “it is 1,000 times more toxic than lead“.  There have been any number of books written about Mercury (Thimerosal) in Vaccines, but the first one I read was 2005’s Evidence of HarmMercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic, A Medical Controversy by David Kirby.  In similar fashion, we have RFK Jr’s brand new Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak as well as the documentary that goes along with called Trace Amounts.

RFK’s interview below with Bill Maher is truly amazing.  Kennedy talks about the corruption in the CDC — most particularly the part of the CDC that deals with Vaccines (probably even worse than the CORRUPTION SEEN IN THE FDA), and paints the organization, “as a cesspool of corruption“.   After watching this short video, you’ll see why I continue to tell you that there is absolutely NO CREDIBILITY WITHIN MEDICINE’S BUREAUCRACY.   But the aspect of his interview that I think we all need to pay attention to is the fact that he is using the very same mountain of peer-reviewed scientific literature that the CDC said “proved” there is no link between VACCINES AND AUTISM, to show that there is.  

If you have children or grandchildren, I would beg you to pay attention to this issue.  Americans are being bamboozled, and it’s those same children and grandchildren (not to mention the average tax-paying citizen) who are paying the price.  I’m in no way a fan of Maher (I will warn you that he drops his token “F-bomb” in this video), but kudos to him (he is extremely pro-vaccination) for allowing RFK to come on his show and talk about this issue that will increasingly affect each and every one of you in one way or another.  Shucks; the powers that be (probably his advertisers) took the video down.  Sorry.


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